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  1. OL Hasn't Been Fixed, So Giants SHOULD Go Ebron... But.
  2. Tom Savage
  3. Giants' Pre-Draft Visits: What Do They Mean?
  4. NFL Draft Rumors 2014: Zack Martin To Giants At No. 12?
  5. Caught in the Draft 1984 - Giants almost drafted Reggie White???
  6. Positional Tiers
  7. Closest Phil simms type QB coming out
  8. Hoping for Niklas in the 2nd instead of Ebron in the 1st
  9. Thoughts on LB CJ Mosley?? (Trade down?)
  10. Draft Tidbits
  11. The QB Who Is Falling Down NFL Draft Boards
  12. Why do people on this board keep mocking Evans to the Giants at 12th overall?
  13. OLB Anthony Barr
  14. KYLE VAN NOY!!! AHOY!!!
  15. DT Aaron Donald is our guy.
  16. Rape Allegations Could Hurt Draft Status Of Michigan OT Lewan
  17. NYG Party for Draft
  18. Anthony Barr Sport Science
  19. Why are more not talking about KONY EALY DE MIZZO?
  20. Kelvin Benjamin WR Florida St
  21. Giants did have a scout at D-Easley workout....
  22. North Carolina TE Eric Ebron expects to be a Lion
  23. RB Joshua Harris
  25. Fifth year option with Amukamara
  26. OLB/DE Dee Ford
  27. Updated guess at top 11 picks
  28. Do we need another safety?
  29. Value Will Rule The Day For Big Blue In Rd. 1
  30. Ha Ha Clinton Dix?
  31. Who do you want??
  32. Texas A&M ??
  33. Give us YOUR pro/cons for possible 1st round selections
  34. Where has Mike Mayock been on the Path to the Draft shows?
  35. With 7 draft picks
  36. "MY" Giants Trade with Browns
  37. Martin's versatility may be the way to go
  38. Everything depends on the QBs
  39. Why is nobody talking about Marquise Lee? / best value pick TE
  40. Brandt likes Lewan & Martin for Giants..
  41. Plenty of reasons to trade up...
  42. With the 12th Pick.....
  43. Top TE Eric Ebron Visits With Jets, Not Giants, Per Source
  44. 2014 NFL Draft: The Will Hill Effect
  45. *Trade down for Cody Latimer in the 2nd Round*
  46. TRADE UP IF LT Matthews is available at #10
  47. Eric Ebron Sport Science Video
  48. Will Hill MOTHER $%@%@%
  49. If the Giants were to trade up, this would be the team they trade up with and why...
  50. Jeff Janis Highlights
  52. Kiper Predicts Lewan Will Be Long Gone By The Timne Giants Pick
  53. Merril Hoge: Jadeveon Clowney is an "Atrocious" Football Pleyer
  54. Todd McShay Picks Virginia OT Morgan Moses For Giants With 12th Pick
  55. What affect could this have if Oakland and Buffalo pick...
  56. Cruz Says Big play receiver in the First round
  57. Giants brought in Taylor Lewan in for a visit today
  58. Don't forget former 4th best prospect in his class a few yrs back, ISAISH CROWELL.
  59. Realistic Targets at #12 (Barring a Trade up/Down (Which I am always Against))
  60. My new plan- Trade our 3rd and 5th for another 2nd
  61. Players who deserve more attention...
  62. Cowboys may trade up for Manziel
  63. NFL Draft Runors: Johnny Manziel To The Dallas Cowboys?
  64. Goodell: NFL Is Thinking About Making The Draft a 4-Day Event
  65. This is a petition to move the draft back to April
  66. Zach Martin Scouting report
  67. I think we going wr or d end 1st
  68. We all have our mocks, but give me a Jerry Reese Mock Draft. A Giant type Draft....
  69. Mike Evans and Sammy Watkins Sport Science
  70. BPA and Giants/Reese
  71. All things being equal What is the biggest bang for our buck?
  72. Value Prospect Spotlight- RB Terrance Cobb, Cumberlands
  73. Interesting Stuff on Packers Board/Falcons rumor
  74. NFL Mick Drafts 2014: DT Aaron Donald Becomes Giants' Most Common Pick
  75. Value Prospect Spotlight- Corey Linsley OC, Ohio State
  76. Wow This Tight End has Wheels and can block.
  77. Where to send my NFL Draft Prospects work to the organisation?
  78. Steals Deep in The Draft
  79. Anyone hear about buffalo trade rumor for #2?
  80. Community Mock
  81. Every draft a good player seems to slip into round 2 and 3
  82. Anyone hear a rumor the Jets may trade up to #10
  83. Richmond WR Ben Edwards visits Giants..
  84. Richmond WR Visits NYG
  85. Pre-Draft mock 3.
  86. Where im at draftwise right now
  87. Slipping out of the Top Ten ...
  88. Walts partners Charlie Campbells latest mock, adds 6th rd. What do you think?
  89. Just Wondering What You Guys Think
  90. Texans and picking NFL Pick early?
  91. Do You Have The Chops? (titwio's MOCK DRAFT CONTEST)
  92. Hypothetical trade....
  93. Jeremiah Attaochu
  94. Boston College LB Kevin Pierre-Louis Visted Giants
  95. Giants showing alot of attention to secondary leading up to draft, despite FA signins
  96. If Manziel falls down the Board do we take him
  97. BIg Blue Morning: Just Draft Already
  98. Brandin Cook - the steal of the first round
  99. Kiper, McShay NFL Miock Drafts: ESPN Gurus Make New Selections
  100. I'm making a Draft Projection- Charles Sims RB West Virginia
  101. WR Davante Adams (Fresno St)
  102. Your Prediction: Who do the Giants take at #12 (Lets assume no trade up/down)
  103. Ralph V from NYDN confirms we COULD TRADE UP for Mike Evans
  104. Austin Sefarian-Jenkins Anyone?
  105. Anyone know anything about Terrence Brooks and Dri Archer?
  106. 2014 NFL Draft: Cyrus Kouandjio 'dark horse' candidate for Giants at No. 12
  107. OL heavy, please!
  108. anyone else feel the itch?
  109. Giants zeroing in on Zack Martin.. Like him over Lewan
  110. Offensive Line positions and the draft
  111. Notre Dame's Zack Martin said to be a New York Giants favorite
  112. Notre Dame's Zack Martin said to be a New York Giants favorite
  113. My Logic to this years draft
  114. C J Mosely
  115. Giants' NFL Draft: McShay Breaks Down OTs, Sees 4 Going In Top 15
  116. Giants' 2014 NFL Draft Profiles: LB/DE Anthony Barr
  117. 2 Players that We Will Not Take At 12
  118. Eric Ebron : A reach of the 2014 NFL Draft
  119. if Ebron or Evams are gone at 12 is it Lewan,Martin,Donald, Beckham, Mosley or Barr?w
