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  1. McShay's first mock
  2. Mock w trade
  3. Kahlil Mack.
  4. How are we going to do it?
  5. In the draft our pick # will be....
  6. WK17 I will be hoping to see Eli throw 4tds, in a LOSS. Exciting offseason coming...
  7. Watch the players you would like to draft
  8. Realistic TOP5 Big Board for GIANTS now that we know round abouts where we'll pick?
  9. Christmas Mock
  10. Strick's Xmas Mock (W/ Videos)
  11. Trade up for Clowney?
  12. 2014 NFL Draft order and Week 17
  13. Draft Movie Starring Kevin Costner
  14. Updated Mock - 12-26
  15. Who hopes we trade down with our pick in April?
  16. This Off Season, My Opinion, In Reese we Trust ?
  17. First 2 picks of the draft should be offensive linemen
  18. If we lost today, what's the best draft position we'd get if the right teams lost?
  19. Looks like were drafting at 12 or 13
  20. It Appears That The Giants Will Be Picking #12 In The 2014 NFL Draft
  21. Giants Will Have the 12th Pick in 2014 Draft
  22. Draft #
  23. Could we get Taylor Lewan with the #12 pick?
  24. Could Greg Robinson drop to us in the 2nd round?
  25. Not really relevant to us but mike shannahan and staff has been fired !
  26. Stricks 12/30 Mock
  27. Toadofsteel end of year mock
  28. Justin Pugh
  29. Which teams behind us will be looking to move up this year?
  30. Official Pick #12 Mock Draft
  31. Eric Ebron TE UNC- Giants potential first rounder?
  32. Mock draft
  33. Darce early mock with basic mock offseason
  34. NFC East Mock Round 1:
  35. Picking #12 is their any possibility we get Manziel??
  36. Brett Hundley
  37. How in the world does Reese miss out on Jordan Mills and Zac Stacy in RD5 of last yr?
  39. What would you rank the needs by position?
  40. Thoughts on Storm Johnson?
  41. BB Mock draft
  42. Baylor Prospects
  43. Allen Robinson
  45. This year's crop of tight ends
  46. My first Mock of the year
  47. Cyrus Kouandjio got embaressed!
  48. Do your own mock draft!
  49. Would you take Blake?
  50. Texas open to trading #1 Pick
  51. Sammy Watkins of Clemson against Ohio State...WoW!
  52. Give Eli help!!!!
  53. College
  54. Looking Ahead To NFL Draft: Could Giants Consider Barr, Evans?
  55. Intriguing mid to late round WR from a small school.
  56. Josus Matias
  57. Red Flag Prospects
  58. Do you think this coming draft has a solid group of lineman to draft from?
  59. Picks 1-11
  60. Khalil Mack
  61. What do you guys think of tre mason, the rb from auburn?
  62. Whos your fave 3rd-7th rd QB Prospect/Prospects?
  63. Kelvin Benjamin
  64. Dorial Green-Beckham
  65. Best way to approach Rounds 1-3 of this draft
  66. Strick's Offseason Mock 1.0
  67. Mock Draft 1.9
  68. Darqueze Dennard, CB, Michigan State
  69. DraftTek's latest mock
  70. Bishop Sankey
  71. Notre dame TE Troy niklas declares
  72. BigBlue Mock
  73. Kareem Martin: DE UNC
  74. Greg Robinson
  75. Foolish Texans will pick Bridgewater over Manziel ......Mark my words- Eternal LOSERS
  76. Pass Rusher Thread
  77. Offensive line
  78. Tre Mason
  79. Whats the trade value for the 12th pick?
  80. 2014 NFL Mock Draft: Mock v. 1.0 From 'Invictus'
