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  1. 1st round options.. (NFL.com)
  2. menelik watson for giants in the 1st?
  4. Jarvis Jones?
  5. how high will carradine go
  6. Challenge for you guys
  7. Eckel: Defensive Linemen Are Strength Of This Year's NFL Draft
  8. Ty Powell LB Harding
  9. For those who want Ogletree
  10. just for fun..
  11. Margus Hunt
  12. the NYG all football movie 2013 Draft
  13. Draft Positional Preview: Quarterback
  14. NY Giants: 2013 NFL Mock Draft, April 15th Edition
  15. Has anyone ever attended the Giants Draft Party on Thursday
  16. Up to date Prospect list of guys we've showed intrest in so far...
  17. Alec Ogletree is the pick!
  18. I would trade down ... get more picks since we have more than 1 need RT-DE-CB-S, etc.
  19. Could Warmacks stock be falling?
  20. Draft Positional Review: Running Back
  21. Draft Preview: Giants Defense/Special Teams
  22. Marcus Lattimore
  24. Draft Positional Review: Wide Receiver
  25. Sport Science: D.J. Fluker
  26. Falcons looking to trade up
  27. Jerry Reese Draft Picks: Breakdown By Position
  28. JR's draft history
  29. Draft Positional Preview: Tight End
  30. Jerry Reese Press Conference
  31. Banks or Trufant in the 1st?
  32. Ogletree made Charlie Casserly's Top 5 Most UNDERRATED list
  33. CB D.J Haden now Mayock's #1 CB prospect ...
  34. Party Time..!!
  35. How will Kiwi's move to DE impact our draft?
  36. Ogletree will be the pick, it's all but confirmed
  37. We better have Corners this yr!
  38. just a thought
  39. Where do you fellas go for draft rankings?
  40. It's pretty annoying that we move any thread related to the draft....
  41. 2013 Mock Draft: Rounding Up Picks For NY Giants
  42. NFL Draft 2013: Tavon Has Worked His Way Up To The Top Of The WR Class
  43. Reese Talks Honey Badger
  44. Giants' 2013 Nfl Draft Profile: Iowa State LB AJ Klein
  45. NFL Draft Facts
  46. Fluker might go #7 overall to the Cardinals...
  47. Give your prediction on who the Giants will draft in Round 1
  48. JR Says it AGAIN!
  49. Jarvis Jones reminds me of Lawrence Taylor hope we get him
  50. Carradine runs 4.75 at his workout
  51. Teo
  52. Draft Positional Preview: Special Teams
  53. USC WR's
  54. Potential rate round/Free agent steals and Gems
  55. Giants GM likely to focus early picks on defense
  56. Big Blue View's Rules For N FL Draft Success
  57. The Inside Football 2013 Giants' Mock Draft: Round 1 ( 19th Overall)
  58. The Inside Football 2013 Giants' Mock Draft: Round 2 ( 49th Overall)
  59. The Inside Football 2013 Giants' Mock Draft: Round 3 ( 81st Overall)
  60. My wish for the draft
  62. Player wish list.
  63. Giants' Reese Expecting First Three Draft Picks To Come In And Contribute Right Away
  64. Systematically JR Has Shown Us Whats Next On His Radar
  65. Just Curious
  66. Who do u see Jets landing now, and do u think the trade effects who we get in any way
  67. What round do you think Reese will take a linebacker?
  68. Let's get a consensus on Fluker
  69. If Tank didn't tear his ACL, he would be going #2 overall to the Jaguars...
  70. Draft Positional Preview: Defensive Line
  71. Hey Jerry!!! Draft this guy for Pat Summerall's sake!!!
  72. Giants May Take Notre Dame's Te'o In NFL Draft
  73. San Francisco 49ers Could Look To Trade Up In NFL Draft
  74. NY Post never ceases to make me crack up
  75. The Inside Football 2013 Giants Mock Draft: Round 4 (116th overall)
  76. Seeing Ansah now possibly falling to Giants
  77. Is Eddie Lacy the pick?
  78. Two Kikis
  79. Would Any of You Like D.J. Hayden on the 1st?
  80. I love this 1-254 mock
  81. Post your realistic possible Giants Mock, 7 rounds 3 prospects per pick! That's deep
  82. Sheldon Richardson- DT Mizzou
  83. My updated big board overall top 10 prospects
  84. NFL Draft Questions: Will Giants Find POlished LBs?
  85. This could be a good year to trade down
  86. Mr reese lets take a chance on this CB
  87. Dee Millner Drops?
  88. Prospect interviews
  89. 2013 NFL Mock Draft: D.J. Hayden To Giants - Todd McShay
  90. Big Tackle Fluker Squarely On Giants' Radar
  91. Dropping...
  92. Predict machine mock draft
  93. who would be ok with this pick?
