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  1. Walterfootball's draft grades..
  2. Jordan Campbell?
  3. No linebacker yet
  4. Great draft so far
  5. Did i miss something or is Alex Okafor still on the board?
  6. Interesting fact about the Giant's draft.
  7. Draft thoughts & Remaining draft wishlist....
  8. My Day 3 Defense Wishlist
  9. In the words of Simon Cowell, brother this Draft was absolutely Dreadfulll
  10. AJ Klein, LB - Iowa State
  11. Draft Day 3
  12. NFL DRAFT 2013: Giants Confident They Can Fill Holes at LB, DB In Final Day
  13. giants should possibly targetnico johnson in round 4 or 5
  14. Report Card: Grading The Giants' Draft
  15. Montrell Mathieu-LeBlanc
  16. Dustin Hopkins or who you think is top kicker
  17. Nico Johnson.....
  18. giants trade up and draft ryan nassib WTF LOL
  19. Da Fuq??
  20. Nassib, I love it!
  21. One good thing about Nassib
  22. T Simon in 5th..if he wasn't such a...
  23. I would like this guy in the 5th
  24. Michael Mauti LB PSU 5th round
  25. What is Reese thinking during this Draft?
  26. 5th round.....let's go
  27. JR pulling a Belicheck
  28. So the Reese apologists love the Nassib move?
  29. cooper taylor drafted ..thought?
  30. Any chance we ...
  31. so after 5 rounds..
  32. linebackers
  33. 6th?
  34. The Most Honest Draft Thread You'll Read
  35. LB and CB in the 7th!
  36. Take the draft so far...
  37. Taylor Cooper Stats.
  38. Herman MUntser?
  39. give the giants a grade
  40. Reality - Linebacker and Corner were already set before the draft, NOT need positions
  41. 7th pick Eric Herman
  42. The oddest draft in Giants history?
  43. Cooper Taylor vs. 2nd Safety Taken
  44. NEW RB!!!
  45. No LB's, No CB's In The Draft?
  46. Here comes the UDFAs
  48. Giants Sign TE Chase Clement
  49. Were Baurenheis or Rid**** drafted?
  50. Watch out for them cardinals
  51. who else is mad we passed over Kaseem Green in the 4TH and took Nassib?????
  52. DB Charles James Signed
  53. Justin Pugh and Ryan Nassib at the senior bowl
  54. I guess I'm in the minority...
  55. Why did so many people want a CB?
  56. Why not take William Gholston or Devin Taylor in the 4th,why qb?
  57. So we only signed two UDFA's so far?
  58. Just some random analysis, not sure it means anything
  59. Arthur Brown?
  60. Nassib's Role
  61. Hindsight draft 2013
  62. Awesome Video Ryan Nassib (background info, not highlights)
  63. Re-draft....what could've been........
  64. We got ILB Charles "Diesel" Dieuseul UDFA from Mount Union
  65. Diamond in the Rough: Charles James
  66. Did the Jets or Giants draft the better QB in this draft?
  67. Draft: Giants' Puzzle More Complete
  68. SS Alonzo Tweedy
  69. Giant draft board legends: Alvin Bailey and Kevin Red****
  70. Nassib could make sense
  71. Of all the posters on here who pretend to be draft experts
  72. Initial Draft Review: Reese Rocked the Draft!!!
  73. @Redeyejedi
  74. Not including ours, what teams drafted the best in ur opinion?
  75. My projected depth chart
  76. Top 5s for 2014
  77. Will Hankins and Joseph play together?
  78. Will Beatty VS. Justin Pugh . Comparing prospects.
  79. Have we introduced the new draft picks yet?
  80. Stansly Mopanga?
  81. Mike Cox RB
  82. draft picks, most/least excited about?
  83. 2013 yr of the OLINE, 2014 YR of the CB???
  84. QB Everett Golson gone from Notre Dame
  85. 2014 NFL Draft Film Room
  86. Who will be a better 2013 QB Bridewater or Johnny Football??
  87. Justin Pugh
  88. Teddy Bridgewater
  89. Hypothetical Question
  90. Austin Sefarian Jenkins TE Washington Huskies
  91. Ryan Swope Retired
  92. Jeremy Maclin injured in Eagles training camp
  93. With season right around corner, what handful of players are you lookin forward 2?
  94. I like my players tough, like this....
  95. Michael Dyer will play for Louisville this yr.
  96. Honey Badger
  97. Damontre Moore was extremely explosive.
  98. Draft another CB and we will be Superbowl Champs Again!
  99. 4-3 linebackers?
  100. Your Favorite Posters Ballot
  101. Top 100 Division II Players
  102. 2013college yr and also 2014 NFL draft prospects thread
  103. If the G-Men were in position to draft
  104. The Baffling David Wilson
  105. 0-16....Suck for Johnny Football
  106. Ok all you draft heads!
  107. Jake Matthews or Taylor Lewan
  108. Saw a mock draft yesterday
  109. SI's 2014 Mock Draft
  110. Defense Wins Championships Draft Philosophy
  111. Top OLmen in 2014 Draft:
  112. Ogletree> Toad of steel
  113. I've been monitoring the Mock Drafts lately
  114. So, this Clowney guy
  115. 2014 NY Giant Mock Draft - WHY NOT???? :)
