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  1. The Giants are worse than their 4-7 record says
  2. Bye Bye Hakeem
  3. All And all!
  4. When it rains, it pours
  5. In the sweet words of Rihanna...
  6. Giants not very good, but not very bad either
  7. Waste of $$
  8. Was Heckled today
  9. The missing piece to our offense has and forever will be a franchise TE
  10. Let's talk about Andre brown though.....
  11. ok boys and girls, the word of the Day is MEDIOCRE....
  12. so wheres this JPP of TE's project Reese wasted a pick on
  13. Why do our DB's and LB's have ZERO awareness?TERRIBLE approach to final drive
  14. WHY?
  15. For those of you that LOVE to bash Eli, he did not audible on the 3rd and 9 yesterday
  16. Rushed for 202yrds/total net yrds356 and still lost?
  17. The facts are in Jernigan is a bust, he is terrible
  19. any coaches under Coughlin go on and do anything significant?
  20. Antrelle Rolle is a good safety, but a TERRIBLE nickel corner.
  21. Steve Weatherford 'Randomly' Selected For Drug Test After Two 65+ Yard Punts
  22. Playoff calculator
  23. How many of you were SHOCKED at the 2pt play?
  24. In all honesty if we were to make the tourney where we going!!!!!! Home
  25. Random thought...how ironic would it be if
  26. Time to implement new plays?
  27. You don't get players to accomodate your OC
  28. A couple of things from the Dallas game...
  29. Tom Coughlin voices displeasure with NY Giants trash-talking
  30. Disappointed but still proud
  31. It's No One's Fault
  32. Over-regulation in the giants forum
  33. Advice to the Giants in one sentence.
  34. For those still holding out hope.
  35. Will this team show up this week?
  36. OMG,cowboy fans just won't shut up!
  37. So How Does It Play Out?
  38. This is why Coughlin has to go
  39. Cordle to IR
  40. Redskins On Matchup With Giants: We Just Want To Beat Somebody
  41. Boothe should be signed long term as our center
  42. What is your HC short list?
  43. Eli very subtle, calls out Kevin Gilbride
  44. I saw it all in preseason - Giants are who i thought they were
  45. RG III No Longer "That Threat", But Beleagured QB Will Start Against The Giants
  46. This is a blessing in disguise
  47. WIth Giants' Season lost, Now Hakeem Nicks Grabs Notice
  48. "Meaningless" Games Will Determine Fate Of Plenty Of Giants
  49. would B Jacobs have been penalized if he lowered his helmet and trucked the safety?
  50. I'm Thankful for the NY Giants
  51. If I was Eli
  52. JPP's shoulder an issue, and why DMoore isn't getting snaps:
  53. Hankins and Moore
  54. Hakeem Nicks Expected To Practice
  55. You really think so??
  56. Happy Thanksgiving All!
  57. Jerry Reese......"George Young II"
  58. Do we really understand the 2012 NFL rookie contract agreement?
  59. Holy crap I can actually see this happening...we can make the playoffs. Linky.
  60. I'm sure you guys will LOVE this :)
  61. Manningham is still being missed
  62. If we can just split the 2 Redskin games...
  63. The "hurru up"
  65. Cruz: "We Need Hakeem Nicks To Be His Normal Self In Order For Us To Win Games"
  66. QUOTES (11/27): Coughlin, Manning, Boothe
  67. We've reached a new low....
  68. First time I've looked at this board since Sunday afternoon.
  69. Lost in the misery Andre Brown and the Giants ran for over 220 yds
  70. Giants' DB Ross Weaver Signed The Day Before Thanksgiving
  71. Cruz, Giants Hang On To Slim Playoff Hopes
  72. DEJA VU?, "Giants Waive Manuel, Citing Bad Attitude" NY Times Dec 19 1990
  73. Happy Thanksgiving Giants fans
  74. Time To Prove Eli Manning's Status Still Warranted
  75. if the raiders beat Dallas today we still....
