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  1. JPP, Linval Joseph among those in early injury report
  2. Playbook, Eli, and the receivers
  3. Interesting Jacobs/Wilson combo.
  4. Going on Week 5 of my "Let's use DaMontre Moore as a pass-rushing OLB" Vigil.
  5. Josh Brown
  6. Gilbride needs to get the plays to Eli faster, or let Eli take control:
  7. Why not use reserve OL @ TE or FB on running plays?
  8. if the losing trend continues.........2014 Draft options
  9. Maybe 7-9 will win the division :)
  10. Cruz and Nicks contracts
  11. Tom CoughLin Says Giants Have Been Prepping For Eagles Offense All Along
  12. JPP has a sprained MCL
  13. Sunday is opposites day: break every tendency!
  14. Chip Kelly explains why he turned down Giants job in 2006
  15. Coughlin say what
  16. Damontre Moore Ready For Increased Role
  17. if you could take 3 current players and rebuild the team
  18. Talent level on this team.............
  19. QUOTES (10/2): Coughlin, Manning, Cruz, Hamkins, Moore And More...
  20. How do you go from 1st to last in the NFL in 19 Months?
  21. Victor Cruz Putting Up Big Numbers For Giants
  22. Safety Will Hill Set To Rejoin Team
  23. Eli Manning Steady In Midst Of Firestorm
  24. Giants May Go Younger On Defensive Line
  25. Cruz on the brink....
  26. So THIS is why Tuck has been bad
  28. Ken Whisenhunt to the New York Giants as OC??
  29. Most overlooked issue on our offense:
  30. Fans Can't Save Giants' Floundering Season
  31. Enough of how bad we are! How do we win this game and against the Egurls?
  32. Wilson's needs coaching!
  33. Politi: Jerry Reese Needs To Answer For The Giants' 0 - 4 Start
  34. Win Over Eagles Is All Giants Need
  35. Cruz The Lone Bright Spot For The Sorry Giants
  36. Canty: Tuck Should Punch Opponents, Not Coach Bashers
  37. Big Blue Morning: Hankins Time?
  38. Giants' Defense Must Scramble
  39. Will you eat crow if things turn around?
  40. David Wilson...X Factor against Philly?
  41. Hakeem Nicks is a NON-Factor. Should he forget about seeking the huge contract??
  42. TC says support our team by being loud
  43. Injuries, injuries, and injuries.
  44. Eugene Monroe
  45. Why the Giants are not likely to win a single game
  46. Only One Reese Pick Signed A Second Contract With NYG
  47. Corey Webster, Linval Joesph Not Practicing
  48. SO SICK OF COUGHLIN!!!!!!!!!!!
  49. Hard to win when you keep whiffing on 1st round picks
  50. Latest Giants' Injury Report (10/3)
  51. Diehl Returns To Lineup
  52. Biggest positive surprise versus biggest disappointment?....
  53. Kevin Gilbride Talks About Temptation To Make Drastic Changes In Giants' Offense
  54. Jim Cordle, OLine Subs Look To Improve
  55. OC / DC / STC coverage
  56. QUOTES: Coughlin, Diehl, Thomas, And More
  57. Giants' Special Teams' Coach Breaks Down Kicking & Punting Miscues
  58. Giant talent? Rank David Wilson and Will Beatty in NFC East
  59. Giants Plan To Slow Down Fast-Paced Eagles
  60. Parcells on the WFAN station today statedthat.........
  61. First Round Fizzles Behind Giants' 0 - 4 Flop
  62. Get ready for a short week
  63. Jacobs
  64. Giants Trade for Blackburn's back up
  65. Another blunder? We let a guy go and pick up the guy below him
  66. I Miss Andre Brown
  67. Who do we release
  68. Giants Have Interest In Former Rams' OT Jason Smith; Host Workout
  69. Eagles Vs. Giants Scouting Report: Kelly, Birds Fawn Over Eli's Deep Balls
  70. Giants' Offense Looks To Fine Tune
  71. Microfracture Surgery Success Rate?
  72. Injury Report
  73. Based on transactions it's starting to look like the front office
  74. snee
  75. So we look to sign a LB when cleary the OL is in shambles???
  76. Is Lance Louis healed from his ACL yet?
  77. Maybe we are blaming the wrong people for the Giants struggles.. Look at this..
