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  1. A hobbled RG3 is the closest this team has been to defeating an actual NFL quality QB
  2. In closing for 2013
  4. Separation by the wide recievers.
  5. even if they get a 5-11 schedule next year they'll still play down
  6. Giants should learn something from the saints
  7. Please Stop With The Eli Has Two Super Bowl MVPs.
  8. The worst part of this year
  9. Where the hell was our running game today?
  10. But Eli Will Tell You In the Post Game Interview
  11. I hope it snows like hell super bowl sunday...
  12. Enough of the "Get Rid of Eli" Threads
  13. Last game.
  14. These should be our starters for the rest of the season
  15. Need help! How to fix the Giants?
  16. Nicks...#1 WR, 13 weeks no TD
  17. For you Eli lovers..
  19. We need a physically dominant WR/TE
  20. is it ever just one problem?
  21. So were almost officially eliminated from NFCE contention
  22. Jerry Reese is the Adrien Robinson of GMs
  23. put any "elite" qb in eli's place n it would b the same problem.
  24. Let me guess, zero pro bowlers.
  25. Well This Sucks
  26. Bear Pascoe or Adrien Robinson
  27. Cough-Lin
  28. Am I the only one who laughed at the Eli Manning fat head in the stands?
  29. Seattle Seahawks vs New York Giants On Sunday
  30. My uneducated take on the game
  31. Giants secondary beaten badly for big plays
  32. Justin Tuck playing for a new contract?
  33. Thinking about the offseason already....
  34. Time to change
  35. Giants LB Jon Beason: 'We came out flat' against the Chargers
  36. GIants' Links: Big Blue Officially A Bad Football Team
  37. Giants Vs. Chargers: Duds And More Duds
  38. Eli Manning: "I Wish I Could Have Made Some Better Throws" In Giants' Loss
  39. Five Biggest Issues Facing The Giants Moving Forward
  40. Three things going forward........
  41. Hakeem Nicks Comes Up Short
  42. Eli Manning May Be Having The Worst Season Of His Career
  43. Eli the Same QB he was in College
  44. Rivers The Mann: Super Sharp Chargers' QB Outplays Awful Eli
  45. Giants Going To SB
  46. I starting to think Manning may get in the Superbowl and win it.
  47. who is our longest tenured drafed player? (besides Eli)
  48. Off season must do"s
  49. Same ole same ole
  50. Start Nassib, here's why
  51. Why is Henne and Fitpatrick and others way better then Eli ?
  52. Where was Rolle, Kiwi etc
  53. I will eat some crow !!
  54. Eli equals Trent Dilfer of Ravens
  55. I actually enjoy this in a way as I been saying this for years
  56. Giants Secondary Beaten Badly For Big Plays
  57. Times like this......
  58. House Cleaning Time
  59. How do you know if its lack of talent or poor coaching?
  60. Giants' Blitz: "This Is No Fun For Anybody"
  61. Giants At Chargers: "Kudos And Wet Willies" Review
  62. Coughlins extra point blunder:
  63. OOOHH GUYS!!!!!! What Carl Banks just said on other teams use of OPTION ROUTES on US
  64. Do we have the most unimaginative..........
  65. Time to evaluate!!!
  66. I've seen Eli have some bad days but that was ridiculously bad
  67. Yes Virginia...DEFENSE does still win games
  68. Giants team is clearly disfunctional
  69. What does our OL look like next year?
  70. BBWC-Gone!, Giant Pride-NONE!, Big Blue-Hardly.."Release the Dogs"....
  71. Sean Payton mentioned something the Giants should adopt
  72. outside of the 2 runs they made, this era...
  73. Really, it is Eli's fault
  74. NYGIANTS & Seattle
  75. NY Giants 2013 Season Tribute Videos
  76. Something tells me JR would rather......
  77. Delay of game problem is attributed to Gilbride, IMO
  78. I think Tyron Smith was a direct result of JPP
  79. 2014 NFL Draft Order: Giants Currently Have 12th Overall Pick
  80. This is what will happen these next 3 week on offense
  81. Damontre Moore snaps
  82. Gilbride is staying next season.
  83. The Black Unicorn
  84. So...realistically....what now?
  85. Is Randle the answer at WR?
  86. 2nd and 10. What play do you expect on offense?
