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  1. Anyone else notice production from our third WR is basically NIL??
  2. Do elite qb's lose 34-0? Post honest opinions on Eli?
  3. OSI - Thanks for robbing the Giants a couple of million
  4. Tom Brady is elite and no one else is.
  5. We should have a standoff duel at high noon...
  6. Why so much pessimism?
  7. If we win out we are guaranteed a playoff spot
  8. Thank you Victor Cruz for the tribute
  9. Is TC's emphasis on playing this hard-nosed football wearing down the team?
  10. Look at all the weapons Brady has versus Eli...
  11. nbc said
  12. What do you think NE's O.C. does differently than KG
  13. This team needs drive blockers next season
  14. The Giants are going to the playoffs...
  15. Chance at Making the Playoffs
  16. Leave Tuck and Osi Alone and Blame Yourselves
  17. Questions I am sure we all want the answer to...
  18. Eli Manning Again Threw An Early Interception - This Time, Giants Couldn't Recover
  19. Giants' Defense Helpless To Prevent Runaway
  20. Myers: Tragedy Puts Game Into Perspective
  21. For Optimists
  22. Giants' Insider: Rookies Wilson And Hosley Schooled
  23. Eli, Defense Stink It Up As Big Blue Lose Control Of NFC East
  24. It's easy to say.....
  25. Giants Shut Out By Falcons; Turnovers Key
  26. Victor Cruz
  27. Glad for two reasons.
  28. Time to say goodbye to Tuck and Osi
  29. Kruunch's Take (Falcons Game)
  30. This was much more than just another loss
  31. Gong to the Game in Baltimore...
  32. Is It Just A Coincidence That Top QB's With Lousy Defenses Are All
  33. Toss the tough schedule excuse out the window.......welcome to the NFL.....
  34. Week 15...historically not a good week for Coughlin & Co.
  35. Giants vs. Falcons: POSTGAME REACTION IN GIF FORM
  36. Confusion....
  37. Time is Running out to establish a consistent Team Identity!This team is an Enigma!!
  39. Where is the urgency?
  40. Give these coaches a chance. They have earned it!
  41. Lawrence Tynes: a portrait in mediocrity
  42. The Missed 4th downs!
  43. OH JO MO HA MO
  44. Victor Cruz paying tribute
  45. Bennett and Wilson wasted because of our inept O-Line
  46. Tuck Needs A Sleep Study
  48. Breaking Down Why Giants Still Guaranteed A Playoff Bid If They Win Out
  49. OK! Enough negativity already!!! Let's show some support!
  50. GMEN are better than ATL
  51. I have underestimated this team in the past but
  52. Nothing that a game winning streak wouldn't fix.
  53. Defensive Talent???
  54. The New Breed of Giants fans are spoiled as hell!!!!!!!
  55. Finally Tuck said something with a little fire in his belly
  56. We must win the next 2 games !
  57. The problem with JPP
  58. NFC East Spin Cycle: Three-Team Race In NFC East
  59. D Line Lb for Balt.
  60. What bothered me the most...
  61. Victor Cruz, Giants Play With Heavy Hearts
  62. Tony Siragusa calls out Kevin Gilbridge on FOX
  63. Nicks/Cruz-6 catches, 55 yards
  64. Andy Reid:
  65. D. Diehl nickname turnstlle!!!!!!
  66. I appllaud Victor Cruz!!
  67. The Giants are turning me BiPolar at the weekend !
  68. How funny would it be
  69. How can we get some more Lumpkin into the gameplan?
  70. You know what's screwing us over?
  71. Poll - Eli realist or Elitist
  72. THE DROP
  73. On To The Ravens
  74. David Wilson Highlight Vid (time to cheer up)
  75. I so wish we had the internet in the 80's
  76. slight positive, looking on the bright side
  77. The Blame Game
  78. This team has no heart ....
  79. Is the whole sight adjustment scheme working in the other teams favor? Asante Samuel
  80. Giants defensive PFF ratings
  81. Everyone Hop On
  82. Right where they want to be?
  83. New York Giants Control Their Own Fate: Breaking Down Potential Playoff Paths
  84. You have a guy with flash speed to easily pick up one yard yet he was in on zero
  85. From the Georgia dome
  87. Jpp has a fathal flow that has always been present
