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  1. 1pm in NY...
  2. Nice job today.....
  3. The NFC West is really good
  4. Thank you, Miami.
  5. Tony Romo OUT FOR SEASON (BACK)
  6. Tony Romo has herniated disk; QB receiving treatment
  7. The knuckle draggers in Philly will be celebrating tonight
  8. I cant stand jerry!!
  9. How bad are the Bears?
  10. Come on Cowboys
  11. Redskins with 2nd worst record AND no first round pick!
  12. Gruden/Cowher
  13. Philly to use undercover officers to deter Eagles fans
  14. been a great week of training and dieting now i relax enjoy my cheat meal as
  15. Eagles almost 100% injury free and still can't win a playoff game
  16. Silence in Philly!
  17. Thank You Eagles
  18. Eagles...1 and DONE !
  19. Anyone have any juicy links?
  20. (profootballmock) Santa Claus
  21. haha eagles
  22. Eagles set off all their celebratory fireworks despite losing
  23. i hate both these teams...
  24. Danny Woodhead
  25. How has Marvin Lewis kept his job?
  26. Chargers settling for FG's
  27. Early on the Pack is looking like an 8-7-1 team
  28. Anybody else feel nick foles is really overrated ???
  29. Report: RGIII bragged about his influence over Snyder
  30. Why isn't Dallas a consistent playoff team?
  31. Desean Jackson vs dez Bryant (battle of the idiots) who wins ??
  32. Jay Gruden is now the Redskins HC:
  33. Has anyone visited the Eagles MB?
  34. Does anyone else feel that Michael Crabtree is overrated?
  35. Manning talks about possible retirement
  36. Never realized Boldin was such a punk
  37. Cam is no SuperMan
  38. Playoffs and Officiating
  39. Jets QB Geno Smith reportedly kicked off plane for refusing to get off his cellphone
  40. Darren Sharper arrested in L.A.
  41. Pats a victim of their own success
  42. Very unimpressed with Wilson today
  43. Sherman is a thug
  44. Down goes Kappy
  46. Big mouth Sherman backs off like a little girl
  47. Sherman: 'To Those Who Would Call Me a Thug or Worse '
  48. Tom Brady says he won't watch Super Bowl
  49. Why The NFL Should Keep PAT's.
  50. Where are the Sherman haters at?
  51. Harbaugh is whiny, has temper tantrums
  52. Flacco - Bush League
  53. Peyton Manning wins his 5th MVP award.
  54. Red Zone
  55. Red Zone
  56. Folks remember this!!
  57. Elway looking to resign Tebow for 2014-2015 season.
  58. Top 5 QB's of All-Time?
  59. Warren Sapp, Rick Ross bet $100,000 on Super Bowl
  60. Jerry Jones Finally Admits He Has Flaws, but It's Too Late
  61. Why do people watch Curling ????
  62. What happened to Thread "What's the Deal? " by Blindgreed1 ??
  63. has something happened to jakk?
  64. Jerry Jones blames himself for Tony Romo not having a SB ring.
  65. WOW!
  66. just saw...
  67. Do Sports Fans Have No Soul? (Regarding Michael Vick's Free Agency)
  68. Gabbert out...Tebow in?
  69. Sproles...
  70. I think it's kinda funny...
  71. Brandon Weeden to the Cowboys
  72. the worst fans in the NFC east award goes to??????
  73. Vick leaves Eagles with class.
  74. The Longest Yard
  76. Eagles Release Jackson!
  77. Something you will never see:
  78. DeSean Jackson wants Robert Griffin III's jersey number
  79. Ryan Clarke
  80. Redskin fans smh.......
  81. Panthers fans please just shut the *** up.
  82. "Dear God........"
  83. 76" Steelers Defense: last 9 games, only gave up 28pts!
  84. Dallas moves up to draft . . . . . . . who????????
  85. **** the Bucs
  86. Andre Johnson sounds like he wants to leave Texans
  87. Peyton Manning - Keynote Speech at UVA's Graduation Class of 2014
  88. extreme...