  81. mock draft ,too many to count edition
  82. Man, we really could of screwed ourselves winnin those games to end the yr.
  83. Will McAdoo lobby for Ebron?
  84. The first round dilemma
  85. What would we get if we traded back to 20-22?
  86. Giants interview Jimmy Garapolo QB E.Illinois at Shrinegame practice..
  87. For those of you who want Sammy Watkins
  88. East-West Shrine Game
  89. Once again...I'm don't follow college much...who are the high OL prospects?
  90. Film On Best Available O-Lineman We May Be Able To Draft
  91. Cyril Richardson in the 2nd?
  93. darqueze denard
  94. Do the GIANTS draft a WR?
  95. SR BOWL thread(weigh ins, practice reports, and game info).
  96. BBBU Mock Draft
  97. 2014 NFL Draft: Prospect Profile - Storm Johnson, RB, Central Florida
  98. Aaron Donald DT from U of Pitt
  99. Mock 1.0
  100. Early Mock Draft
  101. NFL Draft: Looking At Center Travis Swanson For The Giants
  102. Out of the Box -- Eli for Clowney
  103. TE-2014
  104. Jared abbrederis
  105. Giants' NFL Draft: OL Zack Martin Works His Way Into Top 15 Mix?
  106. Blake Bortles: QB UCF
  107. The good news is...this draft is LOADED with talent, in the first round at least.
  108. Pre Superbowl Mock.
  109. Top 5 Wishlist
  110. Wtf? SCOUTING/DRAFT SNAFU E.G.'s: Alfred Morris, Zac Stacy, Richard Sherman
  111. If Mack or Barr fall to no 12, does JR do it?
  112. 2014 NFL Mock Draft Roundup: Latest Picks For Giants
  113. What are your top 5 at the Offensive skill positons?( RB,WR,TE,QB)
  114. Who best fits in McAdoo/Langdorf system?
  116. Senior Bowl Mock.. (Walterfootball)
  117. Pre Superbowl Mock
  118. Newbie Draft Question
  119. 2014 Round By Round Pick GMen should consider
  120. Superbowl Mock
  121. 2014 NFL Draft Rankings And Scouting Reports: Quarterbacks
  122. Draft Tickets
  123. Priority for draft: Offense or Defense?
  124. Sleeper WRs:
  125. Carlos Hyde....what you guys think?
  126. My argument for drafting WR early
  127. Post SB Mock
  128. The "Teddy Bridgewater" Hypothetical (?)
  129. what would you give to trade up to get Jadeveon Clowney?
  130. Giants may be leaning OL in round 1:
  131. Experts Predict Giants' 2014 Draft Pick
  132. Get skill position player @ 12th pick, why?
  133. What u guys think about louchez purifoy in the 2nd round
  134. Missouri DE Michael Sam Comes Out the Closet
  135. DREAM mock draft
  136. If I'm in charge of the draft
  137. Jarvis Landry
  138. Combine on NFL Netword Feb 22nd thhrough Feb 25th
  139. Grading the Giants 2013 Draft.....
  140. Can Michael Sam Help The Giants?
  141. Big Flaw in Manziel's game
  142. List of top FA's
  143. Which positions are deep in this years FA pool?
  144. Johnny Manziel: I'd Make Texans Pay For Not Drafting Me
  145. Pre-Combine Draft
  146. Manziel Won't Throw At NFL Scouting Combine
  147. Pre Combine Mock (GoDeep80)
  148. tyler starr
  149. Combine Watch: OT Taylor Lewan
  150. NFL Scouting Combine 2014: Offensive Guards
  151. Mike Mayock Pre-Combine Positional Rankings
  152. Clowney>
  153. Pre-Combine Mock (Mlerman17) 1.0
  154. Free agency and draft sequence
  155. does anyone think if either Matthews or Robinson fall far enough the Giants trade up?
