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  1. Cruz a Patriot?
  2. Five Giants In Line For Bigger Roles in 2013
  3. Best O line
  4. America's Game
  5. Another JR Draft/Cap article
  6. why havent the giants made more cuts
  7. Free Agency
  8. David Diehl pleaded guilty to DUI
  9. NFL Free Agency: Giants - Who Stays, Who Goes?
  10. Rashard Mendenhall
  11. Terrell Thomas Coming Back?
  12. Percy Harvin- Arguing Points
  13. Terrell Thomas Restructures His Contract With Giants
  14. nick barnett
  15. ALL IN
  16. Markus Kuhn Aims For Strong 2013 Return
  17. Possible Bradshaw Replacements
  18. Where could Ahmad Bradshaw end up? (NFL.com video)
  19. Peyton Hillis could be a cheap back looking to spark career and get one last payday..
  20. O Line
  21. If Cruz does leave what about Mario coming back???
  22. Daily Blitz: Wilson Ready For Whatever The Team Needs
  23. MLB?
  24. Details of T2's new deal according to Jenny Vrentas
  25. Giants $5 Mil under cap after Thomas' new deal.
  26. Would love to see Reese ****er a trade
  27. Could we use Greg Jennings or mike Wallace?
  28. I know this is sort of off-topic, but someone help! It is Giants related
  29. Bennett REALLY wants to stay a Giant...... let's HOPE we give him a fair offer
  30. Jake Muasau - How much FAITH do you have?
  31. Tuck: In Reese We Trust
  32. Mike Freeman's Ten Point Stance
  33. Just throwing out a FA consideration....
  34. Question for the older posters on this board (age wise).
  35. Giants' Jason Pierre-Paul Named To NFL.coms All Under 25 Team
  36. Ahmad Bradshaw On David Wilson
  37. Expect the Giants to sign a LB in FA or draft in the First Round
  38. Giants' Stevie Brown Named To USA Today's All-Joe Team
  39. Giants Sign David Buehler
  40. Tolley getting released by Raiders
  41. Panthers' Thomas Davis Inspires Giants' Terrell Thomas In Comeback From 3rd ACL
  42. giants news per kffl.com
  43. Is it a possibility that both Rolle & KP go?
  44. Compensatory Picks for 2013?
  45. Bennett rated number one free agent TE in NFL
  46. The New NFL!!
  47. Giants' Franchise Tag: Will Beatty? Martellus Bennett? Kenny Phillips?
  48. Free agency
  49. Eisen's Mailbag: Depth At Running Back
  50. Do we need another back?
  51. Should teams be able to trade cap space?
  52. What do you guys think?
  53. Martellus Bennett "Everyone keeps asking me about free agency. My outlook is NYG"
  54. ESPN, Herm Edwards Diss Eli
  55. Five Free Agents the Giants should target this offseason
  56. Stevie Brown Season Highlights
  57. This "It's a business" business
  58. If we let Chase and Rivers walk, cut diehl do you think we could get Kruger?
  59. Brown Confident He Can Fill Bradshaw's Shoes
  60. It's been month since mom passed....she was a big Eli fan
  61. 2011 America's Game
  62. NY Giants' News: Osi Umenyiora, Andre Brown, More
  63. New York Giants Could Be a Fit for For Former Green Bay Packersí Charles Woodson
  64. Why is Webster still on this team?
  65. Veteran RB's?
  66. gotta love Eli!
