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  1. Is Dallas still our #1 threat or Philly?
  2. Fun topic: how'd we like those white pants?
  3. chokeland faders
  4. Shaun Rogers was HUGE in stopping the run
  5. For the long time Giants fans
  6. December 1 NYG @ Redskins Game
  7. Another break on the schedule
  8. Is Jim Cordle our future center?
  9. Weatherford: Enough of the Media appearances
  10. We are a 6-3 team right now without turnovers
  11. Can someone remind Eli he's 2x Superbowl MVP!
  12. Eli is not used to NOT having excellent pass protection
  13. Giants Vs. Raiders: Snap Counts Data
  14. Giants Vs. Raiders: "Kudos & Wet Willies" Review
  15. Should a coaching change take place because
  16. Could we become an old school Bill Parcells Giants team???
  17. offense firing on...
  18. Giants Still Not That Impressed With Selves
  19. Jon Beason Talks ABout The Improved Giant's Defense
  20. Thomas: Feels Great To Help The Team
  21. Eli's moustache
  22. another good sign
  23. Flynn?
  25. Cowboys; LBs Sean Lee, Justin Durant Out 3 - 4 Weeks, Will Miss Giants' Game Week 12
  26. I would love to know how the Giants would rank in this stat
  27. sitting here..
  28. Is our offensive line going to prevent us from making this comeback?
  29. Kiwi has done well as DE imo
  30. Who Cares We've Had an Easy Schedule Lately?
  31. prime time
  32. WR Seperation
  33. What does Jernigan bring to the team???
  34. Taking a step back - Eli's regression
  35. andre brown highlights?