  88. We are delisional if you think this team is talented
  89. The Giants Can Clinch A Playoff Berth vs Ravens Here's How
  90. TC pep ralleye.
  91. Execution is the main culprit
  92. I had a really bad dream last night
  93. Fewel has got to go
  94. News, notes, rumors, and gossip: Tuesday, December 18, 2012
  95. Just a bad day where nothing went right.
  96. What team could you be rooting for that wouldnt drive you nuts?
  97. Giants' Season Finale Moved To 4:25 P.M.
  98. Head Coach Tom Coughlin - 12/17/2012
  99. clean house...just clean house
  100. Core Players not as Hungry any more.
  101. I Just broke My NYG glass that I just got yesterday! Hope that isn't a bad omen!
  102. What franchises do you respect the most?
  103. Tom Moore wants to be OC again next year
  104. Giants in the last five years
  105. Does it speak volumes that Gilbride has won 2 SB's yet hasn't been offered a HC job?
  106. It may be time for another visit from Strahan!
  107. Adrien Robinson
  108. Ojomo
  110. Even After Loss, I'm not worried
  111. NFL is too Hard
  112. At least we won't have to watch the Jets in the playoffs...
  113. You think KG is bad
  114. This team is the king of the 4-6 game win streak
  116. Sanchez and Eli golf buddies?
  117. its official
  118. ESPN is laughably stupid
  119. put in to perspective
  120. Best Remedy For Losses Like This ??
  121. So the Giants can only clinch a Wildcard spot if we win the two games?
  122. It could be worse...stay positive
  123. Giants' Andre Brown Vows To Be Ready For The Super Bowl
  124. Myers: Now's The Time For Eli To Mann Up
  125. Giants' Ahmad Bradshaw Confident He'll Return Sunday Against Ravens
  126. Giants Have Every Reason To Worry
  127. Regarding parity in the NFL...
  128. Eli Manning's Inconsistency At Root Of Giants' Woes
  129. Offensive struggles = No Manningham
  130. Giants are very Consistent
  131. Giants Pro bowlers
  132. Next year we should trim the fat.......
  133. Defense wins Championships !
  134. Earth to TUCK ! are you there ??
  135. Atlanta flipped the table on us
  136. Magic Bus
  137. Rookies
  138. Is there any chance Spags re-signs as our DC, after we repeat as Super Bowl champs?
  139. AP Doesn't Think Giants Make Playoffs
  140. RB Kregg Lumpkin Adjusts To Backfield
  141. Tynes?
  142. Durability Issues with some players
  143. ppl forget eli's 500 yard game with healthy offense
  144. Keep your heads up
  145. kickoff
  146. Giants' Kenny Phillips Says He Will Play Against The Ravens
  147. Giants Waive Terrence Frederick, Re-sign Selvish Capers
  148. Who is going to the Ravens game?
  149. Eli bashers watch out what you wish for
  150. News, notes, rumors, and gossip: Wednesday, December 19, 2012
  151. Why the Coordinators?
  152. HELP! Looking for Super Bowl XLVI ESPN Post Game Show
  153. State of the Giants: Why they're 8-6
  154. BREAKING NEWS: I GOT IT!!!! I figured out what's wrong with Eli!!!!!!
  155. Eli is the best football player on this team
  156. Eli's first pick in Atlanta
  157. Victor Cruz visits family of Connecticut shooting victim.
  158. Anyone Been to M & T Bank Stadium?
  159. It's different this time.......
  160. What kind of names are these? Lumpkin? Selfish? Ojamo?
  162. Carl Banks calls out the Giants
  163. This forum needs more nightcrawlers....
  164. Ravens' Joe Flacco: "It Feels Like We're 0 - 14 Right Now"
  165. Giants Insider: Big Blue Looks Stuck In Super Slow-Mo
  166. Carl Banks Not Afraid To Call Out NY Giants For Awful Loss To Atlanta Falcons
  167. Giants Will Go As Far As Eli Manning Will Take Them In 2012
  168. Atlanta 34 - Giants 0: Hits, Missings, and Musings
  169. Please Donate the Victor Cruz dedicated cleats to Young Jack Pinto to Sports Museum
  170. Upset with most of you..
  171. Messsage To New York Giants
  172. nobody ever says this
  173. Tebow as a TE?
  174. On how many plays is bennet the first read
