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  1. Man I hope we re sign Tuck
  2. Football is won in the trenches
  3. You guys are nuts putting it all on Eli
  4. wow the oline is pathetic!!!
  5. Like I've been saying, forget D because we need an entire new O line
  6. Keep it scoreless Seattle, we want Gilbride gone.
  7. Brandon Mosley is in at Guard
  8. Ashton Kutcher must be in the building....
  9. Mosley is in for Brewer
  10. Breese had troubles with Seattle and
  11. Letting Ahmad Bradshaw go was a fatal mistake
  12. Defense Playing Well
  13. Eli Had Arm Problems Last Year. Could Be His Arm Is Shot.
  14. Veteran Players Hurt for No Reason
  15. wtf are these bumbs and where are my giants the giants i used to love **** this
  16. Eli is awesome
  17. Oh my God..I am so done.
  18. CRUZ Concussion and Knee sprain done for today
  19. Starting Veteran Players-dumb
  20. Arm Problems Will Force Eli Manning To Retire
  21. Eli = not very tough at all
  22. God I wish this season was over today!
  23. Reasons to bench Eli NOW
  24. I started Seattle's defense in both of my fantasy leagues....bittersweet.
  25. I think the team needs to get a new QB sooner than later
  26. For what its worth, this game improves our chances of drafting Matthews
  27. After 4 ints eli still in the game
  28. Need a change at QB
  29. Is it me but does anyone hear that kid yelling in the game???....lol
  30. How did this team win 5 games?
  31. Did Coughlin really think this team would be competitive vs Seattle?
  32. Consolation prize!!!
  33. We need a new QB and by association a new HC
  34. Co-MVP's for this Giants team this year.
  35. Jerrel Jernigan
  36. What's the problem
  37. Thats it. clear the stands. good night irene....
  38. i don't remember the offense ever being this pathetic
  39. We made it to the Seahawks side of the field!!!!!!
  40. What a handfull
  41. Who said the giants are not predictable?
  42. But of course that's not his fault just only FIVE picks
  43. I think Gilbride should call more FADE plays in the Red Zone,,,,what do you think?
  44. Sometimes, "Classy" is the last thing this organization needs.
  45. Plaxico Burress vs Richard Sherman on the fade to the endzone
  46. Get incogneto
  47. I haven't been this embarrassed. ...
  48. The Painter has officially begun
  49. Funny bit of trivia
  50. 3 Offensive Shutouts in a Year
  51. Positives....yes there were some
  52. Are you ready for MAJOR CHANGES now?
  53. You don't have an offensive line, you don't have a team
  54. Wait: Detroit next week? they may not score at all AGAIN
  55. Third shut out in 2 seasons.
  56. Post Game - Toomer Rips into OLine and Receivers
  57. List the WORST losses by TC Giants during his tenure.
  58. Beatty roughed up by a D-back
  59. When Jernigan is your best WR
  60. Buddy should have taken care of killdrive when he had the chance
  62. Hats off to the Defense
  63. Congrats giants
  64. To all the Eli bashers
  65. Funny how you can't talk about Eli screwing up this season...?
  66. Not trying to say I told you so, but I suggested trading nicks
  67. This Is Sad
  68. If The Entire Giants Team is So Bad, Trade Eli and Rebuild
  69. Reminder from book of Eli, when qb throws for 5 interceptions and regular has 25+ int
  70. Rolle ...
  71. Dear Mr Mara: On behalf of Giants fans everywhere, we'd like to say................
  72. Question for Jerry Reese - Tell us fans
  73. For all the Eli lovers, if the OL is bad , pathetic, awful, sucks etc. what adjective
  74. Quick question:is the talent level much worse than their record indicates?
  75. "I don't think we can phrase it as a Major Rebuild" Jerry Reese, Oct 30
  76. Still a big Eli fan
  77. It could get a lot worse before it gets better.
  78. is it not fair to blame the rest of the offense for 7-10 extra eli manning int's?
