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  1. Eli Is Too Scary.....
  2. Da'Rel Scott to miss several weeks:
  3. Eli Manning Responsible For Giants' Mess
  4. With Season Lost, Giants Must Test Unproven Players
  5. Nicks possibly on the trading block? 3rd rounder?
  6. Giants need to run on first down.
  7. This team is cursed.
  8. Not sure if this was posted
  9. What record wins NFC East?
  10. Can someone remind me of why we let Ryan Clark go?
  11. Reese needs to scheme on draft day
  12. A Majpr Problem
  13. Bears 27, Giants 21: Hits, Misses, And Musings
  14. They've destroyed Sunday
  15. Don't Expect The Giants' Owner To Fire Coughlin Or Reese
  16. What coaches do you think are interested in the HC, OCoordinator and DCoord jobs
  17. your scariest giants moment?
  18. It became 100% clear for me today watching other offenses
  19. i am the reason the giants are loseing
  20. Eli was most accurate with Smith 10 yd or under, and then Cruz...
  21. Why I think the Giants will finish 8-8 with a shot at the Divison
  22. players lack confidence. we need to simplify the offense untill the new guys gets it.
  23. Giants Have Found Big Play Spark Only To Flame Out Atferwards
  24. Who are some free agents after this year that we might be interested in signing?
  25. I think the hardest thing about this season is
  26. My brother is a Cowboys fan and I might have to pummel him to death...
  27. Yes or No question
  28. After watching sights and sounds...
  29. Question about our pass rush after watching cowboys
  30. Can we say goodbye to the core of Tuck, Diehl, Snee, Webster, and Rolle?
  31. How do the Giants get up for a game form here on out
  32. All 22 Breakdown of the Giants Offensive Struggles
  33. Practice Notes: Jacobs Limited?
  34. New Giants' LB Has Confidence In Middle Of Chaos
  35. Giants Have Options If They Want To Trade Nicks
  36. Big Blue Morning: Back To Work
  37. Chances of beating the vikings?
  38. QUOTES (10/14): Coughlin, Nicks
  39. best O & D line division
  40. Giants' Brandon Jacobs Says He's Just Being Cautious With Hamstring.
  41. Giants' Rookie RB Michael Cox May Play Vs. Vikings
  42. Who Do We Hate More???
  43. Andrian Peterson and the Giants D
  44. When will JPP return to form?
  45. the NYG MNF Game
  46. Giants' RBs: It's Still About Pass Protection
  47. Wilson Doesn't Need Surgery
  48. New York Giants: Hakeem Nicks not being shopped
  49. Giants working out Peyton Hillis
  50. Damontre Moore??
  51. Would've preferred the Vikings before the QB change
  52. If you could have ONE player from the past...
  53. What's up with Adrien Robinson's foot?
  54. Everyone's Favorite DJ Ware Working Out With Giants
  55. I love how when things go bad, fans start making asinine statements, like about JPP
  56. Louis Murphy- Can he be a number 3 Wr?
  57. hypothetical question would you trade nicks for gronk?
  58. Finally someone tells the truth
  59. Giants to work out Peyton Hillis
  60. Marino on Giants QB Future: No way I take a young QB when I've got Eli Manning
  61. I'm with Eli... Who's with me?
  62. If we can't beat Minnesota at home monday night
  63. 'Tude For Thought: Giants Thinking Positive
  64. NICKS worth more than CRUZ??
  65. Can someone please explain the difference between D-Holding, D-PI and illegal contact
  66. Giants were very close to getting Big Ben
  67. Rueben Randle, Giants' Puzzle Piece
  68. Jake Ballard could be back in the league soon
  69. When will Andre Brown return?
  70. Are You Kidding?????? Ware ?????
  71. O Line 2014
  72. Running Back situation 2014
  73. Why don't the Giants just call it a season?
  74. It has occurred to me that after watching other teams
  75. Getting pressure with the front 4
  76. Tiki called for a workout
  77. Play clock and the Giants
  78. Da'Rel Scott waived again
  79. Who was the greatest Giant runinng back ever?
  80. Call me crazy but i think we will get our first win this Sunday against Minnesota
  81. A serious and honest question...
  82. Simms, Beuerlein, and Gannon join Marino in support of Manning
  83. Packers just lost Cobb for short-term IR...
  84. I don't get the crowd that is not sold on Justin Pugh. He has a lot of promise
  86. as of this moment the NYG have the #1 pick in the draft.