  67. Free Agent Duel: Bennett or Beatty
  68. Nicks vs Cruz
  69. Do we have the personnel to run a 3-4 defense?
  70. Re-sign Blackburn..??
  71. Giants Aim To Re-Sign LB
  72. What FAs does everybody else want Reese to sign?
  73. Unpredictable Giants Preparing For Pro-Days, NFL Combine, 2013 NFL Draft
  74. Awesome...Bradshaw career highlights
  75. Realistically, how much could we have Webster restructure to?
  76. Interest in Charles Woodson?
  77. The ultimate end zone dance = Victor Cruz, Henry Hynoski, David Wilson
  78. Sandy Hook Victim Jack Pinto WIll Have Giants' Themed Playground Named After Him
  79. This is probably a longshot but what this linebacker core ?????
  80. a free agent that could thrive in fewells defense
  81. Offseason Forecast: New York Giants
  82. What is the biggest position we need fixed?
  83. Since canty is gone I can jr bringing a guy like Matt shaunessesy in cheap
  84. Caption this picture.
  85. Team-By-Team Look At Who Would/Could/Should Be Tagged
  86. Giants rookie pool # for 2013 is estimated to be $4,614,587.
  87. When do you suspect the next cut or contract news will be?
  88. It's not crazy if Giants pick Nicks over Cruz
  89. Terrell Thomas Thinks Giants' Coach Tom Coughlin Has "One More" Season Left
  90. Giants' Pre Combine Depth Chart
  91. Giants 'probably' won't use franchise tag -- report
  92. 20 Million Dollar Player
  93. Elsen's Mailbag: Robinson's Development
  94. Video of NYG vs WAS 2012 (Ending of first game)
  95. Osi Umenyiora pops the question
  96. Caption this picture.
  97. Oh, Kevin Boss is a free agent now?
  98. Giants Hire New Defensive Quality Control Coach
  99. Jets also in CAP H3LL Release 5 Players
  100. Tom Coughlin: Potential Replacements If Giants' Coach Did Retire
  101. TT talks about his rehab on NFL AM
  102. A FA says " it would be a dream to play for the Giants"
  103. Eisen's Mailbag: Offensive Line
  104. Giants' John Mara Says He Does Not See Tom Coughlin Retiring In The Near Future
  105. The salary cap
  106. Giants Prefer Not To Use Franchise Tag, But Beatty An Option
  107. Keith Rivers
  108. Beatty Deal is done!
  109. Adrien Robinson
  110. Can we trade Osi for Freeney?
  111. Jason Smith
  112. Anyone have Rundown on all the guys giants signed since Jan 1st to Present?
  113. Agent For Keith Rivers Says There Will Be Talks With Giants About Return
  114. attending a giants game
  115. Domenik Hixon Wants To Return To Giants: Two Sides Will Meet At NFL Combine
  116. Snee Undergoes Hip Surgery
  117. Watching Kurt Warner a football life
  118. John Mara Hopes Hakeem Nicks, Victor Cruz Are Both Giants "For a Long Time"
  119. You hear that? Silence.
  120. 2013 NFL Combine: Giants' Coach Tom Coughlin To Speak Friday
  121. Report: Return To Giants For Osi Umenyiora Is "Not Happening"
  122. 2007 Giants: 12 sack game.
  123. Giants' Co-OwnerJohn Mara Reiterates Desire To Keep Will Beatty In Blue
  124. Anyone on the current roster that intrigues you?
  125. Dwight Freeney at the right price? Could he fill OSI's spot?
  126. Coach Coughlin Meets With Media At NFL Combine
  127. Coughlin Says Nicks Recovering From Scope
  128. Will The Giants Be Able To Keep Both Hakeem Nicks & Victor Cruz?
  129. JPP Pro Bowl 2013 and Beyond!
  130. Paul "nightmare" Kruger
  131. Giants' GM Admits Tuck "Hasn't Played As Well As We Think He Can"
  132. Notebook: Reese's Bites
  133. any Giants coaches working combine?