  79. Andre Brown not labeled the starter in the beginning...
  80. Thats how you prepare the team and gameplan for the offense.
  81. My uneducated take on the game
  82. Disappointment
  83. Perry Fewell 1 Kevin Gilbride 0
  84. Lynch: 16 touches for 47 yards good job D
  85. This off season...
  86. Tom Coughlin Calls Offensive Performance Pathetic; Defensive Players Don't Disagree
  87. Hakeem Ncks Disagrees With Tom Coughlin's "Pathetic" Assessment Of Giants' Offensse
  88. Giants' Offensive Line Is Overwhelmed By Seahawks
  89. Nicks showing that Michael Boley laughter during a blowout.
  90. After looking at the ints again, KG pla calling was not at fault
  91. starting to turn on each other?? Meyers tweets
  92. The Debacle
  93. what do you expect
  94. Eli, Giants Come Up Small Against Seahawks
  95. now that's how you play with pride and passion
  96. Nicks: Thank you for making all us fans look like fools. Seriously, thank you.
  97. D played pretty good
  98. Here's why I would want nassib to start:
  99. silver lining - better draft pick, better schedule, etc. next year
  100. Shutout Twice This Year
  101. Only 2 NFL teams have been shutout this year.............
  102. Thoughts on the Prince???
  103. ELI THE SMIRKER.........................
  104. Eli Is Not the Only One At Fault
  105. Manning passing academy random thought
  106. Young Guys
  107. Jerry Reese Please STAND UP !!!
  108. Should I watch the game?
  109. real talk:I think they should look at a trade for Eli, hear me out
  111. I've got a picture.............
  112. No More: Drafting Best Player On The Board....
  113. lets blow this thing up
  114. Rewatched the 4th and 5th INT
  115. Looking at Big Ben and Eli today and all season
  116. The worst offensive line in the NFL
  117. Ernie Accorsi predicted the 2013 Giants, and Eli Manning perfectly!
  118. Scary trend since 2009...
  119. OK Eli haters
  120. You guys use twitter?
  121. Eli in after game presser
  122. Look once you are out of the race you cannot put any stock in game performance
  123. Last Act of a Proud Man
  124. Warren Moon, or Eli Manning
  125. Maybe it's Eli's shoulder pads?
  126. It's going to be an interesting off season
  127. ELI will never progress in this current regime...
  128. USA Today: "Manning doesn't take blame for INTs"
  129. How many of Eli's 5 interceptions were thrown to NICKS!......
  130. Giants pay for big talk
  131. did u know that Seattle's D' 8 out of 11 players are 3 rounders or later
  132. Eli's QB Passer Rating Is Now 69.7, Only Ahead of Geno and Pryor
  133. Reese is going to either prove that he is a Wizard or a Woos. Tough decisions.
  134. Victor Cruz May Miss Rest Of Season With Concussion And Sprained Knee
  135. If Nicks gets big money
  136. Listen up Eli haters and frustrated homers.......
  137. What's with the Sunglasses during an interview Hakeem? TAKE THEM OFF!!!
  138. It's Settled
  139. Our recievers
  140. Hope we lose the last 2 games......
  141. I had to...
  142. Thanked or felt sorry for
  143. Great Daily News article....
  144. The Giants biggest proplem is complacency and poor coaching
  145. Motivation vs Realism Current Giants Related
  146. Maybe I missed it but was there a single WR open yesterday
  147. eli got killed in that playoff game against the 49ers and played well
  148. How many picks will Eli finish with?
  149. Pathetic. Even a Seattle business bet on us scoring and we couldn't!!
  150. Sorry ELI Homers
  151. Need to get a legitimate back-up QB next season
  152. Why is Eli so out of shape off-season?
  153. Failure (no reply needed)
  154. Did anybody turn the game off?
  155. lets get real trolls and haters - excuses
  157. Reese has a problem dealing with players.
  158. You can say whatever you want about Eli
  159. DO WE RE-SIGN ELI in 2016?????
  160. Jerry Reese needs to be held accountable
  161. I don't think either Eli or Nicks is the problem
  162. 2013 Autopsy
  163. Mike Francesa finally has conceded that Gilbride is not perfect.
  164. Brandon Mosley finished with a 1.6 grade from PFF
  165. Why did the out of shape thread get closed??