  89. So this is what Jets fans are up to
  90. Predict the NFCE
  91. couldnt resit this urge I had!! LOL!
  92. cowboys..SMH !
  93. let the season begin...
  94. soooo mr calvin pryor hates us!!
  95. is it me or are the redskin fans becoming the most anoyying ? just asking
  96. Philadelphia Eagles Haiku
  97. Dallas Cowboys Haiku
  98. Washington Football Club Haiku
  99. New York Jets Haiku
  100. Patent office cancels Redskins Trademark
  101. In case you did not know vick was the FIRST running quarter back
  102. Cowboys players read their own hate tweets:
  103. Michael Vick Comedy Explosion Show???
  104. You broke my heart, Mickey.. You broke my heart.
  105. Eagles Beat Writer trolls the Giants
  106. PC Cops in Football
  107. stop with all the Elies!!
  108. Ravens signed Will Hill
  109. Cowboys Rolando McClain found GUILTY:
  110. Looks like the Ravens are the new Bengals
  111. Jets V Giants
  112. lol....Eagles CB Cary Williams says the Patriots are "cheaters"
  113. Giants arguably have the easiest schedule in the division
  114. Cowboys "Classy" Owner Jerry Jones
  115. Want a good laugh
  116. Jerry Jones in racy photos.
  117. my wife is a 49er fan my prediction
  118. Our Division's PreSeason and Regular Season Records
  119. Penalties
  120. Kirk Cousins outplaying RGIII?
  121. Cowboys Melton Injured Again
  122. Prediction for our division
  123. My prediction for the season
  124. Scandrick suspended 4 games
  125. Funny video from Taiwan
  126. I just had the most impressive comeback win in Madden against the Colts
  127. Eli is Clutch, Tom Brady Chokes
  128. Predictions for this season
  129. Giants Ex-Giant Wilson Says He Hopes To Do Triple Jump At 2016 Summer Olympics
  130. I'm not the only one saying Philly is the worst fanbase in the NFL
  131. Joe Theismann thinks Kirk Cousin is better than RGIII.
  132. It's a good thing Washington traded for RG3
  133. The 2014 NFC East Thread
  134. Sam to take physical for Cowboys
  135. Richard Sherman chunky soup ad
  136. Seahawks Spank Packers
  137. New York is all BLUE. Sorry Jets fans!
  138. Hatin on our Giants
  139. Looks like jets want vick to be QB
  140. Lol romo doing his best Eli impression !
  141. Dallas host's seasons 1st bake sale today..
  142. pretty funny
  143. Rhomo jokes. Let's hear them.
  144. my problem with this Eli character and his dad
  145. Ravens Show Steelers How It's Done 26-6
  146. LeSean McCoy leaves 20 cent tip
  147. Panthers Playing Hardy After Alligations Shamefull
  148. How bad are the Texans gonna beat the Giants???
  149. Marty Mornhingweg
  151. Bronco Fans Cry Sour Grapes On Phill Simms
  152. Three reasons why the Houston Texans will beat the the NY Giants...
  153. Hakeem Nicks had 1 catch for -4 Yards vs the Eagles
  154. Giants look to rebound after 0-3 start; Eli is shaken but not stirred
  155. What A PIECE Of WORK JW OF FSU IS!!!!!
  156. TOO BAD I was hoping Clemson would win.
  157. Does Andre Johnson still play for Houston Texans?
  158. where are you Texans nation?
  159. Nice to see Peyton shut up the obnoxious Sehawks fans
  160. Giant fans 1 thing is very clear on this game Thursday night......
  161. Eagles fans burn DeSean Jackson jersey
  162. Anyone heard from Ntegrasse or whatever that Dallas fan's user name is?
  163. Where are the Redskins Trolls???????
  164. Pregame picks.
  165. an eagle fan trolling me on facebook
  166. Hey Richard Sherman- You want a piece of us man??
  167. SKins were selling expired world cup beers at FedEx Field
  168. Anyone dating/married to a rival fan?
  169. Somebody Pulls Fire Alarm at Eagles Hotel
  170. Niners are awful.
  171. Too bad Eagles
  172. Going for the Trifecta-- Redskins lost, Eagles lost, now time for the Cowboys to lose.
  173. Tommy Terrible
  174. Where Are All The Jets Faithful?
  175. them Dirty birds gonna skull crack them weak *** giants !!! atlanta runs new york city!
