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  1. Rolle says he's open to contract extension
  2. Manning: "I Need To Play Better"
  3. Mike Sullivan's style?
  4. Ben Tate?
  5. Anyone else worried about Beason resigning?
  6. Gilbride will be fired according to RotoWorld
  7. Mara on the Hot Seat?
  8. Perry Fewell: Give him credit where it's due
  9. Pretend You're The New York Giants Schedule Maker For 2014
  10. Jacobs or Hillis or neither?
  11. Giants' Links:" John Mara; One Smart - And Angry - Owner
  12. Running back choices!
  13. Man I love it when I post stuff and it gets repeated in media
  14. Who is your "hat trick" of firings?
  15. pretend you are assigning the giants plane seating
  16. How I would build this team (fix glarring weaknesses)
  17. Hakeem's Jersey's on Clearance?!
  18. Some Candidates Mara Should consider
  19. We did not place a Running Back in the top 40 this year- DISGRACEFUL
  20. Mara said...
  21. WFAN: why did they not air yesterday's
  22. Kinda OT- MJD
  23. OL Contract Breakdown Please
  24. Why does eli never get benched......Never, Ever, Ever, Never
  25. Free Agency
  26. Uhhmmm, Justin Pugh:
  27. Coughln blaming his losses on the league being competitive on TV right now
  28. Who is the best OC out there that we could get our hands on?
  29. To all of my fellow posters
  30. How Jerrell Jernigan Helped RAMS' GM
  31. Some Proposed 2014 Cuts
  32. Sigh*
  33. Thanks Mods
  34. Police Smelled Odor of Marijuana Prior to Arrest of New York Giants’ Will Hil
  35. John Mara Appreciation
  36. N.Y. Giants GM: David Wilson not our top running back
  38. the suspense is killing me!
