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  1. Maybe Diehl should switch over to left guard?
  2. Just for laughs what if we finally put our entire game togehter and Dallas and
  3. Blame Eli
  4. Out of the Blue but Why do Eli and Peyton not look at all like one another
  5. Drive Of The Game: Seizing The Opportunity
  6. Upon Further Review: Giants Week 13
  7. Just wanna say Thanks to the Defense for giving us SOMETHING this past 5 games.
  8. Justin Pugh four straight positive games
  9. Scenarios for the close of the 2013 season
  10. This just in Eli is going to the Tebow/Sanchez Clinic at the Holiday Inn
  11. NY vs SD
  12. What?" We knew the no huddle was coming but didn't know when."
  13. We're a shoo in for the playoffs!!! Romo on the cover of SI.
  14. Giants At Washington, "Kudos And Wet Willies" Review
  15. And we are down to the last quarter of the season...
  16. Hill Steal is 41 year delayed payback for Redskins steal
  17. Giants' Rewind: Defense Closes The Deal After Offense Can't
  18. My experience at the game (with vids)
  19. Coughlin: Giants Would Have Been Pissed If Refs Stopped The Clock
  20. The Running Game
  21. Looking forward to the Seahawks game.
  22. Game Vs The chargers
  23. I have seen Coughlin too close to the backside
  24. This will be.......
  25. Ryan Nassib
  26. licence plate guy
  27. Has Coughlin had anyhting to say about Nicks miracle cure this week?
  28. Giants' QB Eli Manning Having A Worse Season Than RG 3?
  29. Giants' Links: Should Big Blue Shut Down JPP?
  30. Rolle: RG III Takes Too Many Brutal Hits
  31. Resurgent Giants In Better Shape Than Free Falling Jets
  32. NFL: Giants' Report Card
  33. Pugh makes PFF's 3Q team of the month
  34. After watching Justin Pugh get better and better every game...
  35. Hankins?
  37. Justin Pugh OT or G?
  38. Question - In your opinion, Which player being injured hurt us the most...
  39. NFL shop sent me this catalog today
  40. Bodes well for us that Rolle is playing at a high level, we likely resign him
  41. No coincidence the defense got a lot better once Will Hill came back
  42. Extra points are totally overrated
  43. My painful lesson of life...
  44. A little bit of perspective on TC
  45. I loved the way we used our Corners on Sunday
  46. Poll the Giants will win @ SD and the cowboys and eagles lose?
  47. The giants move on this weekend? Poll
  48. Kubiak just got fired
  49. Giants video: 40 years
  50. Great memories.
  51. If the NFL were a poker game we just need 3 Aces Sunday
  52. Saying Eli Is Trying to Do Too Much Is Kindly Saying Eli Sucks
  53. The Eli Manning-Phillip Rivers Trade Revisited
  54. GM Jerry Reese Facing A Tough Decision On Justin Tuck
  55. Justin Tuck Named NFC Defensive Player Of The Week
  56. Giants' Injury Report: B randon Jacobs, Trumaine McBride, Hakeem Nicks Practice
  57. Giants' JPP Practices on Sideline With Trainers
  58. Giants Should Go With Young Blood
  59. NFL Nation Buzz: NY Giants - Video
  60. This will be just the third meeting between the pair, with Rivers holding a 2-0 advan
  61. Big Blue Morning: Prepping For San Diego
  62. NFL: Giants Look Ahead To Sunday's Game At Chargers
  63. No New News On Wilson
  64. "Encouraging" News For Giants As JPP Practices
  65. i wish jpp would just shut his mouth already
  66. Worst Giants Era
  67. Free 2014 Jenigan Stays
  68. Eli Manning: I canít remember why I didnít want to be a Charger
  69. Henry Hynoski or Connor
  70. Hi guys new here !!!
  71. Giants Getting Healthier And Much More From Tea With Tom Coughlin
  72. Beason Could Answer Long-Term Answers For Giants
  73. Coughlin Defends Tomlin: Sideline Can Be A Tight Squeeze
  74. Giants' Justin Tuck Seeks More
  75. Giants' Will Beatty Tries To Forget
  76. Brandon Jacobs is the man.
  77. Insider: Scouting Report On The Chargers
  78. Eli ...
  79. JPP, Brandon Jacobs Sit Out Practice, Unlikely To Play Vs. San Diego
  80. Giants' TE Brandon Myers Misses Practice With Groin Injury
  81. Cornerback options 2014 free agency ?
  82. Not A Lot The Giants' Passing Game Can Do
  83. Damontre Moore Earns More Playing Time
  84. im happy the giants are having a bad season
  85. what happened to hillis?
