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  1. Good win Giants. Great game.
  2. Who else got very, very misty eyed when they showed Kraft?
  3. G-Men Well Deserved Win!
  4. memo to pats trolls
  5. Who's going to the parade?!?!
  6. where is patriot18-1
  7. Yo Patriots
  8. So Giants Fans
  9. Somebody, please....check on Steve Smith....Lol!!!!
  10. TOM WHO!
  11. I like that ESPN is proudly proclaiming this the Giants' 8TH NFL TITLE
  13. Eli's ***
  14. Congratulations from a Dallas fan, green with envy.
  15. Just as i thought. Pats fans disappeared into the woodwork
  16. Gisele...
  17. Thank you Giants!
  18. Its up to you New York! New York!
  19. Congrats... again!
  20. What would your reaction be if this happened one day?
  21. Brady Superbowl Stats --
  22. Tom Brady joke
  23. You hear those footsteps, Dallas?
  24. Giants Super Bowl Record Versus Patriots = Pathetic
  26. Gotta love the haters
  27. Got banned from Eagles board...
  28. Eagles Suck!
  30. Eagles boards just crashed.
  31. What NFL Teams do you have a soft spot for and why?
  32. Ode to Rex
  33. The Patriots are 0-4 in the Super Bowl against teams with lettered logos and 3-0 against......
  34. McGinest Picks Packers For Dynasty Label
  35. To The 31 Losers Out There
  36. Eagles signed former Buffalo QB
  38. Should The Redskins Shock The World, And Trade For Luck ?
  39. It's started already
  40. Guys, I'm sorry. The Super Bowl gear (hats and shirts) could have been better designed
  41. Chargers Fans
  42. Congrats Giants
  43. Nothing would make Plaxico happier than playing for the Eagles
  45. Saints Got Caught Bounty Hunting
  46. Wondering what the Saints T shirts will say?
  47. Brees Ticked about Franchise Tag??
  49. Laughin' my arss off at the "DeadSkins".
  50. RGIII to Skins?
  51. NFL.com demotivational posters
  53. Cowboys and Redskins fined for cheating
  54. BEARs Brandon Marshall in trouble already?
  55. Green Bay Packers message boards are filled with sore losers
  56. DeSean Jackson guarantees SuperBowl win.
  57. What is going on in San Fran?
  58. Tim Tebow
  59. Strange similarities in SB titles by Cowboys, Redskins and Giants.
  60. A healthy Peyton makes Denver SB contenders
  61. Eagles Superbowl Favorites again, lol. Win offseason 3 years in a row!
  62. Goodell Is GANGSTA!!! (Caption)
  63. UNEXPECTED TRADE!!!!!!!! JUST IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  65. When It's Giants - Cowboys That Game Is " Large And In Charge "
