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  1. Out of 10 Mocks I looked at 70% has taking Taylor Lewan
  2. Prospects Giants have met with..
  3. So much for trying to get Shazier in the 2nd round
  4. 2nd and Later Round Receivers
  5. I would not be surprised if Bridgewater Fell to the Giants
  6. my mock draft
  7. Cyril Richardson
  8. Anthony Barr ran 4.45 at Pro Day
  9. You all asked me hey Great one whatya think ny draft board will be so....
  10. Free Agency Shaping Up
  11. Anyone think DT is a need?
  12. Here is my take on the first round
  13. Look no further! Take Justin Gilbert at 12!!
  14. Why Troy Niklas is a better fit than Ebron
  15. Analyzing Kiper 3.0 : Giants
  16. Now that the FA has filled up the gaps ,could the stage be set to draft a TE and QB?
  17. Still no CB in free agency..or TE wait, WR???
  18. ----- FA/Draft DE class
  19. Defensive Ends:
  20. My First Mock Draft
  21. Time to put in your guesses for the draft......
  22. Finley not an option for us, looking it's Ebron or a later pick at TE
  23. Life After Eli is Now
  24. Brandon Cooks needs to be the pick at 12
  25. 2014 NY Giants first 4 Rounds....who do you have us taking?
  26. The man in the middle: Centers
  27. Gotta Go Quarterback In The Draft
  28. Texans have to get to it already!
  29. Draft is now obvious?
  30. where is TE ebron projected?
  31. The Draft Conundrum
  32. Would ypu be pissed if the giants draft Eric Ebron, TE, North Carolina in round 1?
  33. TE>WR in the first round
  34. Couple of interesting potential late round picks
  35. Scratch CB off the list for Round 1:
  36. So now the Giants go to the draft and do....
  37. Post DRC mock
  38. What would you think about TE in 1st and 2nd
  39. Differences Between Timmy Jernigan and Aaron Donald?
  40. Off topic but how do u guys feel about mike Evans in the draft ?
  41. If we draft D-Line in the 1st...?
  42. Now is the time to trade up in the draft....
  43. Is Barr a good fit for our D?
  44. Mock
  45. Lots of people high on Ebron but I'd rather have
  46. With the 12th pick in the 2014 NFL draft....
  47. What pick would anger you or at least make you most annoyed at pick12?
  48. Who do we like in RB field?
  50. This is a "building block" kind of a draft
  51. tight end or wr first
  52. PLease check this Mock Draft out! its different than the norm love it or hate it
  53. If Anthony Barr is there at 12
  54. If Bridgewater is there at 12 time to get him
  55. My after signing DRC, Mario, Holiday, Demps, Thurmond MOCK DRAFT...
  56. Eric ebron vs mike Evans 12th pick who do we take ?
  57. Stop all the stupid talk about drafting a TE
  58. What would it taketo trade up for Clowney..
  59. post your 3 round mock here..
  60. 2004 draft do-over.