  76. Latest Giants' Injury Report (11/28)
  77. Insider: Scouting Report On Washington
  78. Raiders Has a Rookie TE
  79. Anyone else not watching the game Sunday night?
  80. The Season Is Not Over!
  81. This team needs to be gutted
  82. Tom Coughlin Is Not The Problem Its Kevin Gilbride
  83. Eli Manning & Justin Tuck Are Already All-Time Great N.Y. Giant Legends
  84. The seaon was over at 0-6
  85. What have you done for me lately.....
  86. OK Jerry and Tom -- This Sucks
  87. Here is the problem we have going into next season.....
  88. Still no Coaching Changes
  89. Players should be put on notice, they are playing for roster spots
  90. Coughlin Conceded The Season Against Dallas
  91. Giants' Links: Big Blue's "Mr. Versatility"
  92. Giants Want Coughlin To Lead Them In 2014
  93. We are 2 down in the loss column with 4 games to play- last yr we were
  94. Practice report 11/29, twitter.
  95. Giants' Hakeem Nicks Could have Insured Himself Against Injury, But Didn't
  96. TC's comment on Hosley ...
  97. JPP out
  98. I trust in the Mara's but
  99. Coughlin Corner: Next Man Up
  100. Long Shot Steve Goodin Getting Chance With Giants
  101. With JPP Out, Giants Will Get Looks At Damontre Moore And Markus Kuhn
  102. Nevermind Pride, Tank it for Strategical advantage.
  103. Strategy vs Washington
  104. Antrel Rolle failed THREE times on that final drive
  105. I hope we see DMoore this Sunday.
  106. Anyone Know How David Wilsons injury is doing?
  107. Jimmy Fallon making fun of NY Giants
  108. Eli's best attribute was taken away completely
  109. Giants Must Shuffle Defense Against Washington
  110. Perhaps Coughlin's coaching style is a problem
  111. Giants Skins Prediction Thread
  112. Can we resign Beason already?
  113. NEW NYG VIDEO: Carry The Fire
  114. Giants' Links: Will Rookie Damontre Moore Finally Get Extended Minutes?
  115. Inside The Playbook: Giants (4-7) @ Redskins (3-8)
  116. I actually hope we lose...
  117. NFL: Five Giants Facing A Critical Stretch
  118. Gilbride tries to explain redzone woes
  119. Top 5 N.Y. Giant Players In The Eli Manning/Tom Coughlin Era
  120. In Lost Year, RG3 Could Take Cue From Eli Manning
  121. Even if the Playcalling is Predictable, the Giants Players Should be Playing Well
  122. Just Curious what Giants Jerseys fans own
  123. Looks like people on this board have run out of things to talk about
  125. Serby's Sunday Q&A With Andre Brown
  126. Biggest offseason need?
  127. W2W4: Giants At Washington
  128. Just read that Eli vs skins his numbers...
  129. We cannot take any prisoners tonight
  130. Best on field experience..
  131. Get rid of Gilbride because?
  133. We need to figure out the Redskins weakness early and expose it
  134. Hate to root for the Iggles but......
  135. Who are the giants inactives today?
  136. I'd rather a top 5 pick than an 8-8 season with no playoffs
  137. Your Top 3 Memories While At A Giants Game
  138. I'm not watching the game tonight, the Giants need to grow up!
  139. Tonights Inactives
  140. Chat Room
  141. lets go Gmen
  142. Play calling tonite.
  143. Giants did not come to play tonight...going to be a long long long night at this rate
  145. Called the 1st drive to the T
  146. The white flag was waived
  147. Try something different!!!!
  149. It could be worse!..smile,the skins will tank out soon
  150. Heartless So Far
  151. We should still he scoring points...
  152. Our Defense was built for the CFL
  153. The 70's called...
  154. Our first 1st down comes 10:50 on 2nd
  155. Thread Moved!!??!!
  156. ok....I like that
  158. Thats My Boy!!!
  159. What happened to the Beatty threads???
  160. Hillis and Brown make a terrific 1-2 Punch
  162. LOL ELI!!!
  163. Is Demontre Moore seriously injured
  164. sure hands by randle, because a run back is a...