  120. Don't Want O-Line in Round 1
  121. What about taking AJ McCarron with our 1st pick
  122. Fellas... We were the 28th ranked offense in 2013, we're going WR/TE in rd 1.
  123. TRADE UP!
  124. McShay on the 12th pick-Interesting possibilities...
  125. OL OR DL
  126. One Week Away!
  127. Complete 2 rounds W/ trades
  128. Brandin Cooks vs Tavon Austin
  129. I saw an old Parcells interview today saying he wanted Reggie White over Zimmerman
  130. Jerry Reese Talks Giants' Strategy For Draft
  131. Pick one player to draft in each round tier that you would like: WR, TE, OL, DT
  132. WalterFootball.com is a joke ...
  133. Draft History Tool
  134. Will FA Bonanza Change Giants' Draft Strategy? Not At All
  135. DT in 1st round-would be a mistake!
  136. Zack Martin actually makes Lot of sense
  137. The Top 5 QB Prospects In NFL Draft
  138. 2014 Draft Previews: Plenty Of Options At Tight End For Giants
  139. Eagles' GM Doesn't Rule Out Draft Day Trade Possibility
  140. Will The Giants Draft Eric Ebron @ #12?
  141. Geez Iwas just watching Tarkenton Clips and you could swear he was Manziel
  142. Who are your 3 most wanted players next week?
  143. Most Satisfied/Unsatisfied You Were With A 1st Round Draft Pick When It Happened?
  144. This is why I love Aaron Donald
  145. Surprise pick at 12?
  146. Donald should be the pick
  147. We need a game changer at #12 who is also a sure pick
  148. Giants Mock Draft Depth Chart Competition - JOIN NOW
  149. Looks like it's Rashede Hageman
  150. I like the idea of trading up this year
  151. Using a later round draft pick on a QB is FOOLISH
  152. NFL Draft Doppelgangers..
  154. NFL Draft: How The Giants Compare To Other Teams In Recent Years
  155. Star Wars Mock Draft: Giants select Yoda
  156. Mayock in today's NY Post Article
  157. 4 days away from draft My Updated picks 1-11
  158. Odell Beckham Jr Will Be Our Pick
  159. Favorite Giants Draft pick ever from rds 4- end of draft??(since you been a fan)
  161. Reese Eyeing Giant Additions In Draft
  162. Would we dare to trade picks with the Eagles?
  163. Getting discouraged by updated Mocks???
  164. Giants' First Pick Will Give Hint To Concerns About Beatty
  165. A Safety Will Be The Pick in RD 1 or 2
  166. ESPN, NFLN Agree Not To Spoil Suspense Of Draft On Twitter
  167. Latest mocks would indicate
  168. 1-11 Mock (Different than the Norm)
  169. I think Aaron Donald's value is getting too high.
  170. Finally in the WEEK the Draft is held!!!
  171. Updated: Experts Predict Giants' 2014 Draft Picks
  172. Art Stapleton NYG 7 round mock
  173. New Mock Draft by DJ
  174. Anyone like Amaro in the second round, if...................
  175. Draft Day Scenario: Paul Dottino On The Clock
  176. Report: Manziel Won't Fall Past Browns At No. 4
  177. 10 players fail drug test at combine
  178. #12
  179. Top-10 In Draft At Each Offensive Position Who Could Help Giants
  180. A History Of The No. 12 Pick
  181. For NFL Prospect Pierre Desir, It's Always Been Fatherhood, Then Football
  182. Do the Giants believe in Drafting another QB in the first?
  183. Patricia Traina mock.....
  184. I love how these guys "rise" or "fall"...........
