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  1. Chargers the top seed in '07?
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  4. Whiskey continued
  5. I'm disgusted
  6. New Stadium Name - Allianz dropped from consideration
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  9. Kurt Warner creeps me out
  10. Listen up you Non lovin Bon Jovi Fist Pumpuhhhhs
  11. Why do we hate Donovan McNabb?
  12. Masking profanity
  13. This is not Rant 'n Rave
  14. Introducing the EAGLES LOMBARDART
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  16. My predictions for the NFC East
  17. Why did you guys ban Dimboys? What did he do?
  18. Sports Betting Professor Recaps NFL Week 2
  19. Lets hear it.
  20. they strike again
  21. To the mods
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  23. It's been 5116 days since the Cowboys won a Superbowl
  24. How is Elisha doing?
  25. Best Super Bowl Teams of the 2000s
  27. Jet fan quotes on the Giants (from their board)
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  30. Retracting my Opinion on the Female Sports Reporter
  31. I'm sorry, but were people saying that the Jets would get destroyed?
  32. How badly will the Giants lose today and will Eli Cry? Predictions
  33. Antrel Rolle"s disrespect of American service members
  34. Ahmad Bradshaw
  35. According to Dez "The Cowboys are unbeatable"
  36. Manningham sucks
  37. Team Player?
  38. Hey Osi....
  39. Sad Eagles fan....
  40. At least Giants lose to a very good team...
  41. When will Vick return?
  42. Show Down At The OK Jerrah
  43. Good luck tonight ntegrase96
  44. Cowboys ~ Eagles
  45. Do the Eagles draft a QB in 2012?
  46. Redskins Look Alike's
  47. Romo. Don't kill me.
  48. Rob Ryan is a Big Fat Slob
  49. Giants Fans Are Delusional
  50. Wow jets getting pounded 45-13! No way this giants
  51. Philly boards must be blowing up!
  52. Dallas Cowboys Hate
  53. Tony Romo is an idiot
  54. Calling all stupid Giants Fans
  56. Congratulations Giants Fans
  57. SEXY REXY!
  58. REVIS
  59. Have the Eagles ever won a SuperBowl?
  60. Thank you for a blue christmas :)
  61. Gee!?! I wonder how Manningham will screw up in the biggest game of our season.
  62. [b]Andre Johnson inactive against Carolina[/b]
  63. Lol. Rex... Let's look at your statement. Jets better then gmen
  64. I'm baaaaack!
  65. DC/cruehead
  66. Dallas or Philly?
  67. Romo practicing today
  68. It's official: Cowboys fans are even worse than Eagles fans
  69. Will someone remind me?
  70. Why The Cowboys Will Win (and why it doesn't matter)
  71. 1st Sexy Rexy - Now Blob Ryan
  72. so sick of brees bs
  73. WTH Is Up With All The Niceness?
  75. Justin Tuck
  76. Congratulations
  77. #IdTradeRomoFor
  78. Spags
  79. Dallas Post-Game
  80. Fat Rex Cries A River
  81. Wheres all the Falcons Fans?
  82. Jets MB
  83. Just Something to Brighten Your Day
  84. Why the falcons should lose..
  85. Guess Philly's detest for NY stems to hockey as well
  86. Falcons are S'Cruz'd
  87. How do you stop this?
  88. Philly fans in a class by themselves when it comes to no class
  89. falcons board look a likes
  90. Michael irving
  91. Detriot Lions fumble!
  93. By 4pm All giants fans will be.....
  94. ..:G-Men:..
  95. NFL wants a Saints - Packers NFC Championship game
  96. Hell of a game Manningham. Thanks.
  97. Waiting on you Buddy
  98. Giants fans on the EMB
  99. Sup Packer Crew!!
  100. Big Blue Will Eat Green Bay's Lunch
  101. What's Your Giants Ritual?
  102. Packers fan poll
  103. Tim Tebow: God's Son
  104. These Packers fans...
  105. Saints game underway
  106. Good riddance Saints
  107. Brady is just too good
  108. AFC Suc/ks
  109. It doesn't matter.
  110. News Flash: Saints are moving to the Arena Football League
  111. Absolutely amazing...
  112. Anyone think the refs wanted the Packers to win?
  113. Lol. Sky is falling over at the EMB
  114. 3rd and 11, 4:28 left.
  115. 9 win team has NEVER won Super Bowl
  116. 49ers MB
  117. How hung over is everyone today?
  118. Keep your head up
  119. Hillarious
  120. Well, Mr. Rodgers - if you can't go to the Superbowl....
  121. J E T S- J E T S
  122. Excuse me Mr. Rodgers...
  123. Hi
  124. Dez at the club again!
  125. Brady on the Ravens
  126. With all the conspiracy theories. Why not shut down the NFL til they perfect Robot Refs
  127. Miami players in the NFL
  128. My experience at Candlestick as a Saints fan
  129. 49ers Fan Here
  130. 49ers fan here...Let's talk some football...
  131. Can someone help me?
  132. SF and NY Mayors make a bet
  133. Officially disdain
  134. vernon davis= megatron?