  86. RepeatChamps: Eli v Gilbride on 3rd and short
  87. TE Myers Expects To Be "Full Go" On Sunday
  88. Offense Aims To Fix Slow Starts
  89. 3 games that matter this weekend and my expert predictions
  90. TE going forward
  91. While looking for a video of the hit on RG3 by Jon Beason I came across this
  92. all time worst giants non-star team
  93. If a GM offered you a 1st round pick for Eli this offseason
  94. Manning, Rivers, Roethlisberger, and the Fading Class of 2004
  95. Worry Meter: Giants Physical Enough For Chargers?
  96. Giants' Links: Why Has Big Blue's Passing Game Been Grounded?
  97. Giants' TE Brandon Myers Hoping To Improve On The Positive
  98. Free Aency A Distraction To Giants' CB Terrell Thomas
  99. EA on Eli Manning
  100. Double Coverage: Giants At Chargers
  101. JPP, Brandon Jacobs Don't Practice
  102. Vacchiano: Don't Be Stupid, JPP, Wait Until Next Season
  103. Giants Wary Of Chargers' Woodhead
  104. Giants' RT Justin Pugh Compares Favorably So Far To Chargers' DJ Fluker
  105. Tom Coughlin Doesn't Change His Team's Routine Much For West Coast Games
  106. Rookie Justin Pugh On Verge Of Rare Feat
  107. NEW NYG VIDEO: Out Of The Blue
  108. Perry Fewell: Philip RiversTaking Advantage Of All Coverages
  109. Arrests In Philadelphia Spike After Eagles Lose (Giants related)
  110. Players To Watch Vs. Chargers
  111. 8 NFL Teams That Pack In the Biggest Crowds
  112. Time To Bolt Out Of The Playoff Chase?
  113. Giants' DB Hill Has Learned From Off-Field Mistakes
  114. Eli nor Coughlin aren't going anywhere so why agonize over the impossible
  116. Jake On The Plane! Doubtful RB Makes Trip
  117. W2W4: Giants At Chargers
  118. the 3-4
  119. Stinker season and another game not televised
  120. Giants (5-7) At Chargers (5-7)
  121. AP Article: Jon Beason playing himself into a big contract
  122. Alright so my stress starts back up tomorrow...
  123. Giants' Gameday: Giants @ Chargers
  124. Giants' Links: A Behind-The-Scenes Look At The Manning-Rivers Trade
  125. Giants Vow No Let Down In San Diego
  126. As Season Sinks Into Abyss, Players Focus On Futures
  127. enough with the manning/rivers threads!
  128. Prisco's Picks: Week 14
  129. Giants Vs. Chargers: Bold Predictions
  130. going to the game
  131. This could have been the year.....
  132. They just took a vote on NFL Network and the only team of thry thought could advance
  133. ESPN says:
  134. Lost in the sause is the fact that until Beason came we stunk on D
  135. Beason Playing Like A Beast
  136. "All we are saying.......................
  137. NFL Network pick Bolts too ....We are officially a dead certain LOCK
  138. First Game Certificate
  139. Today is a must win game!
  140. worth a chuckle.
  141. I take back anything bad I ever said about Warren Sapp, he just said about us-
  143. I know we sucked this year.
  144. dallas in a snow storm in chicago?