  185. Trade scenario per BigBlueHuddle...
  186. Yes- only 2 players away!!!
  187. Who winds up with Johnny Football?
  188. D or OL in the first 3 rounds
  189. Johnny Manziel and Teddy Bridgewater
  190. Davante Adams or Jordan Matthews is the way to go
  191. This article...
  192. COULD IT BE?
  193. picks 1-12
  194. Anthony Barr's mom is a hottie, draft Barr!
  195. Need to draft a TE, but in the 2nd round only
  196. Really starting to think we're going to either trade up or back...
  197. Eric Ebron Might Cause Giants To Break From Draft Tradition
  198. Five Draft Scenarios That Might Shock Fans
  199. Report: Browns Will Not Draft Johnny Manziel With Fourth Pick
  200. My top 325 prospects evaluation
  201. I can't wait for the DRAFT :P
  202. We all just want a good player, right?
  203. The most annoying thing about the draft is..........
  204. Nevadan and BYU Right Guard Joel Bitonio
  205. With Will Hills suspension
  206. What Is Jerry Reese's Focus Heading Into Draft?
  207. big board?
  208. Really don't see how we can go wrong...
  209. Since we already picked Zack Martin...
  210. WR Discussion-After Watkins and Evans what are the options
  211. nooooooooooooooooooo I don't think Aaron Donald is gonna fall to 12 :( :(
  212. Now that the "experts" have spoken
  213. Eric Ebron Says He Can "Sense Absolutely Nothing" From Giants
  214. Taylor Lewan's Visit With Giants Included Meeting with Owner
  215. CJ Mosley Says Giants View Him As Day 1 Starter
  216. Whoa Greg Schiano actually comes off good as an analyst for NFL Network
  217. What do you think of my first round mock? (barring trades) w/ Trade Observations
  218. Mayock says we pick.....
  219. With the 12th pick in the 2014 NFL Draft, I hope the Giants select (insert wish here)
  220. Jets draft board leak wow
  221. Caught up in the Draft 2004
  222. Who we must get...
  223. Mike Mayock has the Giants at 12 Picking....
  224. With The 12th Pick In The 2014 NFL Draft The New York Football Giants Select?
  225. Anyone else think Lewan is strange . . .
  226. For everyone saying "____" is a sure thing on the O-Line... two words...
  227. Fianlly made it to Draft Day!
  228. You can never have enough pass rushers...
  229. Odell Beckham Jr!
  230. Giants' Draft Plan: Ease Eli's Pains
  231. I really Hope Taylor Lewan is there at #12
  232. HaSean Clinton-Dix from Alabama will be the pick at # 12
  233. Trade market for Beatty?
  234. Predict: Last guy in the green room
  235. Surprise of the 1st round
  236. Giants would consider Manziel at 12 if he's there...
  237. Report: Giants ‘Would Seriously Consider’ Johnny Manziel With 12th Pick
  238. Mel Kiper Makes Final Giants' Draft Predictions
  239. How Accurate Were Kiper & Mayock In Their 2013 Mock Drafts?
  240. With the No. 12 Pick The Giants Select....
  241. Anyone else excited for tonight ??
  242. NFL GMs Too Scared To Draft Unconventional Manziel?
  244. What if Manziel is still available in the second round?
  245. Trade up for Evans/Watkins
  246. One prospect no one is talking about.
  247. Make your bold predictions!
  248. One guy you absolutely dont want at 12 is...........
  250. Official 2014 NFL Draft Thread