  175. For all those who question the talent on this team
  176. ZEN
  177. Pick A Team ...
  178. Giants Stadium Tailgates in the Divisional Round for SI's Best Tailgates vs. Packers
  179. Tom Coughln "Incredibly Proud" Of Victor Cruz's Visit To Family Of Sandy Hook Victim
  180. Giants' Kenny Phillips Returns To Practice, Ahmad Bradshaw Held Out
  181. Giants Are Consistently Inconsistent & More From Afternoon Tea With Tom Coughlin
  182. Tom Coughlin press conference
  183. Coach Tom Coughlin - 12/19/2012
  184. Practice Report: Prince Looks Good
  185. John Harbaugh: Baltimore Ravens Do not Fear New York Giants Pass Rush
  186. What is chucking and ducking?
  187. I think we should revamp the O-line through draft/FA & resign Bennett this off season
  188. Which Giants team will show up!
  189. Would have you taken this spot at the beginning of the season?
  190. Eli must follow Roethlisberger's lead and call out his OC.
  191. Do any teams fear our pass rush anymore?
  192. News, notes, rumors, and gossip: Thursday, December 20, 2012
  193. If we took 1986 Phil Simms and put him under center today...
  194. Victor Cruz Visits Pinto Family in Newtown, CT.....
  195. Victor Cruz........
  197. C'mon guys, you have to play with this funny game...
  198. Here we go again! About to start a 6 Game win streak!! Mark it down!!
  199. How much work do you think Wilson will get?
  200. Fallen NY Giants fan
  201. If we had Terrell Thomas healthy what would our record be?
  202. Adding Kiwi and Tracy to our D-line Rotation? releasing Thomas (3 ACL)next season ?
  203. Norv Turner
  205. The way to win Sunday is to jump out to an early lead.
  206. Politi: Can Giants' Eli Manning Again Live Up To His Rep For Late-Season Heroics?
  207. Giants' Lawrence Tynes Is Confident He'll Get Back On Track
  208. Giants' Kenny Phillips Getting Close, Ahmad Bradshaw Still Iffy
  209. Eli Manning Refuses To Panic, Even As Giants Continue To Slip In December
  210. Jason Pierre-Paul: Defense Knows It Has To Do Better
  211. Should we pick up Tim Tebow!
  212. Playoff Scenarios
  214. Confident this team is getting ready to turn it on
  215. Prince and Phillips
  216. If anyone wants a good laugh lol..
  217. Do the Giants make a run?
  218. Ultimate question....
  219. Bradshaw Needs to Lead the Team to Playoffs
  220. Bengals lose
  221. Giants' Chase Blackburn: "We Have To Come Out Swinging"
  222. Injury updates from Twitter.
  223. Who Do You Want The Giants To Face In The Wild Card Assuming They Make The Playoffs?
  224. This year Giant's MVPs ?
  225. Alarming Cap Hits for 2013 ,may change the team as we know it.
  226. The New York Giants Do Or Die
  227. Play with some heart BLUE...
  228. Giants' Hakeem Nicks Returns To Practice, Justin Tuck Remains Sidelined
  229. News, notes, rumors, and gossip: Friday, December 21, 2012 ARE WE STILL HERE?
  230. Who stays? Who goes? Who's available?
  231. Every Week a New Injury Saga Report !!
  232. Is JPP shell shocked?
  233. TT had some interesting comments about Prince yesterday
  234. Struggling Pass Rush...
  235. Justin Tuck
  236. I have a bad feeling about the Ravens game
  237. NFC East race: The case for the Giants
  238. Nicks predicts big plays in final two weeks
  239. Motivation team came out flat
  240. A 3 Safety package can give us a boost...
  241. If we took 1993 Dave Brown and put him under center today...
  242. Predict the score
  243. The bus is departing shortly. . . . . only a handful of stops left. . . . . Last call
  244. Dave Tollefson
  245. Giants' Justin Tuck Unsure If He'll Play Sunday, Time For The D-Line To Step Up
  246. With Ahmad Iffy, Giants' Rookie Wilson Sees Start Of Something
  247. With Super Bowl Credibility Gone, Giants Need Defense To Step Up
  248. Defeat vs. Ravens Could End Giants' Playoff Hopes
  249. Giants Need JPP, Pass Rush To Make An Impact
  250. Giants' Notebook: Giants Hope Bass, Snee Will Be Ready For Ravens