  61. QB Logan Thomas a predicted 6th or 7th round talent is someone we should Look at
  62. I dont care what anyone says TAYLOR LEWAN IS TYPICAL RIGHT TACKLE MAULER with MEAN
  63. Would you trade the #12 pick....
  64. RB James Wilder Jr... I want me some!
  65. Officially on the Ebron train!!!
  66. By Position: How would you want out draft to go?
  67. Was thinking about what the Pats did in 2010...maybe something to consider
  68. Marcus Martin
  69. Mack
  70. Marqise Lee is sliding
  71. I had a draft nightmare.
  72. Interesting Draft Day Trade Theory
  73. Drafting Ebron makes too much sense
  74. Get to know Robert Herron!
  75. Ex-NFL scout: Eric Ebron could be better than Jimmy Graham
  76. Anyone know who Mike Mayock has us taking at 12?
  78. Excel: Good Runnng Backs Available, But Teams Can Wait Before Drafting Them
  79. Available at #12
  80. NFL Mock Draft: DT Aaron Donald Enters Giants' Picture After Free Agency
  81. Worst name ever
  82. This is how Reese fixes BIG BLUE!
  83. #12 Picks Over the Last 10 Years
  84. 2014 NFL Draft: Tight End At 12? Maybe, Maybe Not
  85. Don't draft Ebron, bad omen!
  86. Eric Ebron Gets Mixed Reviews During UNC Pro Day
  87. NFL Draft Needs: Giants
  88. Mock Draft 4.0
  89. IF these players are on the board when we pick, who would you select?
  90. NFL Drasft 2014: Giants On Hand For Eric Ebron's Pro Day At UNC
  91. Kelvin Benjamin will be our pick
  92. B/R 7 Prospects NYG can't pass up
  93. Cody Latimer WR Indiana
  94. Wish list for draft
  95. TE Ebron on new york's draft radar?
  96. I don't think we go TE in first round for this reason....
  97. Potential trades
  98. Ex-Scout Greg Gabriel -- Giants Can Forget Lewan, Ebron
  99. ive been waiting all day for manzeils pro day
  100. giants should draft mike evans
  101. Johnny Manziel Pro Day: WR Mike Evans Steals The Show
  102. Manziel pro day good for Giants...
  103. Scouting WR/TE For Giants In Draft
  104. Impact Player, NOT DEVELOPMENTAL in the 1st
  105. The D-Line conundrum
  106. 2014 NFL Draft: Taylor Lewan - To Select Or Not To Select?
  107. Report: Texans "Trying Hard" To Deal Top Pick
  108. How do you see the top 11 going?
  109. If no Evans available at 12
  110. I really like this Aaron Lynch Defensive End kid reminds me of Justin Truck
  111. Bradley Roby vs Jared Abbrederis -Draft rankings?
  112. Jay Bromley?
  113. Late round WR's?
  114. Regardless of Draft Position WHAT PLAYER DO YOU REALLY WANT
  115. Giants' OLine Coach Attends East Carolina Pro Day
  116. Upside Down 1st Round
  117. Aaron Donald
  118. Up to Date TOP5 hopefuls for Gmen. With everything done ex individual visits 2 teams.
  119. BigBlue's Final Mock Draft
  120. If Evans and Ebron are gone by pick 12
  121. Eric Ebron draft stock going down ?
  122. Looking like Draft may be ALL offense
  123. The Impressive Mike Evans
  124. everyone thinks they are an analyst lulz
  125. 2014 Draft
  126. Really starting to shape up to be Ebron or Evans
  127. In need of a DE
  128. Draft Impact Player
  129. Bound to go DLINE heavy in this yrs draft.
  130. 2014 Draft
  131. BBBU Final mock 2nd Edition(not copycat version lol)
  132. DE in the first round?
  133. Evans, Ebron, Donald chances that....
  135. Anyone worried about Aaron Donald's size?
  136. Why The Giants Should Draft Eric Ebron
  137. Who's left and worth the 12 spot?
  138. David Yankey G Stanford stock falling?
  139. Evans
  140. Jadeveon Clowney: Giants' Draft Boss Marc Ross Watches Potential No. 1 Pick
  141. Kiper - 1st 3 rounds Mock for every team
  142. Ebron unless Clowney falls
  143. PRO DAY 2014 VIDEOS
  144. Breakdown on Taylor Lewan's game tape
  145. Semi-OT: Bills trade for Mike Williams (GMEN related)
  146. draft in May is killing me
  147. We will finally be able to draft the "Best player available"
  148. Bleacher Report Mock
  149. Geno Atkins, Vernon Davis, or Alshon Jeffrey? Who Would You Rather Have On This Team
  150. I wish Giants could have multiple picks in first 3 rounds
  151. the way things are shaping up..