  94. olgetree
  95. Giants Made A Good First Impression On Warmack
  97. Monte Ball anyone for Day 2 or 3
  98. UCLA DE Datone Jones......
  99. Steve Beauharnais
  100. Robert Wood
  101. We will draft Justin Hunter I am confident
  102. Would Trading Cruz To Secure Womack and Fluker In The !st Round Be A Bad Trade ?
  103. Latavius Murray check him out
  104. Top 10 NY Giants draft picks, all-time (bleacher report)
  105. Live mock draft on nfl network right now
  106. Worth a mid rounder?
  107. Trade to 12 for Vaccaro?
  108. Draft Positional Preview: Defensive Back
  109. ***Kayvon Webster, CB/S - South Florida*** Late Round Stud!!!!!!!!
  110. Eifert for 1st pick
  111. Ranking The Top 4 Quarterbacks In NFL Draft
  112. darrius slay
  113. Does anyone have a list of all players on giants roster, incuding contract situation
  114. NFL Beefs Up Security For Draft
  115. Werner for 1st pick
  116. Thoughts on a Mid-Round QB in the draft?
  117. Rotoworld's Latest 2013 Mock Draft
  118. 1 more day fellas!!!!
  119. What happens of Milliner is still on the board?
  120. My All Sleeper Team
  121. Pre-Draft Notes: Werner's Tight With Kuhn
  123. Scouts Inc (ESPN) 7 Round Mock
  124. Mayock has us taking OT Justin Pugh at 19th overall
  125. Prospects We've Contacted
  126. Elway to Marino: The 1983 NFL Draft.....
  127. So........ Who Will We Pick In The Draft Tomorrow?
  128. Linebacker draft fun fact
  129. I'm pretty sure we can narrow it down to a few
  130. Kyle Long
  131. Everything suggests Hunter will be a Giant tomorrow
  132. Honey Badger in round 2?
  133. Your #1 prospect you want in the draft...
  134. NFL Draft: Three Players The Giants Cuold Pick In The First Round
  135. Giants Desperate For Help on Defense, Offensive Line
  136. IF the draft starts all OL, we should have some of the top defensive players to pick
  137. The Number #19 Pick Will Be....
  138. Draft coverage question........
  139. NFL Draft Countdown Mock
  140. Wish List/Mock Draft- How do I add these to my sig?
  141. 2013 NFL Draft Thread
  142. 2013 Draft: Fisher Emerging As Chiefs' No.1 Pick
  143. Walter footballs final mock
  144. The NFL Draft, Sausage And Peppers, Perfect Together
  145. Pugh again!!!
  146. NFL Draft Contest
  147. Vikings want Teo, willing to trade up
  148. My Round 1 prediction and why.
  149. Video invterviews outside the Radio City NFL draft, Giants Fan doesn't get punked.
  150. What Pick(s) Would You Absolutely Hate Tonight???
  151. Ranking The Five NFL Teams That Are Best At Drafting
  152. Watch out for Alex Okafor
  153. Try not to FREAK out....
  154. Giant's Draft Choices the past 10 years (2003-2012)
  155. with the 1st pick in the 2013 NFL draft the Kansas City Chiefs select...