  66. Brandon Jacobs to 49ers
  67. I gotta say I enjoyed this video about the Eagles last season.
  68. Jason Peters suffers ruptured Achilles tendon
  69. Fun with a picture of the Jets coaches:
  70. Tony Romo sucks
  71. Farewell AFC, We Knew Thee Well
  72. Pre Season
  73. Is Ben Roethlisberger An Elite Quarterback ?
  74. Uncharacteristic of me... i actually laughed out loud at work @ this
  75. Bengals Boards/Mods are Weak
  76. Jerry Jones is a cheapskate
  77. Donovan Mcnabb/Brian Dawkins = future H.O.F's.?
  78. Kyle Orton?
  79. Poor Saints
  80. Ntegrase96 Dallas
  81. Fletcher Cox
  82. Skins take Michigan State QB
  83. Junior RIP
  84. Did Terrell Suggs Lie To The Ravens ?
  85. Cruz 2011 or Austin 2009?
  86. Top Notch Analysis of RG3
  87. Tom Brady is losing his marbles after another Giant loss
  88. LeSean McCoy is Osi's Mother
  89. Happy 52nd anniversary to the eagles
  90. What Would Make The Pro-Bowl, A Fun Game To Watch ?
  91. LeSean McCoy resigned at 5 years, 45 million
  92. Cowboys fans ranked most delusional in NFL
  93. Members Espn NFL live declaring eagles "team to beat"
  94. A Washington Powerhouse, Is Good For The NFC-East
  95. Merrill Reese. The voice of the eagles.
  96. Tom Brady does Funny Or Die sketch
  97. Come Playoff Time, Nothing Sweeter Than Beating Niners
  98. No More Pity, For Saints
  99. Cowboys player says "...we don't see why we shouldn't be in the Super Bowl this year."
  100. Funny Cowboy fan encounter.
  101. It's Good To Be The King
  102. Eagles Ban Banner
  103. Matt Ryan wanting to get a playoff win
  104. What I'm thankful for...
  105. Is Andy Reid On The Hot Seat ?
  106. Let's dedicate a thread to the LEGENDARY RG3!
  107. Michael Vick is upset
  108. Who Will Be Shown The Door First, Vick Or Romo ?
  109. Cowboys on trial
  110. Vick guarantees Super Bowl
  111. RG III Will Get Hammered In " The Eye Of The Storm "
  112. Spoiled, Mad, And Caught With His Britches Down
  113. Lol Plax still can't find team to play for
  114. Looks like Mario might not even start.
  115. Philly Fans boo and throw snowballs at Santa.
  116. W. C. Fields Tomb Stone Reads
  117. Who Has The Better QBs ? NFC-East Or AFC-West ?
  118. Detroit Can't do Playoffs, But They Sure Can Party
  119. Possibly the dumbest thing ever posted on NFL.com?
  120. No Alibi, No Defense. Guilty As Charged
  121. Can The " Red Rifle " lead His team to become Division Champs ?
  122. Houston We Have A Problem
  123. Giants Versus Saints, No Comparison
  124. The Things ROMO is better at then ELI
  125. Big Blue " Sapped " Again On NFL Network
  126. Well looks like Bree's will be with Saints for 5 more yrs
  127. Hahahaha this kid is clueless
  128. Dez Bryant Beat Up His Mother
  129. RG3 is the best QB in the NFC East
  130. When will the E-girls and Mike Vike learn the are not a dynasty!!!
  131. When will the E-girls and Mike Vick learn they are not a dynasty!!!
  132. Does anyone else think RG3 is already a ****y *******?
  133. Shianco to the Pats??!!
  134. Skip bayless say's dez bryant is the next calvin johnson?
  135. Why delete threads?
  136. LaShauna McCoy at it again
  137. Can't wait to crush the eagles this season "dynasty talk by Leshaun Mcoy?
  138. What are the Pattys going to do with all these TE'S?
  139. The Eagles also lost the Super Bowl to the Dolphins............
  140. Dallas Cowboys Haiku
  141. Dream ? Dynasty ? Hey Vic How About Duh !
  142. Rex Ryan's coaching style shows with the media
  143. Jerry Jones goes where no owner has gone before
  144. Comparing our run to your run
  145. Jerry Jones looking forward to beating the Giants
  146. Just heard on ESPN Mike and Mike about the IGGLES.....
  147. Felix Jones out of shape
  148. Jerry Jones Does IT Again
  149. Heart felt condolences from Giants fans to the Eagle nation.................
  150. Plaxico Burress just can't shake it.
  151. Fight breaks out at Jets training camp
  152. Jerry Jone's Boast, Will Bring Back Yamamoto's Ghost
  153. Jets selling ST's for $50 per seat
  154. Clay Mathews States Again The Giants Didn't Beat Us
  155. stop whining
  156. Just watched jets vs Bengals highlights on nfl.com
  157. Ocho arrested for domestic violence...............
  158. Plaxico Burress to work out for Patriots, report says
  159. Nnamdi Asomugha carted off after big hit
  160. nfc east def coord.