  145. To ensure a win today what has to happen ???
  146. Inactives
  147. LOL SD.
  148. Giants chat room
  149. Mathematical probability of making the playoffs
  150. Happy Holidays Everyone
  151. Giants need to just win out...
  152. Anyone Know If We Have The Tie Break Over Philly?
  153. I love getting the ball first
  154. they turned the ball over every game this year
  155. These are the times I feel sorry for Eli!
  156. Now here comes KG and ELI getting ready 2 press the issue, here's comes more mistakes
  157. Brewer is worse than Diehl
  158. Inability to prepare Team
  159. Watching this offense makes me sleepy
  160. We play horrible with teams that have good tight ends!
  161. I just don't think they care.
  162. Stats on Giants defense on third down?
  163. How much of the offenses issues
  164. 3rd and 13 e man rush???
  165. The Chargers look like they are @ practice.
  166. Why all the angst???
  167. If The Giants Lose This Game
  168. I can't defend eli any more
  169. Every Positive is Trumped by a Negative
  170. 3 words come to mind watching this team........
  171. fire them now.
  172. Looks like a no-show today.
  173. Rivers gets under my skin...
  174. Put in all 2nd teamers.
  175. Story of the season
  176. Pick one..
  177. I can hear singing...
  178. This defense is a joke !
  179. Give me five good reasons beside the superbowls why these coaches deserve to stay
  180. Eli's INT lost it..
  181. Think We Can Convince Gruden to Coach One Year Early?
  182. YES!, YES!....It's FINALLY Over!!!!!!!
  183. This is the worst theyve looked in a long while.
  184. Draw play!
  185. I'm sick of the Coughlin apologists
  186. Should they re-sign Justin Tuck?
  187. Chances of Hillis being on the team next year?
  188. Remember when Cruz said this week...
  189. You're all a bunch of babies
  190. Fox just turned the game off
  191. Anyone still think I'm silly for rooting for the pick?
  192. Fox just pulled the plug and switched to the Seahawks vs Niners...Merry Christmas !
  193. Question about Eli
  194. People calling us angry fans fair weather because we pissed off on boards
  195. Where is the Hurry Up
  196. Scariest Thought...
  197. Carl Banks for DC
  198. "Flowers for Algernon"
  199. The only thing that gets me more aggevated than....
  200. Tuck says they are being baited to jump off sides
  201. Even though we lost....
  202. how many personal fouls will kiwi get before tc doesnt let him dress?
  203. WE ARE
  204. There u have it!
  206. Best suggestion for this team
  207. This Giant team sucks! They really suck
  208. "You can't spell Eliminated without Eli"
  209. This is how bad Coughliin has lost the team.
  210. Bench Eli and play the rookie the rest of the way
  211. Reese puts himself on notice
  212. John Mara: please buy back my season tickets.
  213. So embarrassing.
  214. This is what u get when you come into the NFL like you high and mighty
  215. Its possible Manning is on the downside of his career
  216. Here's a thought
  217. I Respect TC but....
  218. Question for Jerry Reese
  219. 20/32 259 Yards 1 TD, 2 INT's
  220. Are you happy with your 5 wins?
  221. And Still Hakeem Nicks has...
  222. The Seattle Game
  223. It's a reason why Mr elite pulled a no show at the combine
  224. You want pride?...then leave Tom...thx but its time bro.
  225. Heads BETTER roll after this disgrace
  226. T. Thomas must go!
  227. We still have a chance if......
  228. The Crowd That Thinks Eli is the Source of the Problems...
  229. Kiwi....
  230. so...WHO'S ON NOTICE?
  231. I think Coughlin should get one more year
  232. Feel better guys...
  233. New York Giants would've won the super bowl with or without ELI MANNING
  234. My Christmas wishes...
  235. To the noobs to NYG football and football in general..
  236. There is still hope!
  237. TC has one year left - what coordinator would want to join?
  238. I now just wanna see...
  239. The Texans did it why can't we??
  240. Which is the most embarassing thing about this team?
  241. Deja Vu , Hufnagel 2.0......
  242. This pretty much sums it up
  244. Pick the better player
  245. I wouldn't be as mad...
  246. Fantasy Start of the Week 12/15: Seattle Defense vs. Gilbride & Eli
  247. New York Giants...slowest team in the NFL
  248. Season is OVER...This is what we do...
  249. Calling all fans goin to Seattle game
  250. Eli Manning or Ryan Leaf