  135. Is it just me, or you just as disconcerted
  136. Our friends the Jets fans
  137. Brent Jones talking smack
  138. Special Teams wins championships! Giants ST is not enough...
  139. How do you blow out the 49ers?
  140. Hey G-men..;.
  141. Giants fan living in the Bay
  142. Rex Ryan was actually humble
  143. Flacco vs Smith SB
  144. Remember this New Yawkers
  145. Watching the 1990 NFC championship game........
  146. Giants will get annihilated by the 49ers Kicking team
  147. 49ers fans
  148. Go 49ers!!!
  149. Giants rushing D is last in the league. Can you stop Gore?
  150. This forum is for FOOTBALL SMACK
  151. a friendly wager.
  152. Bad choice of words 49ers....
  153. Where are the real 49ers smack talkers?
  154. I can't wait for arrogant Giants fans to get their comeuppance
  155. It sure sounds like Simms is pulling for Flacco and the Ravens
  156. I AM ALL IN!!
  157. One Harbaugh down, One to go
  158. Giants vs 49ers Live Stream, Watch Giants vs 49ers Online
  160. @ Niners Fans
  161. Giants NFC Champs. That means 2 more weeks to have more Conspiracy theories invented.
  162. wow... just wow... (skip to second portion for props to giants)
  163. Well, congratulations.
  164. Who's got it better than us?
  165. Congrats
  166. We hate you more than you could ever imagine.
  167. Jim Harbaugh is a 'sore losing" jerk!
  168. The Giants played a good game yesterday afternoon.
  169. Pats fans don't sound as confident as the niner's fans
  170. Congrats to the GFANS!
  171. Good Luck Giants fans
  172. Classy 49er Fans
  173. Eventually you guys might be correct about NYG losing a game. But it must be nice to be 0 for how many?
  174. Falcons & Packers fans like Boy Scouts/Saints compared to 49ers fans
  175. I need A .gif of Vernon Davis Running Into Jim Harbaughs Arms Crying.
  176. Why does everyone hate us?
  177. Did Kyle Williams bet on the Giants to win?
  178. Are you going to send any gifts to Kyle Williams?
  179. So what are Skins fans up to nowadays?
  180. 49ers/Giants argument
  181. Three Dog Night said it best , Eli's Coming to break your new England heart.
  182. PLEASE Hate Us! ! PLEASE Underestimate Us!!
  183. Check Out This Dude's Youtube Videos to get PUMPED UP!!
  184. Arguments for: Giants are the Flagship Franchise
  185. Most PostSeason Wins by a Starting QB on the Road or Neutral Field.
  186. jets board
  187. Funny Brady/Manning Pic
  188. How much did Kyle Williams get paid by the Giants?
  189. Patriots will win. Bet on it.
  190. Hello Brees
  191. SOUTH PARK: Bill Beeelicheck misinterpreted the rules
  192. Better luck next year kid :/
  193. Manning gives well-received locker room speech
  194. What is the Giants' biggest concern going into the Superbowl game?
  195. David Diehl - Croatian descent
  196. New England's Offensive Firepower
  197. New England's Underrated Opportunistic Defensive
  198. The Screen Pass
  199. The return of the old Chad Ochocinco
  200. Bills Fan checking in
  201. An interesting article of an Eagles and Jets fan suffering
  202. Greatest QB ever
  203. Giants got a break right? yet Vernon Davis never got one?
  204. Pats Look a Like Thread
  205. Giants given a gift
  206. DUI arrest
  207. Can't sleep?
  208. Hey 9ers fans I found out where you can get your super bowl jerseys
  209. Patriots fan (in NY) reaction to Giants NFC win
  210. SMITH taking the SF loss hard..lol
  211. Deion Branch the X-Factor
  212. NY Giants Will Not Only Face Tom Brady, Patriots But Also The Refs in Super Bowl.
  213. HAHAHA more jealous Jets fans
  214. 3 best ways to watch super bowl 2012 online
  215. 3 best source to watch super bowl 2012 online
  216. Greatest Promise Ever made by a Dallas Cowboys fan
  217. Ok time to troll the Jets board
  218. Fan made logos
  219. Eli > Flacco and Tebow
  220. Titans >Giants
  221. Prepare to be Gronk'd
  222. Patriots look alike?
  223. BB and Tom Brady- 0 Rings since SPYGATE
  224. Dear Giants and fans of the Giants
  225. G-Men will get lit up on Sunday
  226. Delusional Jets Fans
  227. This is why the Patriots will lose...
  228. Best of Luck to GMen (from a diehard Redskins fan)
  229. Good Luck, Giants
  230. Talking straight SMACK! Giants vs. Patriots II
  231. Wes Welker loves Tom Bradys Toilet
  232. Bill Simmons sums up the situation for Pats fans
  233. Local NHL stars gave their Super Bowl predictions on Friday:
  234. GIant fans need your help.....
  235. Super bowl chumps
  236. Playmates pick Giants
  237. A noticeable double standard regarding Giants, their fans and their "confidence"
  238. G Men Are Back Again!
  239. Giants Going down!
  240. Cowboys fan vows Eli manning tattoo on butt if giants win
  243. New York Giants Fan Disses The Patriots (Superbowl Anthem for the Giants!)
  246. Giants fans, you're all welcome to the Patriots' Superbowl Champ Parade!!!
  247. Why are all of you Giants fans so quiet???
  249. whatever...
  250. Grats.