  116. Barry Sanders Jr.
  117. Kiko Alonzo
  118. Van Noy is destroying Utah St.
  119. Taj Boyd is our best chance to right this ship next yr!
  120. If I See One More "We Need Clowney Comment"
  121. 2014 top draft prospects
  122. C J MOSLEY
  123. Clowney
  124. Cowney News
  125. I hope we go 1-15 and have a #1 pick!! Jonny Manziel
  126. Brian Winters
  127. NY Post says it might be hard for Giants to pass on Bridgewater
  128. What if the Giants had a shot at drafting Clowney?
  130. Teddy Bridgewater is playing
  131. I have Two Words to say and then Good Night
  132. That Clowney guy will look good in BLUE
  133. Aaron Murray is entering this draft....
  134. giants 1st and 2nd round pick TELL WHAT YOU THINK
  135. Members early mock draft
  136. Best QB
  137. This offseason
  138. check this dude out VIC BEASLEY ,courtesy of REDEYEJEDI
  139. Anyone watching Clowney today?
  140. Melvin Gordon is the best RB i've seen in yrs!
  141. Hey nycsportzfan! Me and you we both like the Qb idea i have some questions
  142. Top ten
  143. What is Everyone's Fascination with Clowney?
  145. hey RedEyeJedi you watch tape, can u tell some stuff about qb Brett Smith
  146. Josh huff?
  147. No, It's Not Too Early For Giants' Draft Talk
  148. 2014 Draft
  149. Brandon Coleman from Rutgers to replace nicks ?
  150. please put your giants position needs in order
  151. watching manziel this weekend
  152. What I'd like to see the Giants do in the draft and free agency
  154. BEST OUTSIDE GUARD TO DRAFT? Jake Matthrew or Taylor Lewan???
  155. Who should be the Giants first round pick?
  156. List your favorite offensive lineman in this draft?
  157. Blake Bortles over/under
  158. Mock Draft 3rd Edition
  159. for everyone that wanted Poyer.. Including myself
  160. No More Johnny Football Talk
  161. Any Chance at Jameis Winston in a Few Years?
  162. Jameis Winston
  163. Marcus Mariota yet again!
  164. eric ebron 2nd round or jace Amaro 3rd round pick?
  165. blake bortles?
  166. Marcus Mariota Mock
  167. Bridgewater vs Mariota: Solid read
  168. Would we even have enough cap space to sign the #1 overall draft pick?
  169. So if we did have a top 3 pick in the draft.....
  170. what happens with our Defensive End situation if we draft Clowney
  171. Sam Montgomery from LSU cut from the texans after vilotaing team rules
  172. Draft Aj Mccaron thread
  173. bored AF at school draft pool
  174. Should we somewhere in the draft
  175. Terrance Cobb
  176. Todd Gurley
  177. Let's create an offseason plan (long post)
  178. Vontaze Burfict
  179. Mock Draft !!!!!! This Ones Unique My Favorite One I've done So far
  180. hey Redeyejedi
  181. Ra'Shede Hageman DT Minnesota
  182. mock draft 4th edition
  183. Full offseason with Draft
  184. Mock with explanations & highlights
  185. Under the radar guys
  186. Clowney is Starting To Look Like a Potential Bust
  187. Khalil Mack Buffalo
  188. do you guys like this Mock Draft
  189. i dont think defensive end is a huge need
  190. redeye do you like brandon coleman wr?
  191. Paul Richardson WR Colorado
  192. 2nd round de's according to cbs
  193. Wr Ty Montgomery
  194. My favorite offensive player of this draft
  195. draft day scenario 3 rounds.
  196. Giants Mock Draft 11/5/13
  197. 2014 NFL Draft Sleeper Thread
  198. Shilique Calhoun DE Michigan State
  199. Jay Bromley DT Syracuse
  200. Tyrann Mathieu
  201. New mock. Thoughts
  202. new mock /new direction
  203. Who is your favorite receiver and runningback in this draft so far ?
  204. shayne skov vs oregon
  205. Draft Position Overrated
  206. 2010 draft - 3rd rd.
  207. What does your big board look like at this point in the season?
  208. players to put in my next mock
  209. BigBlueBeatsU/NYGfanStrick Ultimate Mock 11/15/13
  210. Carlos Hyde=BJ replacement
  211. Said It Before, I'll Say It Again
  212. Giants Main needs through the draft
  213. Postgame week 11 mock
  214. Mock Draft.... 11/18
  215. Mock Draft-bored in school edition
  216. 11-19-2013 mock
  217. Jameis Winston accusations
  218. Post game week 12 Mock
  219. The Nightmare Mock
  220. First Mock Draft
  221. College Football Award Finalists
  222. Mock Draft ,Lets Add Some Stars
  223. mock draft
  224. What do you guys think about Dorial green beckum if we could get him
  225. Michael Sam
  226. We need blocks in the draft? I think we should draft these two guys.
  227. Randy Gregory DE Nebraksa
  228. Strick's 12/1 Mock
  229. Toadofsteel 12/3 mock
  230. Giants on the clock 2014...
  231. What do you guys think of Tre Mason?
  232. 12/8 Mock, Officially Eliminated
  233. Jeremy Hill RB LSU
  234. Can we draft Jadeveon Clowney if we go 6-10?
  235. Draft Position Thread
  236. My take on our first two picks (sorry for the length):
  237. Draft Position jockeying is upon us!
  238. Giants Mock Offseason
  239. What can we do to get Barr?
  240. A QB we should draft, Blake Bortles
  241. 3 Games Left - Way to Early Mock
  242. Did we move up in draft order
  243. 30th in the league in sacks.. how do we fix the pass rush?
  244. Mock 12/15
  245. Brandon Coleman
  246. 2014 NFL Draft order:
  247. Looking back at our drafts
  248. Draft Site
  249. Draft needs for all 32 teams by position
  250. Who would you have drafted since 09?