  87. this team was in trouble when his first pass of the season went to DEMARCUS WARE
  88. Another Reese option for 2014...
  89. I got the feeling we were snakebit FROM the 1st game on this year
  90. Change in GM? Who would be your pick?
  91. Giants Not Quite Ready To Make Final Three Games For Young Players
  92. 2014 team motto
  93. If Only...
  95. What your record says you are
  96. What your record says you are
  97. Notice how good offenses mix up their formations/personnel?
  98. The bears add an extra OL as TE to pass block
  99. Top 3 plays this year? Are there any??
  100. Mike Shanahan (Giants related)
  101. 4th and 9 late in the 3rd of the MNF game, and how Eli is different
  102. This season in a nutshell
  103. As Giants' Season Dwindles, Unfamiliar Blueprint Comes Into Play
  104. Giants' JPP Can Rest, But May Not
  105. Time For A Hard Look At The Giants
  106. Top 5 Giants Defensive Players This Year
  107. Steve Young on Ryan Nassib
  108. Playbook to complicated for Eli
  109. Time for a hard look at the Giants
  110. it's both the fortune and tragedy of Eli's career that he came upon undeserved succes
  111. Our Putrid Performance Against Terrible Dallas D
  112. Would you trade Eli for Josh McCoun and a 1st, and 3rd round pick?
  113. You know if we had beaten SD we probably would have made it
  114. The Giants quit on Coughlin again last Sunday this is a re-occuring annual event
  116. How did we wind up with 2 guys named Murphy Jr and Jerrigan as WRs
  117. Eli Manning
  118. This just in- Teh Giants are expecting to have a great Practice this week
  119. The anger, angst and disappointment on this board is palitable
  120. Consistancy
  121. Gilbride's and Keeping it in the family at the expense of the team
  122. Hear me out: Wade Phillips will be available
  123. Reality for next year
  124. Excuses, Excuses, Excuses
  125. WINS/LOSS STANDINGS and Draft Order
  126. 2014 season
  127. Let's be honest here...
  128. This Can't Happen Every Year
  129. Giants best pass rusher is an Accorsi pick.
  130. 4th down play call - Eli sacked. Genuis play calling at it's best.