  166. To all fans who want to let Eli go
  168. Eli Manning is the worst quarterback since Mark Sanchez
  169. Giants Will Be Lost Until Eli Manning Finds His Game Again
  170. What frustrates me the most about the Giants is the shape of the NFC East
  171. Beatty as LT of the future scares me......
  172. Giants rewind: Time for voices around Eli to change- Great article!
  173. Time for a feel good thread.
  174. How would you grade Justin Pugh this season ?
  176. If Eli's Offensive Line Is So Poor, Why Is He Rarely Hit?
  177. Tom C. On KG
  178. Steelers compensated for bad o-line play. why don't we?
  179. A new scheme
  180. Is NFL.com Down?
  181. Whoa!? Screen pass to TE?! You could do that?
  182. Dont be shocked if detroit wipes the floor with us
  183. A message to our Kick off return guys
  184. Only team in NFL to be shut out ?
  185. I was watching some YA Tittle screens today.....Ei should watcha few
  186. Think it was bad yesterday, next week our interior OL vs Detroit interior DL=?
  187. Let's Get This Straight -- We Love the NYG
  188. Early yes. But predict next weeks score.
  189. If we lose Nicks who replaces him?
  190. Why can't they play like this team.
  191. Louis Murphy was brought in to the Giants to *stretch* the field...
  192. The root cause of the Giants debacle
  194. intelligence or instinct?
  195. Eli manning is the new brett favre
  196. Justin Tucker must...
  198. all the nfl analyst's on this forum that wish to pursue their careers. Eli cant
  199. So what's the difference between this team now and the chargers team...
  200. For Something A Little More Uplifting
  201. Does Eli really want to play Football anymore??, his body language is bad
  202. I think Coughlins biggest strength is also his biggest weakness
  203. If KG is indeed let go. And Jason Garrett is fired
  204. The Offensive Line is Bad
  205. Thank you Ravens for pissing off Lions
  206. Only in NY. Can you win a SB and two seasons later your job (Is or should be on line)
  207. I can picture Reese doing this out of habit and I would like it for a change.
  208. Tom Brady would do no better...
  209. Pride? This team is Too Pathetic To Even Stand By It's Own Truthful Self Criticism!
  210. You are the Giants new GM starting today what do you do?
  211. He was right about one thing- We left "Blood on the Field"
  213. Carl Banks: Changing Offensive Coordinators Would Come With Major Risks For Giants
  215. If I Were a Free Agent Offensive Player, I Would Not Play for the Giants
  216. Apologies if I offended anyone.
  217. Predict score for this weeks game
  218. NYG at Detroit
  219. Cruz
  221. Winning Two Super Bowls Does Not Make Eli Great. (Read this one)
  222. Free Agents At The End Of This Season
  223. We need to finish the season with pride...
  224. Eli can't handle change? I don't get it.
  225. Giants Haiku
  226. Pugh at OG.
  227. Rolle on Joe & Evan today
  228. With fans like these who needs enemies
  229. Here's what I've learned reading the GMB.
  230. Giants Place Corey Webster On IR
  231. Giants player you are most anxious to see how they play next season
  232. If I ran the NY Football Giants
  233. Tom -- Playing Eli? What are you thinking? Is your mind that impaired?
  234. Cruz May Join Webster On Season Ending IR
  235. Rolle leads league in INTs
  236. Coaching blunder
  237. Why is everyone so high on Fewell again?
  238. Only Eli could throw 5 ints in one game
  239. Our Returners
  240. Giants QB Eli Manning’s getting picked apart, but 25 interceptions not all his fault
  241. Simms to Giants, Eli: Welcome to 'rock bottom'
  242. How long will Tom Coughlin and Rex Ryan last after another lost season in NY
  243. Which Season Outcome Was More Disappointing
  244. Random Giants History
  245. Watching the playoff chase, Poor GMEN fans!!!!
  246. Giant Changes Could Come In Scouting Department As Draft Busts Pile Up
  247. Pro Football Focus gives Kiwi the lowest grade in the league for a 4-3 defensive end
  248. Let's turn to something positive.....
  249. 4 TE
  250. Remember the last time Eli threw 25 picks?