  39. Salary Cap calculator
  40. I hear this alot.
  41. Coach Cutcliffe as OC?
  42. Happy new year
  43. Manning: ‘I need to play better’
  44. Giants Express Interest In Bringing Back Jon Beason, Sources Say
  45. Would be sorry to see KG go
  46. Question about the time stamp on the threads.
  47. For the Homer Giants fans:
  48. NY Giants 2014 Resolutions
  49. John Mara Asks Fans To Trust Him, GM Jerry Reese, Tom Coughlin
  50. same offense
  51. A new offense for Eli!
  52. Andre Brown, Giants Have Mutual Interest In 2014 Reunion
  53. Redskins requested permission to interview Fewell
  54. The New York Giants Will Be Back
  55. Playing with the giants cap calculator
  56. When Stevie Brown comes back does he automatically get back his strting job?
  57. How The Giants Can Have A Successful 2014 Offseason For Their 2014 Season
  58. Vacchiano: Giants Would Be Wrong To Make Gilbride Scapegoat
  59. I'm concerned
  60. How about Anquan Boldin?
  61. Mind boggling...
  62. So It's Inevitable Eli Will Get a $100M Deal Now That Cutler Is in the $100M Club
  63. pre combine pre senior bowl/ jan 2 2014 dream off season
  64. Giants' Coaching Rumors: Who Could Join Staff, Move Up?
  65. Jernigan running the Wildcat
  66. Giants' Offseason Primer: Big Decisions For Big Blue
  67. Mike Sullivan ran the 32nd worst ranked offense in 2013
  68. Dan "The Pineapple" Graziano Tweet's that Gilbride will retire.
  69. Now that Gilbride is gone, how many people think he wasn't handcuffing Eli?
  70. Joe Lombardi Offensive Coordinator?
  71. Progress?
  73. Perry Fewell getting interview because he is a good coach?
  74. @ The people who have no respect for Gilbride
  75. ESPN's New York Giants reporter Dan Graziano....
  76. This paragraph says it all from another post and is exactly what is needed
  77. Rudyy in 2014
  78. I want Jacobs on the sidelines!!!...
  79. We're headed into uncharted waters, how are you feeling?
  81. We need to turn into a smash mouth running team
  82. offense question
  83. ESPN Names Four Giants To All NFC-East Team
  84. New System = More Off Season Prep
  85. Will Coughlin be a detriment? 3 things:
  86. Watching other teams offenses and thinking of ours
  87. Will Gilbride Junior be retained
  88. Happy Birthday To Eli Manning & David Tyree!!!
  89. How about Joe Lombardi New Orleans QB coach since 2008 for OC job
  90. This could be a great start to our Free Agency signings for Offensive line
  91. New Offensive Co-Ordinators
  92. Off-Topic: Chrome users, do forum links and buttons still work?
  93. Brandon Jacobs, a True NY Giant
  94. Radio Alert: Tom Coughlin live right now on the WFAN
  95. Rolle Makes 2nd Team All-Pro
  96. Be Careful what you wish for!
  97. My Tribute To Kevin Gilbride
  98. Hopes and Wishes
  99. WR - Position of strength again?
  100. Regarding Free Agency
  101. I know we need O-line help but I would love Toby Gerheart
  102. Pugh to LT possible according to TC
  103. RB?
  104. Should we go after the following FA's to boost O line?
  105. Incomplete Depth Chart: Who Stays Who Goes?
  106. BTW, What was the mysterious illness
  107. Enjoy Fellas....
  108. For anyone wanting to reminisce......
  109. Antrel Rolle Named To AP ALL-PRO Second Team
  110. Tight Ends and LB's
  111. Coughlin comments on Nicks
  112. Idea for new QB Coach
  113. Now It's On GM To Rebuild Eli Manning's Offenses
  114. When the owner and HC have a different take
  115. How did Special Teams coach Quinn not get fired ???
  116. If Nicks leaves our offense will change big time
  117. Reason for our "broken" offense
  118. Glad the owners are stepping up!
  119. TC needs to go
  120. Justin Tuck: I see no reason why he cant be a decent rotational DE
  121. Don't Be Fooled
  122. Anyone play football in college?
  123. Super Bowl Tickets
  124. NFL Favors Passing
  125. Cowher still waiting for giants job?
  126. 2014 will be a tough year for Giants
  127. Playoff Offenses
  128. Whats going to be your reaction
  129. Look at the bright side
  130. Kiwi voted bottom 5 "worst" DE's (PFF)
  131. Mark Ingram, RB. Is it possible?
  132. Offensive line
  133. I have to laugh.
  134. Please get a 3rd down back
  135. Just listened to TC saying how LB Jon Beason cemented the defense
  136. Giants' Links: There Was Nothing "Special" About Tom Quinn's Unit
  137. Kicker Brandon-McManus signed to reserves/futures contract
  138. Mike Munchak as OL coach
  139. All the talk about a new head coach in the future....
  140. Reese failed this team, KG was just the scape goat
  141. The New Giants Offense will look like this....
  142. We cannot even play with these WC teams
  143. Boy. I want a guy like Lacey in or backfield.
  144. Hindsight to some, headache to others.
  145. Bold predictions for 2014?
  146. Eli To Screen or No Screen is the Question.... I have a problem with this!!
  147. Salary Cap question - Snee, Bass, Kiwi and others
  148. These playoff teams
  149. New OC....updates?
  150. When was the last time this team won a game they where trailing by a lot?
  151. Wade Phillips for DC
  153. "Don't assume Sullivan is favorite for OC" says Giants FO. "More changes to come"
  154. Eli's mechanics
  155. How can we NOT re-sign Linval Joseph?
  156. Gotta keep Beason and Rolle, too...
  157. Beatty has surgery. Should be OK for next year:
  158. I haven't seen anyone talking about
  159. Keep/Cut (a list of expensive Giants), including Eli...
  160. Sullivan to interview this week for OC spot.
  161. What cutting Baas and Kiwi means: Pre-Post June 1st:
  162. Potential cuts from other teams (RB, TE)
  163. Scott Chandler
  164. Stevie B rown: I Feel Like I'll Be Back With Giants
  165. Perry Fewell: Would Giants Try To Keep Him If He's Offered Washington's Job?
  166. If we bring in new OC for 2014 and if it's coughlins last year...
  167. A Look At Some Key Giants' Cap Numbers
  168. Giants work out OL Ryan Lee
  169. Why I still think Sullivan could be a good hire
  170. Loggains to interview. WTF is he???
  171. Alex Mack could help stabilize BigBlue Oline
  172. O LINE 2007 Compare
  173. 2014 compensatory picks
  175. New OC could be groomed to replace TC
  176. How about Brian De La Puente as our Center?
  177. How do you recognize a great coach?
  178. Pure and simple,
  179. Tiki & Ronde Barber tonight
  180. Does anyone know
  181. Hakeem Nicks: "I Understand The Business Side" Of Talks With The Giants
  182. Giants' Free Agents: Jon Beason's Case To Stay Is Strong
  184. Gilbride blames OL for Eli's bad year
  185. Giants punter Steve Weatherford given key to city of Newark
  186. I need to commend the 2013 NYG DEFENSE
  187. What to do in FA?
  188. .....at least someone agrees with me.......
