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  1. Bradshaw sympathizes with Nicks
  2. New Giants DE Robert Ayers: Misuse With Broncos Led To Low Sack Totals
  3. Looking at our schedule: not sure what tomake of our schedule overall.
  4. Big Blue Punter Heads To Prom - Side Story
  5. Giants' President John Mara Talks NFL Rules
  6. Eli Manning Vs. Defensive Coordinators
  7. Have we heard any new information about Will Hill?
  9. John Mara: "We Expect To See The Championship-Level Eli" In 2014
  11. New Member Longtime Giants Fan and fan of message board, had to finally join in.
  12. Giants Defense Lost If Pierre-Paul Doesn't Find Old Form
  13. Ruh Roh... There's a good chance the Giants get chosen to do HARD KNOCKS this year.
  14. Coach Coughlin's contract
  15. If The Giants Fail To Make The Playoffs In 2014
  16. Why is there no confidence in Rueben Randle?
  17. Big Blue Road Trip
  18. McAdoo vs. Gilbride Videos and Perry
  19. you know what pisses me off about Will Hill and the others like him
  20. Eli Mannnig: Every Offensive Player Attended Giants' "Voluntary" Workouts
  21. tuck sb 46 jersey
  22. Rusty Smith
  23. "Who Knows The Future"
  24. If there was one thing you could change in big blues history what would it be ?
  25. what offseason acquisition are you most excited about ??
  26. Painter had Knee Surgery Friday
  27. What to expect with this offense
  28. requested
  29. Giants' QB Competition: Setting The Odds On Who Will Be Eli Manning's Backup
  30. Most Important Giant of All Time
  31. Archived Giants radio broadcasts anywhere???
  32. New York Giants vs Philadelphia Eagles On October 12th Sunday Night Football
  33. Eagles' LeSean McCoy Disses Giants' Active Offseason:"What Have They Done? Big Deal"
  34. 5 Things To Know About QB Rusty Smith
  35. Do you think any player has ever signed in here............
  36. Eli Manning Sheds Boot, Ready For Giants' New Offense
  37. How do you feel about OT games?
  38. Omaha and the Mike?
  39. What the seahawks moves teach us
  40. Sorry Guys
  41. Who Will Rodgers-Cromartie Cover In 2014
  42. Opening Play Call 2014 Regular Season?
  43. HBO and the NFL have narrowed down the HARD KNOCKS teams to Bears, Giants, Steelers
  44. What were we and will we be a "true" West Coast Offense??
  45. Giants' Offseason: Prince Amukamara Excited For Addition Of DRC
  46. Texans vs. Giants
  47. 2013 QB Passing Stats: 3rd/4th-down with 9+ yards to go (see attempts)
  48. Oline !
  49. NY Giants Back Up Plan Ideas
  50. Stevie Brown Heard From Other Teams, But Always Knew He'd Be Back
  51. What We Might Learn From GM Jerry Reese's Pre-Draft Presser
  52. McAdoo, the young and current vs Gilbride, the old and stubborn = Eli Pro bowl/SB QB
  53. New York Giants have exercised the 5th-year for option 20
  54. jerry reese press conference.