  134. Flat Salary-cap Presents Challenges, Limits For NFL CLubs
  135. Giants Have Rich History Of Under The Radar Signings, Who WIll It Be In 2013
  136. My Dream OffSeason
  137. Right now. the thing that scares me..
  138. The Consistency Of The NY Giants
  139. Optimus-NY from BBI: Salary cap numbers & information for all 32 teams updated weekly
  140. Victor Cruz: Hopefully We Can Get A Deal Done, If Not Here....
  141. Kiwanuka's contract got restructured.
  142. Hopefully Reese will restructure Eli's contract like NE did with Brady
  143. Will Beatty Update:
  144. The topic that's been beaten to death. Is Kiwi finally going back to DE?
  145. Player Development:: Mosley, Brewer, McCants
  146. If Philly let nnamdi walk Reese should consider him
  147. David Diehl: The Argument For The Giants To Keep Him
  148. Cullen Jenkins?
  149. Report: Salary Cap Could be Above $123M
  150. Saw where Peter Gunta (Giant's Secondary Coach) was running the CB drills
  151. Just looking down the road
  152. Thanks Roanoke
  153. Anbody See Tommy Coughlin being Inteviewed at the Combine today
  154. We ever getting new smilies? lmao
  155. Bennett
  156. Diehl undergoes knee scope
  157. interesting from kffl.com
  158. Adam Jones Available
  159. Top 50 Free Agency Forecast
  160. Bennett getting "NO LOVE"
  161. What should we give to get?
  162. Could the 86 giants beat the 85 bears?
  163. Time to celebrate! Ceeeeeeeeelebration time come onnnnnn!!!!
  164. Tony Gonzalez?
  166. Bold prediction for 2013
  167. Kenny Phillips?....What Gives?
  168. Giants' Eli Manning Slated To Have League's Highest CAP Number in 2013
  169. Say Goodbye To Barden?
  170. Giants meet with Cullen Jenkins
  171. I have the feeling the 49ers will make a run at Cruz
  172. Salary cap
  173. Rookie Recap: WR Rueben Randle
  174. 31 Reasons Why Teams Hate The Patriots
  175. If Cruz were to leave
  176. Giants have made "modest" offer to Kenny Phillips
  177. PFF: Performance Based Value: New York Giants
  178. I figured they would look at Osi, they need a pass rusher!
  179. Giants demand more from 2012 rookies
  180. Jerrel Jernigan
  181. 2012 Rookie Recap: CB Jayron Hosley
  182. TE Position
  183. Dunta Robinson?
  184. Salary cap 2014.
  185. Are the Giants going to Run more
  186. Eagles' Cast Off Jenkins Meets With Giants
  187. Carr expected to test free agency.
  188. Giants working on keeping Kenny Phillips
  189. A cornerback name for the Giants
  190. Would you rather a 2nd round pick or Stevie Brown?
  191. I wasn't that impressed with Bennett's blocking this year..
  192. We would be wise to use the Franchise Tag on KP
  193. Was the 86 team Phil Simms team or LTs team?
  194. Since there is some talk about the giants cap situation in 2014.
  195. No deal yet
  196. Giants free up another 2.6 million in Cap Space
  197. Cap Number for the Giants as of 3/2/13, anyone know?
  198. Daryl Smith anyone..?
  199. I feel like nfl network doesn't talk about LT as much as other greats
  200. Dunta Robinson anyone?
  201. Giants, Boothe Not Near Deal
  202. Jim Cordle at LG
  203. Toughest act to follow: Eli or Tom Coughlin
  204. Kenny Phillips
  205. Giants Focused On Making Running Game A Strength Again
  206. If we never draft another short receiver again I will die a happy man...
  207. Giants are currently only $3,832,113 under the cap - Again thanks to Optimus-NY BBI
  208. Giants Football and Character
  209. Can the New York Giants Still Rely on Justin Tuck?
  210. Webster vs Prince 2012
  211. DJ Williams
  212. news per kffl.com
  213. Am I missing something or are the Giants hoping for another run soon.................
  214. Franchise Tag????
  215. The NFL's Most Overvalued Players
  216. Will The Giants Bring Back Kevin Boothe?
  217. I was watching super bowl 42...
  218. Why don't the Giants look at Desmond Bryant??
  219. Panthers Could Target Hixon and Barden
  220. Can We Sign Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie?
  221. Jared Cook?
  222. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!! Bennett close to deal with Giants? or is it another team?
  223. So we didn't use the franchise tag.....
  224. General Salary Cap question
  225. Salary Cap and the effect On the Draft.
  227. LB FA Daryl Smith?
  228. Aaron Ross and Chris Gamble rumored to be released soon
  229. Coach Coughlin on Today Show and Piers Morgan tomorrow!
  230. impact on negotiations
  231. Giants Nike Impact Jersey
  232. If we don't sign Kenny Philips rest assured the Eagles or Cowboys will..
  233. How is Diehl Still Here?
  234. Plenty To Read Into Coughlin Narrative
  235. Announcing a new Giants fan !
  236. Thank you Corey Webster!
  237. 2012 Rookie Recap: OL Brandon Mosley
  238. Cap money next year to spend.
  239. Victor Cruz's Uncertain Future "A Little Frustrating" To Tom Coughlin
  240. Wide Receiver Contracts Setting The Stage For Giants' Hakeem Nicks & Victor Cruz
  241. Coughlin "Absolutely" Believes Deal Will Get Done With Victor Cruz
  242. Coughlin wants Webby and Deihl back with Giants.
  243. Giants Tap College Coaches For Insight On Defending Read Option, Other Trends
  244. Giants May Not Be Able To Keep Diehl, Webster
  245. Coughlin on Kelly and Michael today at 9am (NY)
  246. Amendola/Welker Contracts could more closely resemble what Giants want Cruz at
  247. Star Wars connections in the NFL universe
  248. David Akers
  249. Eric Winston??
  250. Blackburn to hit the Market