  189. Shotgun Draw
  190. rob chudzinski questions
  191. 3 OG's and 3 C's the Giants should go after the hardest in free agency
  192. Eli Can Learn From Rivers' Offensve Transition With Chargers
  193. Cruz Plans To Call Manning After Valentine's Day For Workouts, Stengthen Chemistry
  194. Victor Cruz Endorses Mike Sullivan As Gants' Next OC
  195. Giants Put Hakeem Nicks In Holding Pattern
  196. Rolle To Receive Thurman Munson Award
  197. T2 wants to be a starter
  198. Big Blue Wrecking Crew Hits Compilation...We Need More Nasty !!!!
  199. Let's Look at Something Positive for GMen
  200. Stapeton: Advice For Giants' Next Offensive Coordinator
  201. Simms and Marino say Giants need a new O scheme and system
  202. The "Scheme". or the plasy selection within the scheme.
  203. We need football players, not someday/maybe players
  204. Marc Ross to interview for Bucs GM job
  205. NYG FINES 2013
  206. Whats wrong with the gmen
  207. Ben McAdoo OC Candidate
  208. Fran Tarkenton creates 1st ever tweet and agrres with me
  209. Giants' Cruz Gets A Chemistry Lesson After Skipping OTAs
  210. How in the world did Kiwi get such a huge contract............?
  211. Giants'Position By Position Breakdowns: Looking Back, And Ahead
  212. Giants' Position Breakdown: Defensive Tackle
  213. No Worries About Redskins For Years To Come
  214. Another OC interview...
  215. What OC would even want to come here ???
  216. I am sorry Rolle isnt that good !
  217. Gilbride deserves credit for Victor Cruz
  218. Jay Gruden: 5 Reasons For The Giants To Be Cnocerend About Washington's New HC
  219. Now we are the ONLY team in the division without a young hungry HC
  220. Giants' Positional Breakdown: Cornerback
  221. Its still his offense?
  222. Tom Quinn To Return As Special Teams Coach, Sources Say
  223. Jaws: Eli Manning Will Benefit From New Giants' OC
  224. Paul Dottino's 2013 Stand Outs
  225. Wilson to have neck surgey this month
  226. What about Lagerrette Blount?
  227. Will they re-sign beason?
  228. We are heading into a major rebuilding phase
  229. Injuries: Giants led league in games lost by starters in 2013
  230. View First Unread - Question to Mod's
  231. John Mara Addresses Offseason Prioroties (WFAN Interview)
  232. Will The Giants Keep Justin Tuck? Jerry Reese Weighs His Optons
  233. GIants' Free Agents: Can Andre Brown Carry The Load At Running Back?
  234. Lombardi - NO Saints
  235. What About Dennis Pitta and James Starks As Free Agents?
  236. Ticket Prices?
  237. Strahan makes the final 15 cut. George Young misses.
  239. Giants would’ve fired Gilbride if he hadn’t retired, source says
  240. NFL Quarterbacks/Muppet Look-A-Likes including Eli Manning
  241. Why Giants' Coaches Are Among This Week's Winners And Losers In Sports
  242. Giants' Owner John Mara Is Firmly Behind Coach Tom Coughlin
  243. Free agent wish list
  244. It's quite obvious to me what is going on with OC hiring
  245. Keeping All Coaches 2 possible reasons and who is really on hot seat
  246. Giants' OC Candidates: Pros and Cons
  247. In Coaching Search, Are Giants Looking For More Than Just An Offensive coordinator?
  248. Stake your claim! Team Rhino or Team Terminator.
  249. Were Injuries An Excuse For 2013 Giants?
  250. I dont care really who the next coordinator is