  78. How is it that the fans generally knew that we needed a LB/Oline but the FO didn't?
  79. How ironic how we got Beason
  80. Kiko Alonso
  81. Ruled out so far.
  82. ross& linval
  83. With 3 CB's out in the secondary
  84. Lets acall a spade a spade-This team does not want to play for Coughlin or his Coachs
  85. With a struggling OL and an OC that cant make adjustments......
  86. Injury bug as usual for this team
  87. I love him but......
  88. Bored and Pissed off
  89. Eagles biggest game of the season so far, and maybe biggest game of the entire season
  90. Got a letter from John Mara
  91. Adrien Robinson
  92. Calling it, Wilson becomes the 2013 version of the 2011 Cruz
  93. Going to say it now...0-5 is likely for good reason!!!
  94. NEW NYG Vid: Answer The Bell
  95. Keeping things in perspective..................
  96. Fewell's garbage scheme let Alex Smith run like Barry Sanders
  97. BPA garbage didn't work, their draft strategy needs drastic change.
  98. Next year do we have joint pre season practices like other teams?
  99. Our best strategy to beat the egurls on Sunday
  100. Name 3 things you like about the 2013 Giants!!!
  102. If u need an escape
  103. The lack of a quality MLB will be the difference in the game on Sunday
  104. Paolantonio: Eagles - Giants IS Desperation Bowl
  105. Giants' Links. Have We Seen The Last Of Guard Chris Snee?
  106. The Giants Need Changes, And Only Kevin Gilbride Can Provide Them
  107. Giants' Insider: Injuries A Secondary Issue
  108. Winless Giants Somehow Still In Division Race
  109. Beason Quote
  110. CBA fault?
  111. Giants in line for Number 1 Pick
  112. If......the Giants lose this week...
  113. 2013 Giants: first 0-4 team to win the Superbowl.
  114. Maybe its time to put in Curtis Painter- here is why
  115. Eli without this staff...?
  116. plenty of football left
  117. Not a fan of this Beason move.
  118. Why dosent Eli run the QB sneak on 3rd and short?
  119. LMAO, Bleacher report read my mind!
  120. Andre Brown update? Any word?
  121. Cap experts.
  122. Reuben Randle's comments...
  123. BREAKING: Ross to IR, Reynolds waived. Hill and James activated
  124. Do You BelELIeve???
  125. If JPP continues as he is
  126. I say we ir webster to with designated return and mcbride and James shine
  127. Is it time to recall Ojomo from Carolina's practice squad and turn him lose
  128. I Did Not Realize That we have the 6th Oldest Team in the League
  129. Quick Question: Would a Pistol Formation be better over the Shotgun formation?
  130. Giants Simply Need More From Eli Manning
  131. W2W4: Eagles @ Giants
  132. Sorry its almost laughable now !
  133. whos going to the game tomorrow?
  134. I think in his career Bass could do one good thing for the giants
  135. better in their prime
  136. Eli Manning Is The Best QB In The NFL
  137. Eagles vs Giants grade breakdown
  138. Aaron Ross on IR
  139. Giants-Eagles Rivalry Typified By Miraculous Plays In Eagles' Favor
  140. Here's How The 0-4 Giants Can Get Back In The Hunt In The Dreadful NFC East
  141. Vacchiano: It's The Fourth Quarter, Eli
  142. Giants At The Crossroads Of Believe And Bereave
  143. Jerry Reese Sends Message To Giants' Players, Fans With Trade For Beason
  144. Giants Vs. Eagles Preview Report
  145. Week 5 Matchup: Eagles (1-3) @ Giants (0-4)
  146. Giants-Eagles Matchup
  147. With Herz limited in practice will we see Beason or Bradford this week?
  149. Giants win today
  150. Nicks Is A Beast!
  151. Injury bug is hitting us hard!
  152. Inactives
  153. Giants Offense Must Wake Up To Keep Up With Eagles
  154. Wakey Wakey sleeping Giants!!!!!!!!
  155. I do not understand why we didnt persue Ryan Fitzpatrick
  157. 5 mins left HELP!!!!!!!!!
