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  1. Martin or Evans please!
  2. Draft day jitters
  3. If the top O Tackles are gone...
  4. Please don't hate spam the boards if you dislike the pick.
  5. It looks like SoutherGiant's chat room is operational
  6. Surprise!
  7. One of our guys WILL be available!!!
  9. Ding Dong Ebron's Gone
  10. We are taking Taylor lewan
  13. Beckham JR Game Tape From Draftbreakdown.com
  14. Randle's attitude is terrible and we pair him with Beckham?
  15. UGGGGHHHHHHHH 15 Years of Chasing Manziel at Dallas
  16. Possibility of trading back into Round 1?
  17. Beckham it is...bit of a surprise
  18. Yes! Told yall we wouldn't go Donald or O-lineman! Eli needed a playmaker!
  19. This pick is a good sign
  20. GO JR GO
  21. Beckham....Wilson
  22. I think we got a Cruz clone in BEckham...video
  23. OL or TE In The 2nd Round?
  24. Odell Beckham Jr Scouting Report
  25. Not too late to trade back in and get manziel
  26. Should've drafted Manziel to use as a trade bait.
  27. Let's FINALLY put to rest BPA MYTH
  28. Kyle Van Noy? 2nd Round?
  29. What is so special about an under-sized WR in Beckham?
  30. So what's the probaility that Houston selects Carr 2.0?`
  31. Best pick outside of Giants pick and Clowney pick for 1st RD???
  32. For those who wanted Martin in the 1st...
  33. Three good players still available if we go TE in round 2.
  34. I was hoping for PSU's Robinson
  35. My wish list for day 2:
  36. Why are my fellow Giants fans being so dumb?
  37. I think we have to go D-line with 2, TE with 3, C with 4
  38. Michael Irvin compared Beckham Jr to Reggie Wayne
  39. Troy Niklas
  40. Round 2 pick has to be a D or Omlineman.
  41. Wow i predicted the pick 10 days ago :)
  42. With the Giants 2nd round pick they select...
  43. Poor Johnny...going to Browns
  44. Best name of draft...
  46. Gabe Jackson please
  47. Joel Bitonio - 2nd round
  48. Thought Lewan Was Going to Fall Into Our Laps
  49. OT- ESPN Draft Coverage
  50. While Value of drafting OB Jr @ 12 not optimal, theres no denying this kid can play
  51. Hypothetical...Gabe Ikard.....
  52. Anyone Else Feel Like Not Getting Their Hopes Up For The 2nd
  53. An Educated & Factual breakdown of why 85% are wrong year after year.
  54. 2nd round mock per NFL.com.
  55. Some info please??
  56. What Did Mel Kiper Have to Say about Giants Pick?
  57. SO....?
  58. Bucky Brooks 2nd Round Selection for Giants
  59. 4 out of 6 Last Mock I saw have Giants taking....