  87. OK...What Was The Most "Stressfull" Game..........
  88. Was Wilson a wasted first round pick?
  89. The thing about Tiki was his last 2 yrs were by far his best
  90. If we win these next 2 games
  91. I remember this... what do you?
  92. Giants' Rueben Randle insists he's on the same page with Eli Manning
  93. Hey boys!
  94. Giants' Insider: Eli Shouldn't Play It Safe
  95. Giants' Injuries Put Explosive Rookie RB Michael Cox In The Mix
  96. Giants Eye Peyton Hillis, Ryan Torain
  97. Stapleton On Giants: Sitting Out Best For David Wilson, Team
  98. Twitter war between Randle and Wilson,
  99. It's official - Giants sign Peyton Hillis #44
  100. if eli didnt throw that last pick
  101. Freeman is starting MNF against Giants
  102. Morning Debate: Where Does WR Victor Cruz Rank?
  103. Giants Add RB Jeremy Wright To The Practice Squad
  104. Eli Manning Says A Benching Never Crossed His Mind During Rough Stretch
  105. Wilson, Randle twitter
  106. Who would of guessed this:
  107. Giants win!
  108. If Freeman beats Eli...
  109. John Conner's Impact Seen In Ground Game
  110. Peyton Hillis: Don't Get Too Excited
  111. Five Reasons The Giants Will Beat The Vikings On Monday Night
  112. Freeman better not look like Montana if so fewell better be shown the door
  113. Anyone that ever said "Good running backs are a dime a dozen" -crow thread
  114. Awful Giants Offfered Free Eye Exams
  115. Could we break the 1966 record of 1 win?
  116. The Definitive Comparison between David Wilson and Rocky Thompson
  117. 4th qtr comeback master Eli was only an anomaly, not the norm.