  177. Does anyone secretly want to see the Skins embarrass Seattle tonight?
  178. im eating this crow yall! man of my word!
  179. Seattle looks very beatable tonight.
  180. Can't wait 'till Oct. 19
  181. I'm going over to the Eagles Board to gauge the Fear factor.....be right back
  182. Antrel Rolle needs to keep a low profile
  183. The most overrated team in the nfc east award goes to ???? V
  184. Tired of hearing about the cowboys.
  185. You May Know That Philly Is Called "The City Of Brotherly Love"!
  186. my eagles thread
  187. What if...tony romo?
  188. Split household makes decision on daughter tonight!!!!
  189. Can you FEEL it? Can you TASTE it?
  190. Looks like the Cowboys are for REAL???? WTF?
  191. The Seahawks And Sherman Are Totally Overrated!
  192. Hope Cruz is OK.
  193. I 'm Here To Concede That My Giants Were Pretenders!
  194. Who takes the division?
  195. That was tasty!
  196. EDP445 shares his thoughts of the game
  197. Question for Eagles fans.
  198. Dallas RB Randall arrested for shoplifting at Mall
  199. My favorite time of year has arrived!! Cowboys Giants week!!!
  200. why is JPP considered an "elite" pass rusher
  201. Giants Nation .. Welcome Welcome..
  202. Cowboys Nation of Domination
  204. Gentlemen
  205. don't think there's a qb i hate more in this league than tony romo
  206. Good game
  207. Oh No he didn't!!!
  208. Falcons Opening Drive In London Was Pretty Cool
  209. wow Gronk...
  210. Two weeks to prepare
  211. Eli Manning is compared to a cop killer.
  212. Eagles fan--Delusional? Desperate? Irrational?
  213. Redskins Fans Over RGIII: Chant 'We Want Colt' McCoy
  214. RG3 throws Redskins teammates under bus after his own bad game
  215. All Over Now
  216. There's no crying in football, Jerry.
  217. Raider game might have been the most exciting I saw all year
  218. Giants week not so much lately
  219. What fitting Fashion
  220. Happy Thanksgiving Jerry!
  221. ESPN,NFL playoff machine
  222. Didn't realize Chip Kelly was such a crybaby
  223. Cry Eagles Cry
  224. Jeff Fisher trolls Redskins before blanking them
  225. This is what gets me mad with the giants
  226. WATCH: 49ers fans are setting their Colin Kaepernick jerseys on fire
  227. Cowgirls annoy people! LOL!
  228. jet fans calling for jay cutler and Harbaugh lol
  229. Jones plans on signing Puppet to another contract:
  230. WowI just watched the NFL Network Special on Ricky Williams
  231. Unnecessary roughness call on Matt Ryan worst call I vere saw
  232. NFL unnecessary roughness on QB has become a joke
  233. Shanahan should go to hell for what he did to RG3
  234. Chip Kelly's system will NEVER win a Super Bowl
  235. where is that pathetic freebird
  236. Hey Eagles Fans.....Better Start Getting Ready To Get To The Lifeboats
  237. Who else is glad the eagles lost?
  238. 5 Greatest NFL Franchises?
  239. Carl Banks calls RG3 a 'drama king'
  240. Eagles prove what losers they are again
  241. So is Chip Kelly still classified as a genius?
  242. Eagles' Fast Pace Playoff Elimination
  243. Freebird... I owe you an apology.
  244. Happy 54th anniversary to the Eagles
  245. Bradley Fletcher is the worst corner I have ever seen
  246. NFL's dirtiest player needs to go
  247. Eagles always bragging about the regular season
  248. Greg Gadson
  249. LETS GO LIONS!!!!!!
  250. Bruce Allen, Skins GM: At least we are winning off the field...