  161. Man, this Dallas vs Oakland Game is a SLEEPER for sure!
  162. FAT Rob Ryan
  163. Jason Witten has internal injury - Game against the Giants in Question
  164. Dear Giants,
  165. Tim Tebow's Favorite Target - the Ground
  166. Would you guys want
  167. Jets' QB Controversey Heads the DRUDGE REPORT
  168. The Giants Were Snoopy, The Jets Were Charlie Brown
  169. Dez Bryant injured knee............
  170. vicks ribs wit happy meal
  171. Desean Jackson: "Media loves twisting my damn words up!"
  172. Spygate: The Untold Story
  173. Is anyone going to watch RGPEE today?
  174. Redskins Run Game
  175. Shocking discovery at Dallas' practice
  176. So SICK of hearing RG3
  177. Chargers "Stole the giants blind"
  178. Ram's recievers have funny names.
  179. Twitter is for twits?
  180. The Cowboys Don't Have The Juice To Stay With Big Blue
  181. RC Watching Jets to see tebow fail
  182. Dez Bryant Gets a Babysitter
  183. Jerry Jones
  184. Giants within reach of being Superbowl wins leader?
  185. The Cowpuke Fans
  186. November 25th is marked on our calendars
  187. Aren't the patriots pretty much guarenteed playoffs?
  188. The 49ers are the Titans of 2008-2009
  189. Anyone watch the Jets last night?
  190. Why is Desean Jackson........
  191. Hilarious why your team sucks 2012 Redskins and eagles articles
  192. Lmfao i posted the untold spygate story.....
  193. More disrespect
  194. can you believe john Carney and Jay Feely were in the NFL last year?
  195. Romo
  196. Greetings(Dal vs NY)
  197. Redskins Alternate jerseys... What are those?
  198. How I see the NFC East playing out this year. Share yours.
  199. Packers Fans & Packers Hate
  200. OK I'm beginning to really hate RGPEE
  201. This is what it's all about...
  202. Why Your Team Sucks 2012: Dallas Cowboys
  203. chant for dez bryant tonight
  204. Witten-- all gamer !!!
  205. A Little Salsa ;)
  206. Giants SMACKDOWN!!!
  207. relax
  208. Kiwanuka whining...?
  209. you know a franchise is desperate and pathetic, when they are acting like this.
  210. romohater, where are you???
  211. I don't look at this loss as.....
  212. Bill Belchek
  213. Typical Green Bay Packers Fan
  214. Jets offense
  215. Vick 4 picks
  216. Brandon Jacobs
  217. Greetings from Tampa Bay
  218. Green Bay Packers apparently have never been beaten by anyone but themselves
  219. Greatings from Tampa
  220. Bucs run D yielded 10 yards vs. Panthers, should Giants even bother running the ball?
  221. Are Giants fans intimidated by Mark Barron (the new Ronnie Lott)?
  222. Will The Packers Lose, And The Bears Cruise ?
  223. I'll Make You Guys A Deal
  224. Good luck on Sunday Giant fans
  225. Win over G-men has Boys fans talking SB!
  226. Congrats on an impressive win
  227. Wow Dallas losses 27-7 to Seattle ?
  228. Giants fans rejoice
  229. Did Josh Morgan commit the worst penalty in NFL history?
  230. Saints
  231. Peyton MNF
  233. Don"t have much love for Cam Newton or the Panthers !!!
  234. Panthers vs Giants: Pregame thoughts from Charlotte
  235. GL guys, gonna be a fun game.
  236. A Riddle: WHAT HAS 3 HEADS AND 2 FACES? answer: Ryan, Tannenbaum and Sparano!
  237. giants honesty for week 3
  238. Where's all the panther visitors we had all week?
  239. Steve Smith: postgame
  241. Drew not elite.
  242. Some sports fans are just delusional
  243. Eagles
  244. Best thing about playing before sunday..
  245. DALLAS FAN IS SMART??????
  246. SF VS MIN
  247. Schiano at it again
  248. Eagles getting manhandled in AZ!!
  249. Larry Fitzgerald.
  250. Saints