  55. Giants exercised their 2015 contract option on cornerback Prince Amukamara
  56. Yale Bowl Years
  57. Tours of Quest Diagnostics Center
  58. Five Things We Learned From Jerry Reese
  59. David Wilson's Return Is A "Bonus," Says GM Jerry Reese
  60. Gonna be on the sidelines with my boy...which game??
  61. Is it possible to buy tickets for face value
  62. Jerry Reese Isn't Sweating Tight End
  63. Giants Need Big Year In Passing Game
  64. Eli Manning Says In Video He's Already Running And Taking Drops
  65. Giants' Roster Still A Work In Progress
  66. JR and the TE position
  67. NFL Films rated Strahan 99th best player of all time
  68. Giants WRss vs. Green Bay's WRs
  70. Only one 2009/2010 draftee still on team??
  71. Who is your All-Time NY Giants 53 man roster?
  72. Will Hill: Thought there was a new
  73. Giants Get On The Field Monday For First Time With New Offense
  74. NY Giants' News, 5/5: Eli Manning Already Throwing After Surgery
  75. Week 1 thoughts
  76. Peyton Hillis Sports Science !!!
  77. Giants' DL Solutions Likely To Be Internal
  78. Hoping Jerry Reese was at least aware of Alejandro Villanueva
  79. Five pre-season games is BS
  80. Giants Hope Nassib Moves Up On Depth Chart
  81. Question for the fans
  82. NFL Network will have camera inside Giants War room
  83. Cooper Taylor will get his chance!
  84. DRC to safety?
  85. Literature that can potential hurt us.
  86. Unlucky players, unlucky GM
  87. No Hard Knocks (Report)
  88. Prince Amukamara Says He Was "Relieved" Giants Picked Up His Option
  89. Justin Pugh Remembers His Draft Party
  90. DRC will average $7m a year:
  91. Top 5 QB's who had no business winning a SB (and one is a Giant)
  92. What does the average knowledgeable yet unbiased fan of thinks of the 2014 Giants?
  93. very random. Does anyone have the Holy Jerry Reese pic?
  94. Victor Cruz Says He Wants To Be A Captain, Gets Advice From Michael Strahan
  95. If you had to project a win lose total next year what would it be?
  96. Walter Thurmond vs. Trumaine McBride
  97. Can we have an Official draft thread to keep it neat please?
  98. Giants radio big blue kick off live
  99. TAGF is so predictable
  100. Giants to possibly trade back into the first ?
  101. Dumb threads..dumb threads everywhere!
  102. Great Beckham video Giants fans!!! Great offseason so far!!!
  103. X receiver and DJ2?
  104. Jerry reese ... Pass or fail!
  105. Every year its the same thing
  106. How can this team believe Beatty will bounce back next year?
  107. If Beatty doesn't come back into form
  108. To All The People Who Hate the Beckham Pick
  109. kill'em with speed
  110. Odell Beckham will be a great pick
  111. for all those that love the beckham pick
  112. I've gotta be honest...
  113. Kony Ealy 2nd Round??
  114. Cyrus Kouandijo or Gabe Jackson......we need to bolster the OL
  115. Odell Beckham Jr: 5 Things To Know About The Giants' New WR
  116. "Tall receivers donít always correlate to Super Bowl wins"
  117. How The Giants Plan To Use Odell Beckham
  118. Rueben Randall Talks Odell Beckham
  119. Giants Believe They Found Dynamic Weapon in Odell Beckham JR.
  120. Randel, beckham, cruz, manningham, jerrnigan,
  121. Odell Beckham Jr. On Joining Giants
  122. Experts Analyze Odell Beckham
  124. Who's next?
  125. Question about our Return game and Beckum
  126. Better be a Stud GUARD with next pick
  127. Our Return Game On Special Teams Is Going To Be Great!
  128. Its the same familar Song every Draft!
  129. was 1st round pick for McAdoo ???
  130. I apologize
  131. A man admits when he is wrong
  132. I think we have the best kick return squad in the game !!
  133. Im not apologizing for #$%$#$#%!!!
  134. Picking a 3rd WR on depth chart in 1st rd is simply a bad decision.
  135. An Educated & Factual Breakdown why 85% of yall are wrong year after year.
  136. Who is gonna ***** and moan when WR Jerrel Jernigan is back on the bench?
  137. Bechkam pick was totally a sentimental-ridden inside favoritism pick.
  138. Today (Rounds 2 and 3) Target D-Line, and Tight End
  139. Hopefully this is not going to happen with every pick
  140. Please be a good receiver Odell
  142. i dont get why people are hating on this pick
  143. Why is (mostly) everyone so hostile towards the Beckham pick?
  144. Kruunch's Take (Draft: Rd 1)
  145. Beckham , crux , randle lethal combination ? Or a disaster piece ?
  146. Is it always like this?
  147. ODB one handed grab
  148. Beckham GREAT PICK
  149. Beckham too small???
  150. Is LSU the consenus favorite by the Giants FO?
  151. 2008 Giants and 2014 Giants
  152. Why is there NO GIANTS
  153. "In the NFL, height does matter with WR's"
  154. Eli Manning is NOT a West Coast offense type QB
  155. Austin Sefarian Jenkins
  156. Eagles' Marcus Smith Says He's Coming For Eli Manning
  157. LSU Coach Les Miles Says NFL Rules Will Benefit Odell Beckham, Jr.
  158. Camera's in the Giants War Room
  159. Geez! Pats, Saints, 49'ers, Chiefs, Steelers and maybe Panthers wanted Beckham!!!
  160. Welcome to the concrete jungle, Richburg!!!!!!!!
  161. Yeah!!!!
  162. Lots of additions on OL, it's been addressed
  163. Who starts at TE ?
  164. 5 Things To Know: C Weston Richburg
  165. Jay Bromley
  166. Liking what I see
  167. O-line is deep
  168. OBJ Comparison
  169. Which player on our roster would be most able to successfully convert to TE?
  170. can we start a new cry baby sub-forum?