  36. Showing some love for the Defense!!!
  37. Ed Reed released - get him?
  38. My take on the offense
  39. Jawanza Starling
  40. 1 of Damontre Moore's 2 snaps on Sunday
  41. Kyle Williams to be placed on waivers... pick him up?
  42. Mod help please
  43. Looking For A Giants Bar in SoCal
  44. David Wilson
  45. CC Brown..oops i mean Ryan Mundy
  46. Why not use David Wilson as a Cribbs or Sproles?
  47. The mercurial Elisha Manning
  48. Giants Have Hardest Remaining Schedule In NFC East, Cowboys Easiest
  49. Eagles, Jets, Giants Playoff Odds Going Up
  50. Will Nicks score a TD this year?
  51. Rolle: Giants' Defense "Night And Day" With Beason
  52. Enough with the boring offense.. Fire Gilbride after this season!!
  53. Update on Week 13 schedule - (NYG@WAS)
  54. Giants' Links: Archie, Mathias Kiwanuka Issue Passionate Defenses Of Eli
  55. Giants' Spotlight: Jason Pierre-Paul's Breakout First Quarter
  56. Confidence Soaring For Giants' Defense
  57. Peace Of Reese: Moves Give GM Jerry Reese Some Respite, For Now
  58. Eli's Donut Fame Registers With Daughter
  59. Jenkins On Revenge Tour
  60. Packers At Giants Look Ahead
  61. Inside The Numbers: Eli Manning's Carreer In Stats
  62. Giants' News 11/13: Fun With Numbers
  63. The upcoming Dallas game should a doozy
  64. Dear Mr Reese please give Ed Reed a call and I won't post anymore Wilson comments
  65. Happy To be back to the Big Blue boards.
  66. ReFo: Raiders @ Giants Week 10
  67. Early Injury Report
  68. RIP Former NY GIANT Todd Christensen
  69. Giants-Green Bay final score
  70. Coughlin Looking For More Big Plays On Offense
  71. Andre Brown Is Best Hope To Save Giants' Season
  72. Giants stats - bad
  73. What are the Odds of us winning this years Super Bowl
  74. Eli brings up an interesting point in this article
  75. Jon Beason was mic'ed NFL Network Sound FX!!!
  77. Beason miked up on "Inside The NFL"
  78. GIants' Links: Can RB Andre Brown Jump-Start The Passing Game?
  79. Giants' Insider: JPP Can't Shoulder Load
  80. For those of us waiting to see DeMontre Moore, our wait may be over
  81. Tuck States Case To Stay A Giant
  82. Beaaten By Backups, Giants Won't Rest on Tolzien
  83. It's now been 14 Qtrs since anyone drove the field for a TD on us
  84. Every level of the Giants defense is playing really well
  85. Trying to get back to the 08 offensive philosophy?
  86. Five Moves That Helped Turn Around The Giants' Season
  87. If both Dallas and Philly do not go at least 5-2 we are sunk....and we would need 7-0
  89. Tuck Quote
  90. To everyone who doesnot understand the Brown vs Wilson thing read this BleacherRepor
  91. My Take on Reality
  92. Giants' offense way too conventional and predictable
  93. If you had the power to cut one person from the team permanently...
  94. GIANTS: 50/1 odds to make playoffs
  95. NEW NYG VID: Raiders Of The Lost Offense
  96. Didn't realize the Pack got Flynn back...
  97. Look back at our 0-6 start...
  98. Who was more nervous in the 80s?
  99. Your favorite Eli+WR combination...
  100. Hats off to former Eagles
  101. Cullen Jenkins Could Be Giants' Fill In At DE For Jason Pierre-Paul
  102. holy crap!
  103. Giants' Links: Another Story Of Perserverence From Big Blue
  104. Giants' Insider: Jacobs Hoping He And Andre Brown Can Form 1-2 Punch For Giants
  105. Giants Ready To Turn To Jenkins, Moore If JPP Can't Go
  106. Did it ever occur to you gilbride is purposely
  107. Beatty vs Matthews *gulp*
  109. regarding our defense, (take off the rose colored glasses please)