  118. Three picks that will improve the Giants for years
  120. Andre Brown returns to practice.
  121. Boomer and Carton
  122. Will fixing the O-line fix this team or are the issues deeper than that?
  123. IMO, Trading Nick will be done.
  124. Tiki Barber HOF
  125. Don't Ask Coughlin About Benching Eli
  126. Avg Price For Giants Home Game, Most Expensive in the NFL
  127. My prediction for the season is for Giants to finish at 6-10
  128. The best we can do is barely over .500
  129. Nicks to Baltimore??? WHAT???
  130. Forgetting Everything Else For A Moment ...
  131. Justin Tuck: "Lack of sacks isn't defensive line's fault "
  132. At this point I'm just going to enjoy watching the games and
  133. Pass Rush
  134. Manning Glad Coach Has His Back
  135. Hillis Could Be Ready To Go Monday, Wilson's Status Still In Limbo
  136. Another NFL Rule Question (Giants Related)
  137. Tucks comments
  138. Attention Eli Manning: No More INTs!
  139. Tom Coughlin set to go down with the Eli Manning ship
  140. Is newly aquired RB Hillis going to wear #44?!? Sorry if posted already.
  141. Very Interesting article today in Bleacher Report about the Giants Sack issue
  142. Time For Nicks To Step Up.
  143. Yoda says: Feel good you will
  144. Giants-Vikings Monday Nighter called Worst MNFer Ever!
  145. Vikings Suck -- So Will We Beat Them?
  146. Roll Call Monday Night Football!!!!!!!!
  147. Are defenses getting way to fast for today's offensive lineman?
  148. Look how fluid our offense was just 2 years ago with a decent O-Line
  149. Baas back in the lineup
  150. At what point is the season surrendered?
  151. The Giants will be better next year.
  152. Damontre Moore
  153. Phil McConkey on markets, NFL picks
  154. Just watched Strahan's A Football Life.................
  155. Giants Believe This Is Week To Get That Elusive First Win
  156. Perry Fewell on the Giants pass rush: 'Sometimes you’ve just got to whip somebody’s (
  157. Giants Embrace The Challenge Of Facing The Vikings' Adrian Peterson
  158. Giants' Links: Is Tom Coughlin's Defense Of Eli Admirable Or Stubborn
  159. JPP Misses Practice Due To Ilness
  160. Giants' Backfield Will Look Different Again
  161. Quotes(10/18): Coughlin, Gilbride, Quinn
  162. Adrien Robinson - Set a record this year?
  163. Jason Pierre Paul is a flat out bust
  164. What's missing from the Giants defense you ask?!?!?....
  165. Posters need to look at position coaches again
  166. Sorta mid season grades
  168. Mod_C
  169. Giants May Lean On Hillis
  170. Do we re-sign Justin Tuck?
  171. cant believe nearly 2months of football, not a single WIN
  172. lol...wonder if the Defense played more snaps than the Offense this year
  173. KG and his sight recognition scheme
  174. Who is our starting RB Monday night???
  175. Practice Time
  176. One thing I'm absolutely sure of:
  177. I can't wait till monday night
  178. Hey Jerry Reese -- You Got Nerve
  179. How could we trust Reese with iur next set of draft picks?
  180. Giant fans
  181. The Walrus is 7-0.....time to stop knocking Coaching changes
  183. so now on to the night game, not one chuck and duck throw all day
  184. Giants' Mathias Kiwanuka, David Bass Can Relate To David Wilson's Neck Pain
  185. So as of right now were not the worst team in NFL
  186. Going to the game
  187. Does the signing of Beason spell
  188. Why does every other QB in the league look better then Eli
  189. QB after Eli Retires
  190. 3-13 record ?
  191. might be going next week
  193. LeGarrette Blount?
  194. Giants' Gameday: What To Watch For As Giants Take On The Vikings
  195. The Giants have plenty of talent on this team
  196. Giants' Hakeem Nicks Can USe Victor Cruz As An Example Of What Free Agency Can Bring
  197. Inside The Playbook: Giants (0-6) Vs. Vikings (1-4)
  198. Giants Desperate For First Win Against Vikings
  199. Big Blue Has To Start Somewhere
  200. Peyton Hillis Could Get Some Carries After All
  201. Vikings Vs. Giants Matchup
  202. Question for those that want Jerry and TC gone...
  203. Any Giants fans in the Charlotte area?
  204. Rams down a QB... maybe we could trade a backup?
  205. Jacobs ruled out tonight
  206. Who gets more carries tonight in your opinion?
  207. cox and hillis?
  209. Vikings vs Giants prediction
  210. Key to tonights game? Beason.
  211. Need help / advice with sig...
  212. Vacchiano: Fans Could Turn On Giants
  213. If we go 0-7 tonight
  214. It Ain't Over Yet!
  215. What about a trade proposal w/ the Colts?
  216. W2W4: Giants Vs. Vikings
  217. Who is to blame
  218. Remember when the motto was...
  219. Easy Money
  220. Something different..........
  221. So who is going to play more?
  222. Eagles take Acho from our practice squad:
  223. Michael Cox will start?
  224. How many Int's has Eli thrown against the Vikings
  225. I better hear all the Giants fans on my TV tonight I hope its loud!
  226. Will this guy be at the game tonight?
  227. 1st time in my life I an not the least bit excited to watch a Giants game
  228. Inactives tonight:
  229. What is your advice you want to give to the Giants
  230. Jon Beason
  231. Chat Room
  232. Hillis will light it up. Mark my words
  233. holy crap!!!
  234. Jon Gruden...You are amazing
  235. watch somehow, only members of our fan base discount the entire lead up to the game
  236. New running back
  237. sign Connor to a long term contract
  238. 2nd down
  239. Special teams
  240. See ya coach Quinn....
  242. 0 and 7
  243. Did Kiwi get lit up by a WR on the punt return?
  244. new york giants are officially on the clock
  245. Eli will carry us to a win
  246. Nicks is a bum
  247. Nicks used to be one of the most sure handed receivers
  248. Eli Has Horrible Accuracy
  249. Double A-Gap Pressure
  250. Maybe our big slot receiver will show up and take the game over