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  1. 1pm in NY...
  2. Nice job today.....
  3. The NFC West is really good
  4. Thank you, Miami.
  5. Tony Romo OUT FOR SEASON (BACK)
  6. Tony Romo has herniated disk; QB receiving treatment
  7. The knuckle draggers in Philly will be celebrating tonight
  8. I cant stand jerry!!
  9. How bad are the Bears?
  10. Come on Cowboys
  11. Redskins with 2nd worst record AND no first round pick!
  12. Gruden/Cowher
  13. Philly to use undercover officers to deter Eagles fans
  14. been a great week of training and dieting now i relax enjoy my cheat meal as
  15. Eagles almost 100% injury free and still can't win a playoff game
  16. Silence in Philly!
  17. Thank You Eagles
  18. Eagles...1 and DONE !
  19. Anyone have any juicy links?
  20. (profootballmock) Santa Claus
  21. haha eagles
  22. Eagles set off all their celebratory fireworks despite losing
  23. i hate both these teams...
  24. Danny Woodhead
  25. How has Marvin Lewis kept his job?
  26. Chargers settling for FG's
  27. Early on the Pack is looking like an 8-7-1 team
  28. Anybody else feel nick foles is really overrated ???
  29. Report: RGIII bragged about his influence over Snyder
  30. Why isn't Dallas a consistent playoff team?
  31. Desean Jackson vs dez Bryant (battle of the idiots) who wins ??
  32. Jay Gruden is now the Redskins HC:
  33. Has anyone visited the Eagles MB?
  34. Does anyone else feel that Michael Crabtree is overrated?
  35. Manning talks about possible retirement
  36. Never realized Boldin was such a punk
  37. Cam is no SuperMan
  38. Playoffs and Officiating
  39. Jets QB Geno Smith reportedly kicked off plane for refusing to get off his cellphone
  40. Darren Sharper arrested in L.A.
  41. Pats a victim of their own success
  42. Very unimpressed with Wilson today
  43. Sherman is a thug
  44. Down goes Kappy
  46. Big mouth Sherman backs off like a little girl
  47. Sherman: 'To Those Who Would Call Me a Thug or Worse '
  48. Tom Brady says he won't watch Super Bowl
  49. Why The NFL Should Keep PAT's.
  50. Where are the Sherman haters at?
  51. Harbaugh is whiny, has temper tantrums
  52. Flacco - Bush League
  53. Peyton Manning wins his 5th MVP award.
  54. Red Zone
  55. Red Zone
  56. Folks remember this!!
  57. Elway looking to resign Tebow for 2014-2015 season.
  58. Top 5 QB's of All-Time?
  59. Warren Sapp, Rick Ross bet $100,000 on Super Bowl
  60. Jerry Jones Finally Admits He Has Flaws, but It's Too Late
  61. Why do people watch Curling ????
  62. What happened to Thread "What's the Deal? " by Blindgreed1 ??
  63. has something happened to jakk?
  64. Jerry Jones blames himself for Tony Romo not having a SB ring.
  65. WOW!
  66. just saw...
  67. Do Sports Fans Have No Soul? (Regarding Michael Vick's Free Agency)
  68. Gabbert out...Tebow in?
  69. Sproles...
  70. I think it's kinda funny...
  71. Brandon Weeden to the Cowboys
  72. the worst fans in the NFC east award goes to??????
  73. Vick leaves Eagles with class.
  74. The Longest Yard
  76. Eagles Release Jackson!
  77. Something you will never see:
  78. DeSean Jackson wants Robert Griffin III's jersey number
  79. Ryan Clarke