  110. if there could be 5 posters
  111. Rookies starting.
  112. Giants' Tight End Brandon Myers Improving As A Blocker
  113. Trumaine McBride Is Small, But Corneback Measures Up
  114. JPP and Jacobs are in pads and practicing today.
  115. Coughlin Corner: How To Keep Improving
  116. What are the chances of this wr core staying together now?
  117. Webster Out Vs. Packers; Jacobs, JPP Questionable
  118. Hakeem Nicks "Has A Good Feeling" For Sunday's Game, Thinks This May Be The Week
  119. Giants player most likely to make this speech after the 0-6 start?
  120. Double Coverage: Packers @ Giants
  121. Folger's Forecast: Green Bay Vs. Giants
  122. NFL: Giants' Linval Joseph Has The Power
  123. Is Eli Manning Seeing Ghosts In The Pocket?
  124. "Ohm-G"! Yoga Helps Giants' Rookie Pugh Find The Right Balance
  125. Giants will beat the Packers.
  126. Five Players To Watch Vs. Packers
  127. Guess the Stats for the NY Giants Offense
  128. Just what the doctor ordered!
  129. I have never seen so many blocked punts...
  130. Just saw this
  131. Giants' Links: Will Big Blue Be Able To Neutralize Clay Matthews?
  132. Justin Pugh's Brother Makes Final Stop Before Deployment: Giants-Packers Game
  133. Jayron Hosley Has Return In His Sights
  134. Giants' Andre Brown Ready For More Action
  135. Damontre Moore Believes He Is "Fully Ready" To Play
  136. Beason will = our AP.
  137. Packers At Giants: Big Blue Faces 3rd Stringer Scott Tolzien Making First Start
  138. W2W4: Giants Vs. Packers
  139. NEW NYG VIDEO: Blue World Order
  140. Victor Cruz
  141. forwarding tickets
  143. Slip was right once again
  144. Anyone here willing to do what Chuck does every sunday?
  145. Giants' Q&A: Damontre Moore Talks About Getting More Playing Time
  146. Giants Vs. Packers: Bold Predictions
  147. Giants' Links: Everything You Need To Know To Prep For Giants-Packers
  148. Fun with stats
  149. Sunday
  150. Giants Going Four It In NFC East Race
  151. Manning, Giants Must Attack The Packers
  152. Week 11 Predictions: Giants Vs. Packers
  153. Should Giants Start 'Kicking' The Ball on Coin Toss?
  154. NFL: A Look At Giants-Packers Matchup
  155. Packers Fans
  156. NFL: Giants' Fullback John Conner Persevered
  157. In Comeback Season, Terrell Thomas Finds Inspiration Everywhere
  158. Moore destined to become the best Giants DE in their illustrious History
  160. NFL Network just said the Giants have as good a chance as anybody to go deep
  161. Anatomy of an Interception..... interesting
  163. Stretching The Field Has Been Challenging For Manning And The Giants
  164. Weather
  165. Props to Beason....I heard him on miked up......a born leader
  166. Inactives
  167. Gametime: CAN YOU FEEL THE EXCITEMENT?!?!
  168. Is Nicks Holding Back...
  169. Chat Room
  170. Ruben Randell
  171. Rueben Randle Is A Beast
  172. Will 10-6 get us in the playoffs?
  173. This Defense is killing people...what happened?
  175. Screen pass!
  176. Leave it to Eli
  177. Very surprised they are not using nicks? Oh and ELI,come on man!
  178. 3rd and 11 throw it for 5 yards
  179. The Human Turnover Machine Strikes Again
  180. really? Murphy?
  181. How the hell can ANYONE put that INT on Eli? Bunch of down right haters
  182. Enough with read n react
  183. Giants Will Lose Because Gilbride Has Returned to the Chuck and Duck
  185. Was there a guest OC for the first 25 minutes of the half?
  186. CAn Tolzien beat us in the second half?
  187. Nicks looks like he isn't interested
  188. Giants fans and Eli Fans
  189. Two bad plays at the end of the half could cost
  190. Jon BEASTON!!
  191. Add another tally to the over complex offense
  192. any other team would run green bay out the building
  193. why are they always going deep on 3rd n short?
  194. PA fake for a TD.... would be an easy TD
  195. wow a practice squad Qb is still in the game
  196. Did anyone think we wouldn't make Tolzien look good?
  197. Nice job O-line
  198. JPP IS A BUST.
  199. JPP!!!!!!
  200. Message to Fewell
  201. i never in my life saw that before, George Martin did something similar against Elway
  202. I feel bad for anyone not watching this game....
  203. I dont know what your waching but this Tolzien kid is good
  204. Beatty sucks
  205. 98
  206. hey Justin Tuck
  207. This is why people hate Gilbride and the playcalling
  208. That should do it
  209. Good game by Defense (not great)
  210. Other than the pick (not his fault) Eli palyed a good game
  211. We got Dallas at home next.
  212. Great win and good thing this D has been playing good.
  213. Slim ls Not Leaving Town
  214. I was impressed by how good eli's legs looked
  215. Kudos to Eli's Movember
  216. Report: Giants-Redskins Flexed Out of SNF in 2 Weeks for Philly-Arizona
  217. Nicks Hurt?
  218. My early uneducated take on the game
  219. Coaches Daft
  220. How tall is out tight end?
  221. Eli says threw 2 screen passes today, no disasters!!
  222. To all those who wanted us to go 0-16- Isn't this more fun?
  223. For everyone who has MUTILATED JR...
  224. i didn't know..
  226. Dallas and Romo will be a better Test because
  227. Believe it or not, the GIANTS have the 5th best Strength of Victory in NFC
  228. Louis Murphy Takes The Blame For Interception, Explains Miscue
  229. Defense?
  230. Giants Top Packers, 27 - 13, For 4th Straight Win
  231. Giants Vs. Packers: Instant Analysis And Quick Hits
  232. Diehl: Eli Manning Was More Comfortable Against The Packers
  233. Eli's facial hair = elite.
  234. Giants Continue NFC East Climb By Beating Packers, 27-13 For 4th Straight Win
  235. It Wasn't Pretty, But Giants Win 4th Straight
  236. Locker Room Buzz: NY Giants
  237. Please Rank The Top 5 Defensive Players on The Giants
  238. Rapid Reaction: NY Giants
  239. Have to give Tuck credit
  240. Will start believing if they win next week.
  241. You're nuts if you think Eli is the same QB we once had
  242. I really think we beat Dallas next week.
  243. what we need to do
  244. This Team is still a joke.
  245. Poor seconday play today
  247. Beason's contract
  248. We are now a truly World Class Contender for the Trophy
  249. pugh looks a lot better than
  250. It's kinda like a car restoration