  165. Does anyone else notice that...
  166. ok 3rd and 4 lets throw a bomb
  167. Wow a Nicks sighting!!
  168. nice...too bad they wont go Into the N.H. all game
  169. Myers falls down again
  170. For the guys that Said Jon Beason was washed up.....
  171. No Huddle!
  172. Why do they not run the no-huddle all the time
  173. No huddle
  174. yall would feel better had they beat the cowboys last week
  175. Beason 10 tackles and 3 assists at half time
  176. Defense actually forced an in-completion from RG3
  177. Nothing personal but Beatty has to go
  178. 3rd and 2 they throw a bomb, of course
  179. 3rd and 2
  180. Have we sacked a QB this year??? Who, when?
  181. Ok can we please try some new things!!
  182. There it is!!!
  183. that's what OUR 20mill looks like
  184. Giants D and big plays
  185. I know you're trying to make a play Eli, but...
  186. heres comes the comedy hour
  187. I guess we got away from the running game. It was working too well
  188. When do we consider trying Pugh out at left tackle or moving Diehl back to LT?
  189. I need Moore...
  190. Mara and Tisch Better Take Notice
  191. Brown Balling. ..give him 20mill
  192. Some positivity for ya guys so it doesnt get out of control with negative posts
  194. 3rd and Short Play Call!?!?!
  196. That last sack.
  197. Good offenses punnish all put blitzes into touchdowns
  198. Awesome job by Jonathan Hankins on that last sack
  199. Instead of going for the 11 pt lead.....
  200. Here we go
  201. Ton of idiot pessimistic posts....
  202. Redskins thought it was 1-10..it was 3-10
  203. I reckon that's Shanahan fired
  204. Shut Up Haters, We're 5-7 & STILL IN THE HUNT!!!
  205. One step closer to the playoffs
  207. Brandon Myers
  208. Manning wasn't too shabby
  209. Giants can't even tank correctly
  210. Jayron Hosley
  211. Will Hill Strip/Steal to seal game
  212. I have read Eli's facial and body expressions and predict...
  213. 22/28 235 Yards 1 TD, 1 INT
  214. Nice to see the team still fighting
  215. Should we be worried about Beatty?
  216. Kevin Gilbride 1980s Nintendo Controller
  217. Running Backs
  218. Justin Tuck
  219. It's official....
  220. Skins are eliminated.
  221. This offense is putrid
  222. If Eli took Care of the Ball since Day One
  223. My take from being at the game
  224. Jon Beason 17 Tackles!
  225. Myers is a clumsy pumpkin
  226. My uneducated take on the game
  227. Tall order for the G-Men , next 3 games.
  228. Giants Vs. Redskins Studs And Duds: Justin Tuck Leads The Way
  229. Giants' Links: How Big Blue Rallied To Erase 14-Point Deficit
  230. Giants' LT Will Beatty Has Another Rough Day
  231. Giants Game Plan: Stop Alfred Morris (Not RG 3) First?
  232. Vacchiano: Too Little, Too Late? Don't Tell Giants
  233. Giangts Show Survival Skills In Gritty Win
  234. So let me get this straight.the Skins were clear 2-3 ft from a 1st down their coaches
  235. So Tuck's Pre-Season Ended???, Maybe the whole team will now come out of Hibernation
  236. I hate I went to bed early.....
  237. Playoff's?
  238. Giants fans were in full force at the game last night
  239. I predicted a 3rd Giants Patriots SB in the Pre-Season
  240. Sorry Folks...Math is math
  242. Did anyone notice..
  243. Poll- The Giants still have a shot?
  244. Did Eli actually throw a high pass into traffic in the middle of the field????
  245. Am I the only one who thought Cruz football made the goalline before he got pushed
  246. Very interesting post Elis INT
  247. Collingsworth Comment
  248. Myers looked solid yesterday
  249. Has the rule changed on this?
  250. Congrats to Justin Tuck on his 4 sack performance