  152. The Crystal Ball say's this!
  153. BPA draft option at #12 for all players coveted
  154. Mock up to Giants pick
  155. LT/Clowney Comparison
  156. If you had to pick one QB?
  157. Trading Up
  158. NFL Draft Loaded With WR Talent
  159. You would be most pissed off if......
  160. Pick your bust
  161. Why it has to be OL
  162. Movin' On Up - Why?
  163. Rams GM Les Snead In Talks With Teams About Trading No. 2 Pick
  164. Some Under-The-Radar Prospects That Could Pique Giants' Interest
  165. BBV Community Mock Draft: With The 16th Pick, Dallas Cowboys Select...
  166. NFL Draft 12014: Giants' Biggest Needs After Free Agency
  167. Diantre Spencer WR/KR/PR Crushes Pro Day
  168. Clemson draft prospect Brandon Thomas tears ACL
  169. Taylor Lewan, Potential Giants' Draft Target, Pushes Court Date Until After Draft
  170. Strick's All-Sleeper Team
  171. Who are the surprise players that will fall?
  172. Hiw would you feel about this?
  173. Big Blue Morning: One Month To The Draft
  174. Waiting for the Draft Mock
  175. Am I Wrong In Thinking DTs Are Easy To Find?
  176. Allen Robinson WR Penn St Pro Day
  177. Prospect Comparison Thread
  178. Tom Savage
  179. Who will the Texans/Seahawks/Broncos Draft?
  180. Evolution of the game
  181. Giants Set Up For Local Workout Day
  182. Marqise Lee
  183. How Would You Feel If....
  184. Another stab at Clowney
  185. LSU Pro Day Attracts Giants' GM Jerry Reese
  186. Dee Ford is the pick
  187. Evans, Ebron and Lewan leading so far on my fav draft sites...
  188. April Mock Draft
  189. Sorry folks!!! EBRON CANNOT BLOCK!!!! & Donald is TOO SMALL ..NOT a 4 down Tackle
  190. We must draft a skilled position player in the first two rounds!
  191. Evans Will NOT be there when we pick
  192. LB Chris Boreland WI - Under Everyone's Radar ?
  193. Taylor Lewan: Will Off-Field Problems Affect Draft Status?
  194. Giants' Draft 2014: 3 Jersey Prospects Gear Up For Local Workout Day
  195. Could Giants Have Interest In Diontae Spencer?
  196. Monmouth university TE @ NYG workout
  197. 2 1st round picks to trade up for clowney
  198. My thoughts on Giants "Big Board", what do you think?
  199. CJ Mosley
  200. Why not Barr?
  201. Does Kelvin Benjamin fall out of the first round for sure now?
  202. Rounds 2 - 4
  203. Dorial Green-Beckham dismissed from team
  204. Ryan Shazier!!
  205. 2nd rd pick
  206. Should we draft AJ McCarron?
  207. 2014 Nfl Draft picks 1-11 leading to Giants
  208. I can't find a good draft site
  209. Assuming each player somehow fell to #12
  210. Trade up for Matthews?
  211. Check out tit's MOCK. (with trade & 53 man roster)
  212. Past Giants #1 picks compared to this years potential picks
  213. DE Brent Urban
  214. Nothing, nichts, nada
  215. Any draft picks going to come in and start day 1?
  216. Would you be happy with this draft result?
  217. NFL.com.... 1st round locks?
  218. what about brandon mosley? can he start?
  219. Rate the positions in this draft
  220. Trade Up? Giants Wouldn't Do That -- Would they?
  221. Analyzing Jerry Reese's Tendencies
  222. Anonymous NFL Exec Calls Jadeveon Clowney "Spolied" And "Lazy"
  223. Tom Coughln Speaks With Small School Sleeper OT, Kadeem Williams
  224. Draft Grader: NY Giants
  225. Gants' Last Five Drafts: 2009
  226. Pro day - Teddy Bridgewater
  227. Draft Day Scenario
  228. Marqise Lee
  229. List Of All The Draft Prospects The GMEN Have Spoken Too So Far
  230. Giiants Likely Need To Look Second Round If Interested In Top Center Weston Richburg
  231. Giants' Last Five Drafts: 2010
  232. Zach Mettenberger
  233. Draft Day Movie
  234. Not flashy but realistic option for draft
  235. Cowherd talking about Ebron
  236. More opinions on A-Donald (NFL Network)
  237. Should Giants Draft "Johnny Football" If he is there at 12?
  238. 2014 Draft Day Party - Season Ticket Holders
  239. Best DT after Donald?
  240. Who will fall out of the top 15?
  241. Who was your favorite/least favorite Giants first round pick since 2000?
  242. Your A--B-C list:
  243. Giants' Draft 2014: Eric Ebron Scouting Report
  244. "Dark Horse" Candidate For Giants At 12 . . . Odell Beckham, Jr.
  245. When discussing the DLINE , lets not forgot about Anthony Barr
  246. Giants On Hand To See Florida DT Dominique Easley
  247. Should the Giants trade up in the 2nd and draft WR Jordan Matthews or Allen Robinson?
  248. Giants shiny new toy
  249. OL Hasn't Been Fixed, So Giants SHOULD Go Ebron... But.
  250. Tom Savage