  171. We need
  172. Either we stick with Adrien Robinson or sign Jermichael Finley
  173. With TE so dreadfully thin...
  174. Jay Bromley Highlights
  175. Answer for our TE situation.
  176. Do you know why players are considered reaches?
  177. Another RB
  178. Andre Williams
  179. Andre Williams: Scouting Report On Giants' Newest RB
  180. 5 Things To Know About RB Andre Williams
  181. Andre The Giant: My favorite pick thus far
  182. I like this draft so far. Hitting the right areas on offense.
  183. Running out of time.......
  184. An interesting aspect concerning all of our newest players
  185. Is our TE Finley?
  186. Reese TE explanation
  187. Not having a tight end, overrated topic?
  188. I really like this Andre Williams pick.
  189. Who has the better year Odell Beckham OR Hakeem Nicks ???
  190. Undrafted Free Agent Signings
  191. we actually filled our needs.. minus the TE position.
  192. The Diamond Formation - a possible solution to our TE woes
  193. Coughlin: HBO Would Fire Us From "Hard Knocks" In A Minute
  194. Jay Bromley Gets To Play With The Giants, His Hometown Team
  195. Coughlin Says Manning Is Practicing Some
  196. Analysis: NY Giants Draft Class
  197. Who is your favorite pick?
  198. The Legend of Xavier Gimble
  199. Which 9 DBs make the final roster?
  200. overall im happy with the offseason
  201. Andre Williams
  202. Eli Manning Is The Greatest QB In New York Giants History
  203. Only change I would like to make.............
  204. Question about post draft activities
  205. is Bennet Jackson.....
  206. Most are giving the Giants high draft Grades
  207. After a good nights sleep... I like this draft
  208. Giants targeted NFL-ready players in draft
  209. Most Improved Teams From Draft
  210. Conference Calls With New Giants
  211. Kennard at MLB??
  212. When was the last time the Giants did not draft a DE??
  213. Evan Silva gives Reese a B- Draft grade.
  214. Andre Williams College Football Gameday
  215. Giants Didn't Like Tight End Class, Resting Hopes On Adrien Robinson
  216. Biggest concern left?
  217. I give Reese an.....
  218. Coughlin & Co. Find Players To "Lead" The Way
  219. Y'all think we got a shot at the playoffs
  220. Meet The Giants' Draft Picks
  221. How Does Eathyn Manumaleuna Fit With Giants?
  222. I love that we're whining about TE....
  223. Giants' Top Pick Odell Beckham, Jr. Has Been A Game Changer From The Very Beginning
  224. It can't get any worse than last year right ?
  225. Something that has always been a mystery to me.
  226. Nat Berhe
  227. Will Hill and the Secondary
  228. When does the Fantasy Football debate place open up ?
  229. Question about drafting a C
  230. Look at our LB position and Depth
  231. Will Giants Utilize No-Huddle, Up-Tempo Offense More This Year
  232. Giants' Draft Gives Eli Manning Plenty Of Weapons
  233. Big Blue Morning: So Now What?
  234. so when do we get to see these guys?
  235. What Kind Of Impact Will Rookies Make In 2014?
  236. With all the changes, and likely more to come what Record will we post this year?
  237. #'s
  238. What happens to Jerry Reese and T.C. if this draft is full of busts?
  239. I am finally excited for our RB this year
  240. Cannot argue this.........
  241. David Wilson expected to be cleared to play by training camp
  242. Jerry Reese, On SIRIUS, Breaks Down Giants' Draft
  243. Giants' Rookies Get Right To Work With New Team
  244. Offense Excited To See What Beckham Can Bring
  245. Eli Says Ankle Injury is Progressing Quickly
  246. Giants release QB Smith, LB Bradford, CB Mertile and P Jordan Gay
  247. Doubling Back On Andre Williams
  248. Defensive end?
  249. Measurable comparison: andre williams
  250. ODB or OBJ