  158. Unofficial Giants Chat Room.
  159. Where is the "this our Super Bowl post"??
  160. Hey Jakk
  161. 3rd and Long...40 Yard Bomb. Typical.
  162. WHY
  163. Coughlin
  164. Great job TC...give em a another shot why don't ya.
  165. Coughlin officially has lost it
  166. why would coughlin except that holding penalty
  167. That had to be the Dumbest call I EVER watched!!!!
  168. the slip and fall intentional grounding...
  169. Here we go O puts D back on the field.
  170. Just When we thought
  171. They said, they thought Coughlin thought they got a 1st down
  172. Mark my words..this game is a wrap
  173. On my way out to the pool
  174. Why not give The Eagles 2 shots at every third and long Tommy Boy
  175. Hi. It's me Antrelle
  176. Guess what..... we have still YET to see the no huddle LOL
  177. Team reads like a book
  178. This is the most pathetic Giants team
  180. Two big drops for Randle!
  181. we are ALL TIME bad/Reese
  182. Te position
  183. Time for fans at the game to start booing the team
  184. 7 Points in the Half...But Lets Blame the Defense
  185. This team is just awful...
  186. Eli Is Making Me Despise Dunkin Donuts
  187. Flaw in offensive philosophy
  188. Season ticket holders
  190. Foles schooling Gilbride on short passing attack
  191. At 0 and point...
  192. At 0 and what point...
  193. Somebody has to answer to this.
  194. watch eli throw a int
  195. fans booing and leaving
  197. Undefeated champs of 3 and outs
  198. HELLO!??!? WE CAN'T RUN THE BALL!!!
  199. My rant, I am completely upset. This is embarrassing!!!!!!
  200. Thank God we got rid of Scott and gave the ball to Jacobs
  201. Thankfully the Giants Homers Can Just Stop It Now
  202. im confused
  203. What Is It Going to Take? 0-8?!
  204. 2 timeouts in 0 seconds
  205. Our Offensive Line is THE Problem
  206. OMG we made a touchdown!
  208. Double Digits Baby!
  209. Will Hill Came to play!
  210. Will Hill
  211. Will Hill playing very well
  212. if we gonna win our first game,its gotta be today!!!!!!!!!
  213. I think the loss of the two Browns doomed this team
  214. shouldve signed Mcgahee.
  216. Is the only 2nd half lead they've had this season?
  218. WE GOT THE LEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!
  219. Randle has definitely come of age- He's a STUD
  220. Gilbride
  222. int. eli at it again
  223. lol this is great
  224. So slow - our offense is...
  225. OOOOOOOOO & 5
  226. Well heres to hoping we go 0-16
  227. Take that complicated playbook and shove it!!!
  228. The Refs might as well be wearing Eagle Jerseys
  229. As a REBEL FAN, hurts me to say this
  230. With the 1st pick of the 2014 NFL draft, the New York Giants select Aaron Murray
  231. I would just like to say.
  232. I think its time for the FO to make a public statement
  233. Can we sack the year for rebuilding now?
  234. Its official...this team sucks!
  235. ????
  236. Every throw is high
  237. Start Painter or nassib when healthy?
  238. Sorry to be repetitive but...
  239. Its time to trade Nicks
  240. The Giants Should Retire The #10 And Hang It On The Wall Of Honor
  241. It's Officially Time For A New Era!!!
  242. Last Team with a "Franchise" QB to start 0-5?????
  243. Just retire Coughlin and take Reese with you
  244. I'm a FULL GROWN MAN & I feel like CRYING!!!!
  245. Why I love TAGF
  247. Lets start a Good Bye thread- Who would you like to wish well in future Endeavors
  248. At this point, we have to fire Gilbride right?
  249. NY Giants front office contact info?