  156. What I heard on radio on way home this afternoon
  157. Report: Joeckel Told He Won't Be Chief's 1st Pick
  158. Giants enter draft desperate for help on defense, offensive line
  159. My favorite time of year on these boards?
  160. Surprised that Fluker came off the boards at 11
  161. So who are you guys hoping to get in the Draft?
  162. Gotta go D..........ranked 31st last year!!
  163. Ogletree, Jarvis, Shariff, or Rhodes
  165. First Fail
  166. What a disgrace!! Pugh!!
  167. Phuk Pugh
  168. Can't believe we left Sharif Floyd
  169. Run on OL
  170. Remember when we were all saying
  171. Calm down
  172. Just like every year.....folks are falling
  173. I LOVE THE PICK!!! Why? Because Jerry Reese picked him and so did Mike Mayock.
  174. Vikings...
  175. How Pugh can overcome his shortcomings
  176. Bill Polian said it was a good pick, Mike Mayock predicted we'd draft him and Reese
  177. Holy ****... the Patriots just got a 2, 3, 4 and 7th round picks for their 1st......
  178. Pugh's draft profile
  179. What do the Giants and Cowboys have in common?
  180. Opinion please
  181. Saw this on NFL memes
  182. Jerry REE-CH
  183. Where are we going in the 2nd?
  184. every year, same old garbage
  185. Post your reaction to the pick
  186. Menelik Watson OT in the 2nd?
  187. Charles Davis and Brian Billick's Take on the Justin Pugh Pick
  188. Cyprien long gone for us?
  189. Tank Carradine
  190. Relax. Everyone on this board is an "expert"
  191. Pugh looks excellent on tape
  192. Top remaining prospects.....
  193. The real reason Pugh was drafted lol
  194. Best part about Pugh pick everyone is overlooking
  195. BFL Draft 2013: Grading The First Round
  196. Round #2 Selection....Who Will It Be?
  197. One big positive about this draft still..
  198. Why didn't we grab Menelik Watson?
  199. what if giants take eddie lacy in 2nd
  200. The Morning After
  201. Would Drafting The Versitle Alabama Center, Solidify the entire OL ?
  202. omg reese meme
  203. look at this video of justin pugh's call from giants
  204. Change in drafting philosophy??
  205. name one great LB Reese has drafted ......
  206. Quick on Pugh/Giants Drafting...
  207. If the Giants select (Insert Name Here) in Round 2, you will be OK with an OG in RD1
  208. Tank in the Second
  209. Ok ok first round pick is done, get over it. Who do the Giants take in the 2nd?
  210. Joe Thomas 32 1/2 inch arms, Jake Long 32 7/8 inch arms...
  211. Today, here is who I am hoping for:
  212. Tharold...Tharold...Tharold....why?
  213. Tharold Simon Arrested on Draft Night
  214. Giants Draft Film Thread
  215. I think it is quite obvious why we passed on Rhodes
  216. Predicting our 2nd round, member mock draft......
  217. 49ers stole Eric Reed from the Giants!!!!!
  218. With the 2nd Round Pick Reese shows why he's money
  219. I really don't like this pick at all
  220. The BEST thing about picking Pugh at #19..............
  221. Would trading high into the 2nd round be worth the loss of our 3rd pick?
  222. Shariff Floyd could be a Sapp type dt,his highlight impressed me + I wanted him at 19
  223. Walterfootball Updated 2-3 round mock/ NFL network
  224. If we were to get Carradine tonight...
  225. We know it won't be a DT
  226. Carridine, Minter gone JR!
  227. Jamar Taylor or Arthur brown!!!!!!
  228. Reese is officially trolling us
  229. Once again.....speechless...
  230. A DT.... Ok w/e hope khaseeme Greene slips
  231. Call the NYPD!!
  232. Huge Buckeye fan...this is a great pick. Hankerson destroys gameplans all year
  233. Johnathan Hankins
  234. DT rotation? Patterson, Jenkins, Rogers, Joseph?
  235. I like the pick... But
  236. Its not a surprising pick
  237. Reese Now 0-2 in this draft
  238. What does Reese have against drafting Linebackers?
  239. Hankins was seen as a first rounder..
  240. Ha ha Coughlin, jokes over.....
  241. I think i know what's going on now...
  242. Homers?? Where are you??
  243. We know we won't take Mattheiu, Greene or Poyer
  244. Giants take on a College Program's Approach when Picking Players
  245. So much for Honey Badger
  246. 3rd round.....shall we?
  247. 2 needs: CB Poyer in the 3rd and ILB Reddik in the 4th? pleesase
  248. the giants have takendamontre mooore in the 3rd i looove it
  249. Matt Barkley
  250. Draft Re-Do