  60. Ralph Vacchiano ‏new list for 2nd Rd
  61. I want TWO defensive linemen in the draft. Hear me out.
  62. Giants' Day 2 Draft Guide: Where Do They Pick, Who Is Available?
  63. Justin Pugh Digs Beckham...But Hopes For A Lineman In Draft Next
  64. Breaknig Down All 32 First Round NFL Draft Picks
  65. With Little Drama, Giants Make "Easy Pick" In Beckham Jr.
  66. Quick Beckham video documented last night
  67. What's Next For Giants In The Draft?
  68. So much for getting a blue chip prospect
  69. I'm REALLY UPSET!!!!! What kind of Draft Room do we have? War Room? Bomb Shelter
  70. Pick one player left on the board you want Giants to get with 2nd rd pick...
  71. Hope JR isnt banking on Beatty and Snee being all-pros
  72. JR interview on Francesa
  73. Stephon Tuitt .... 4-3?
  74. Pass rushers
  75. Reese says we aren't panicking at TE = We probably won't go TE in rd 2.
  76. Austin Sefarian Jenkins
  77. Just gimme BPA please!!!
  78. Why does everyone hate every single pick?
  80. Do the Giants need another WR/RB/ or other positions?
  81. Fans tend to get upset over non-sexy picks such as OL
  82. We do a terrible job acquiring extra picks for a team that prides itself on drafting
  83. Bittonio and Hageman are goners...
  84. There goes another TE, duh.
  85. NY Giants 2nd pick select....C Richburg from Colorado State
  86. Go D-Line here! Grab TE in 3rd, G in 4th - We need some passrush!
  87. YAWN!!!
  88. Scouting report on Weston Richburg - a solid pick
  89. Troy Niklas?
  90. Ahaha, no more Top TE prospect for us...
  91. Kony Ealy in the 3rd?
  92. Did we screw up
  93. Trade the compensatory for Tre Mason!
  94. Is there a place to view the best remaining players?
  95. Who will Jerry "Reach" for next?
  96. Gabe Jackson!!!
  97. Richburg good pick, Amaro would have been nice though.
  98. Who's the BPA
  99. Our lack of movement in the draft year after year, makes me wonder if we have a plan?
  100. gmen take DT Jay Bromley from Syracuse.
  101. Get Louis Nix II in the 3rd
  102. Classic 3rd round pick for us
  103. Allen Robinson-Penn State WR
  104. If Clowney slipped to 12 would you guys have been happy?
  105. Can we geta serviceable TE in FA or compensatory pick?
  106. Jerry "Reach" - what's the point of watching the rest of the draft?
  107. Character, leadership, health and hard-work in JR's day-2 picks so far...
  108. I just got home from work...
  109. Tomorrow I want these players:
  110. Cmon, really?
  111. What a let down...
  112. Alot of reaches in RD3, still tons of talent on the boards...
  113. Draft system and scouting broken
  114. Uhm...guys....
  115. Would you draft a QB in the 4th, If you believed this prospect could be the 1?
  116. No Team Can Beat the Draft
  117. Justin Jones TE Eastern Carolina
  118. Would you take a chance on TE Colt Lyerla?
  119. Finish the Giants Draft RDs4-7...
  120. The Positions We Need Tomorrow.
  121. Who are the best available Tight Ends for day 3?
  122. Easily most frustrating draft!
  123. Drafting based on Character/Being a Captain so...
  124. Reese must go
  125. should we take michael sam ???
  126. So Glad We Had Experts Like Mayock And Kiper To Keep Us Well Informed On Draft Picks!
  127. Isaiah Cromwell for RB please!!!!!!!!!
  128. Favorite term -He was a reach
  129. are there any decent TEs left worth drafting?
  130. GRADING 1ST 4 ROUNDS...
  131. Explaining 0-6: Recent Giants' drafts have proven full of holes
  132. Shane Skov!!!
  133. michael sam?