  156. Combine Watch: LB C.J. Mosley
  157. NFL Combine 2014: The Giants' Primer
  158. 2014 *NFL Combine* Discussion Thread
  159. Mike Mayock thinks the Giants will draft in the first round
  160. Dri Arche
  161. Lineman Prospect for late rounds
  162. Taylor Lewan
  163. Giants Have Eyes On B lockers At NFL Combine
  164. Wake-Up Call: Combine, Day 2
  165. New Offense , New Thinking
  167. Round one....What position?
  168. David Yankey NFL Draft: Stanford Guard Could Be Perfect Fit For Giants
  169. Lewan Could Be Ideal For Giants, Except...
  170. Wake-Up Call: Combine, Day 3
  171. Giants Focused On Helping Eli Manning Through NFL Draft
  172. Giants draft needs
  173. Anthony Barr --- where would he fit in Giants scheme?
  174. Would you Trade up for...?
  175. Brock Jensen
  176. Wake-Up Call: Combine, Day 4
  177. Taylor Lewan will be giants pick in draft
  178. Both Reese & Ross scouted Ebron, I would LOVE this kid at 12
  179. This sounds crazy but Michael Sam will be very effective with us !!a lot to prove
  180. Wake-Up Call: Combine, Day 5
  181. mike evans
  182. NFL Combine: Updated List Of Players To Meet With Giants
  183. In Rounds 4 on.....
  184. What would you offer the Rams for the #2 pick if Clowney was available?
  185. Ebron, Evans Benjamin all there at 12
  186. Wake-Up Call: Combine, Day 6
  187. Combine Achievers who are flying Under the Radar (offense)
  188. Is C.J Mosley the only MLB worth taking in RD1?
  189. Giants Meet With Missouri DE Michael Sam At NFL Combine
  190. Combine: WR
  191. Moving Up in Draft -- Giants and Jets
  192. if giants get a OL in the 1st round
  193. Aaron Donald
  194. AJ McCarron
  195. Justin Gilbert
  196. Post-Combine draft thoughts
  197. Taylor Lewan Not Going To Be Available For the Giants At No. 12
  198. Top 5 Big Board for Giants Post-Combine(be realistic please).
  199. Cowboys/Ware and Clowney
  201. Last years draft…..how did everyone pan out?
  202. Prospect or prospect's that aren't top guys that made impact on you during combine?
  203. Aaron Donald
  204. Tony Pauline rumour has Gmen taking Mike Evans unless OT falls.
  205. Good Sleeper DE
  206. How come nobody is mentioning Kony Ealy?
  207. Jaws say he wouldnt take Johnny Manziel in the first 3 rounds:
  209. TOP 3players you don't want to here called at Pick12 Draft night?
  210. Keep An Eye On The DBs In Giants' Draft
  211. NFL Combine Review: Five Potential Giants' First-Round Picks
  212. Phil Simms: I'm Not Sure There's A Franchise QB In This Draft
  213. What if a stud fell right into our lap at 12 AND filled a huge need?
  214. Best Strong-Side OLB fits for NYG
  215. In the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft the NY Giants Select...
  216. Could TE Colt Lyeria Find Himself Removed from Giants' Draft Board?
  217. 2014 NFL Draft: What Comes Next For Clubs After Combine?
  218. Question regarding Oline
  219. Who has the most potential?
  220. Who Are Your 10 Favorite Prospects in This Draft?
  221. Reese's Thoughts on the Draft
  222. Post Combine Mock Draft 1.0
  223. Post-Combine Off-Season Plan
  224. Dolphins Shopping 2013 First-Round Pick Dion Jordan
  225. The pros and cons evaluation
  226. Dion Jordan being shopped by Miami, worth the 12th overall?
  227. Shockey v Ebron
  228. 2014 NFL Mock Draft: Two Mock Draft Scenarios, 2 Different Picks For Giants
  229. NFL Mock Drafts: Who The Experts Have The Giants Taking
  230. Prospects Giants have meet with so far?
  231. It's Time For A Duel Threat Quarterback
  232. Playing GM -- Offseason Plan & Mock
  233. If Sammy Watkins drops to 9th pick, would you give serious interest in trading up
  234. Giants wil need to take johnny football at 12
  235. Revised 1-11 picks
  236. 2014 NFL Pro Day: Aaron Donald, Donte Moncrief, Ra'Shede Hageman In Spotlight
  237. T.J. Jones
  238. Telvin Smith
  239. Mayock revised top 5
  240. Haven't seen too much of Marqise Lee talks on here
  241. Round 3 or 4 Andre Williams
  242. whichever is there.
  243. Back to basics
  244. 12th Pick in the 2014 Draft
  245. Will Linebacker prospects
  246. SIAP: NFL.com mock draft
  247. 12th overall pick
  248. Mid Round Receivers...
  249. Why did they move the draft into May?
  250. Post Mock 2.0