  131. Let's talk Defense and Perry Fewell.
  132. Only 14 players guaranteed to be here in 2014
  133. What is wrong here?
  134. HOT 97 Kareem Mckenzie interview
  135. Hold your noses
  136. Archie Manning on Giants losing: ‘Eli’s dying right now’
  137. Giants have faced 8 of NFL's Top 10 rushers
  138. Don't let Andre Brown and Hakeem Nicks play meaningless games.
  139. Love Beason, but he struggles in coverage
  140. Stevie Brown Says He Should Be Running Soon
  141. Put it on record, will we make changes and IF we do who will go?
  142. Put it on record, will we make changes and IF we do, who will go?
  143. We need hungry players, too many divas who only really play in their "contract year"
  144. Brandon Jacobs goes on IR
  145. Where does Lawrence Taylor rank in BEST Linebackers of ALL time?
  146. Gilbride haters and others......
  147. Hey Seattle secondary, here's a tip when it's 3rd and short watch out for the bomb
  148. question about the last off season
  149. Jacobs to IR
  150. Did Anyone Else See NFL Networks Houston Oiler's Behind the Scenes (Giants Related)
  151. Wasted Money: How Much Have Giants Blown On IR Players?
  152. New mega-contract coming for Eli
  153. Giants Facing A Juggernaut In QB Russell Wilson, Seahawks
  154. Stapleton: Giants Need More From Eli
  155. Giants' QB Eli Manning Open To Restructuring Contract For Benefit Of Team
  156. Eli Might be the Terry Bradshaw of his ERA
  157. Only 7 Times has an NFL team won the SB
  158. Predict the score.
  159. Marshawn Lynch Is Next Challenge For Run D
  160. TC Right or Wrong?
  161. Giants' Spotlight: Justin Tuck Even Better Than Stat Sheet Suggested
  162. Giants Christmas Wish List
  163. If Peyton Manning Was The Giants QB This Season
  164. Philip Rivers on NFL Sounds of game
  165. This Is the 3rd Season in 9 Seasons That Eli Has Had 20 or More INTs
  166. Questionable OL play, musical chairs with the RBs, and Nicks no show=Bad QB play
  167. Another Giant Mistake
  168. How many more seasons does Reese deserve?
  169. Kevin Gilbride Says He Needs More Complementary WRs To Free Victor Cruz
  170. Giants' Brandon Jacobs Undergoes Knee Surgery
  171. Archie Manning: Giants Were Never Super Good
  172. Seahawks Could Give Cruz What He Craves
  173. Victor Cruz Asks His Mom Before Buying Super-Expensive Watch
  174. Is it sad that I'm happy I have to work sunday?
  175. Tom and the "Playoff Clock"
  176. Cruz Aims For Three Straight 1,000 Yard Seasons
  177. Coach Tom Coughlin After Thursday's Practice
  178. With the season lost we should try Pugh at LT
  179. Questions you would like KG to answer
  180. If Wilson is Hurt, Would You Wanna See Ahmad Bradshaw In Camp?
  181. NEW NYG VIDEO: I Know It Hurts, But...
  182. Eli the Gunslinger
  183. Justin Tuck says NY Giants don’t want to be ‘embarrassed’ by Seahawks
  184. Was there one play that we ran on offense that would consistantly gain yardage?
  185. Doctors tell JPP to shut it down for the year
  186. Giant Absences: Antrel Rolle Only Giants' PlayerAmong Leaders In Pro Bowl Voting
  187. Giants' Links: Decisions, Decisions, Decisions Loom For GM Jerry Reese
  188. Eli Defends Gilbride
  189. Tuck... what to do?
  190. Keep Em, Dump Em thread
  191. Focus Is On Stopping The Seahawks' Run Game
  192. Five Players To Watch Againsst The Seahawks
  193. 2014 NYG Free Agents
  194. An Idea Nobody Has Mentioned
  195. Who gives a rats _???
  196. Giants receivers eager to match up with Seahawks’ Richard Sherman
  197. Giants know Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch is a beast
  198. For an extra 2 million dollars we could have gotten...
  199. sorry team is a joke
  200. Giants 4 Superbowls in 6 years!
  201. Giants Football Thread
  202. If Nicks Signs elsewhere, Do We Get a Compensatory Draft Pick?
  203. Question. How to evaluate our o-line
  204. defensive coordinator...
  205. Giants' Rookie CB Charles James Earns Respect Of Veterans
  206. Hosley Could Get Start At Cornerback
  208. Has anyone else noticed eli is statarting to aim the ball rather than sling it
  209. Retirement Or Otherwise, Brandon Jacobs Has Cemented A Tremendous Giants' Legacy
  210. NEW NYG VIDEO: Into The Black
  212. Giants' Nicks: Seahawks Bend Rules, But He's Ready
  213. W2W4: Seahawks @ Giants
  214. Give em' hell tomorrow Giants!
  215. Receivers Need to Step Up.
  216. Not Even Getting the Shaun O'Hara Homer Pick
  217. Stevie Brown Continues Comeback Push With A Host Of Injured Giants At His Back
  218. Giants' Gameday: Three Matchups To Watch For As Giants Face Seahawks
  219. Giants Four Downs With DT Jonathan Hankins: Rookie Talks About First NFL Season
  220. Surprise In Store? Giants VS Seahawks Bold Prediction
  221. Inside The Playbook: Seahawks (11-2) Vs. Giants (5-8)
  222. Beatty, Gants Playing For Jobs, Not Playoffs
  223. Flew home to Newark airport last night
  224. We only get to do this a few times a year.....
  227. What do the Giants have?
  228. Inactives
  229. Robinson inactive again
  230. Chat room
  231. Offseason priority one - o line
  232. This team is showing some character
  233. This team is showing some character
  234. bum
  235. Very proud of the crowd!
  236. If it weren't so sad it would be funny
  237. 104.5 THE SPORTS ZONE
  238. The good news
  239. How long did you really expect our D to hold up?
  240. This is what a well-coached team looks like.
  241. Do these refs live in seattle downtown or in the seattle suburbs?
  242. Just got home...watched the last 5 minutes of 2nd quarter..Giants look like a HS team
  243. What happened to Eli's decision making?
  244. Prince is awful
  245. What can we get for Kiwanuka.....man he's awful
  246. So depressed
  247. Just throw in the towel!!!
  248. 13-0 and we have not got rolling yet....we can win this one
  249. Gmen have 54 total yards, eli 3 picks
  250. chastize again