  134. Jerry Jones moaning now the team did not pick Manziel at #16
  135. Running back from BC, imagine that
  136. Giants 4th rnd Pick is:RB Andre Williams?
  137. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Not another BC Player
  138. Jerry I PLEAD with you......PLEASE PLEASE draft McCarron
  139. Yankey gone
  140. Nat Berhe
  141. Nat Berhe
  142. Nate Berhe
  143. Not really liking these draft picks so far..
  144. Jay Bromley and Nat Berhe ... Jerry Reach?
  145. Isn't it amazing..
  146. Who is the best available pass rushers?
  147. LB Devon Kennard
  148. QB Zach Mettenberger
  149. CB Bennett Jackson.
  150. A Cornerback ??
  151. WOW another WR I guess Jerry was not as impressed with Jerrigan as I was
  152. Are we done?
  153. I guess we only target special teams players from the 5th round onward now
  154. Every one of our Picks was a College Team Captain WOW
  155. We got a grade C on 1st 3 picks.....worst rating possible
  156. Of the CBS NFL Draft Top 100 we got two players UGHH!!
  157. UDFAs
  158. Hindsight Draft 2014!
  159. We can't even take Arthur Lynch in the 5th when he's on the board?
  160. I think we had a good draft
  161. Giants sign first UDFA
  162. Just for fun: 2015 NYG draft options
  163. My 2014 New York Giants Draft Class Analysis
  164. TE xavier gimble?
  165. Draft pick videos
  166. Andre Williams -lack of catches
  167. Draft Pick Videos
  168. bennett jackson
  169. Early 53 man roster speculation
  170. Who are a few guys that surprised you most by not getting Drafted?
  171. Jets made a good pick at TE
  172. NFL.com Calls OBD "premier vertical threat in
  173. best value pick for each team.. (CBS)
  174. Special Teams Was A Major Focus This Offseason
  175. Did anybody else feel uncomfortable watching the draft ?
  176. This draft was terrible, but who cares what I think- Here is how it should of went:
  177. In light of draft, giving up Tuck was questionable
  178. WhereTrelAt's take on the draft -- while in a summer lecture -_-
  179. Look at our DRAFT like this, and its nearly impossible to not love it..
  180. We didn't get a stud TE!
  181. What if Jadeveon Clowney is a total bust and Manziel leads the league in passing
  182. Where do we stand in the NFC East??
  183. Do you think TE Colt is worth the risk?
  184. What makes Donald better than Bromley
  185. 2015 TE prospects
  186. Johnny Manziel was txting the Cleveland GM begging them to trade up
  187. 5 Guys.
  188. why was Grimble an UDFA?
  189. Report: April 30th "Gaining Traction" As Start Date For 2015 NFL Draft
  190. With there draft picks, Lions have the looks of a extremely dangerous team. Wk1 opp.
  191. Breakout Players 2015
  192. Safeties and LEO's for 2015
  193. LINEBACKERS in 2015:
  194. Ya gotta love those Texans- they know how to pick em LOL
  195. Fastest HS RB of the Draft Future..
  196. Top Skilled Position Players in NCAA for 2014:
  197. Dadi Nicolas DE Virginia Tech LEO Prospect 2015
  198. Scouts - Please Stop Scouting Virginia Tech Players
  199. Still no Takers on Corey Webster
  200. Giants go 3-13
  201. 2015 NFL Draft looks loaded @ DE
  202. Manziel's replacement Hill is....
  203. College Football 2014 Thread(talk about players around the country).
  204. Giants Rd 1 Pick 2015...DE from Mich State
  205. Todd Gurley is the best back in College Football
  206. Giants Draft site
  207. Who are some players you were dead wrong about as prospects the last several yrs?
  208. I'll start the let's tank for the 1 overall pick and draft marcus Marriotta thread !!
  209. 2015 Mock Draft has Giants taking Jameis Winston...
  210. Kelvin Benjamin
  211. Next Years Draft By Jerry and Co: "Best Available"
  212. Marcus Mariota or Ryan Nassib? (What if scenario)
  213. Mock Drafts Have Giants at #2 selecting...
  214. Is it to early for a mock? Ok just for fun
  215. Why didn't we get....
  216. The possible Trading of Eli Manning
  217. With the 1st pick in the 2015 NFL Draft, I hope the Giants select (insert wish here)
  218. 2014 Prospect videos..
  219. Jacoby Brissett QB NC State is the real deal..
  220. Giants Would Never Draft Jameis Winston
  221. Looking ahead to next years prospects
  222. FO picked a midget WR over Benjamin, facepalm*
  223. Amari Cooper
  224. Should we have taken Benjamin in rd 1 over Beckem??
  225. Suh
  226. Zack Martin
  227. NFL sets dates for '15 draft
  228. How Many Picks Will We Have This Year?
  229. Giants will get their conditional 7th round pick from Broncos
  231. Slip, redeye, nycsports
  232. Notes: Giants pick up extra draft pick
  233. The GIANTS need to draft a Safety or LB in the 1st Round
  234. Fave player in the Country(as future prospect in NFL. Not just for Gmen and not just draft eligible)
  235. Todd Gurley Suspended indefinitely
  236. So I guess we have to draft another WR high
  237. What position do we draft first?
  238. Pass Rusher or Linebacker in the 1st Round?
  239. 2014 - DRAFT in RETROSPECT
  240. Top handful of players your hoping for the Giants at this point? Being realalistic...
  241. Justin Brent - Notre Dame QB (Bad decision maker)
  242. Martavis Bryant looks like an absolute steal in Round 4
  243. 2 WR draft steals of the 2014 draft
  244. Thinking ahead to next year.....
  245. draft cram session
  246. Top 5 Giants needs
  247. Request for Analysis of The Guys We Didn't Draft
  248. Looks like the G-Men will be picking high this year
  249. Amari Cooper
  250. MARCUS PETERS (CB) - Kicked Off team