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  1. Yeremiah Bell if cheap?
  2. Dave Tollefson is Available
  3. The Market Value For Slot Receiver's has been established
  4. Belichick Irks Brady, Helps Blue By Letting Wes Welker Walk
  5. 4th day of FA signings!!!!!
  6. MLB Rey Maualuga? Ok, even I am shaking my head at this one.
  7. Some salary cap questions.
  8. In the middle of all this free agency mess...
  9. Wes Welker deal should dictate Cruz' value...
  10. Comepletely shocked the Patriots didn't go hard after Cruz... even with Tom Condon
  11. Justin Durant meeting with Giants
  12. If a team ( Rams or Minn) with two 1st round picks offer Cruz a contract...
  13. Is the Cruz magic gone for good? 2nd yr. stats take major tumble...
  14. Diehl taking pay cut of some sort
  15. David Diehl restructures
  16. Keith Rivers re-signing...
  17. Classy words from Former Giant Martellus Bennett
  18. Kenny Phillips signs with Eagles!
  19. Current roster...
  21. What % of the salary cap is too much for 1 position?
  22. Giants sign Mundy
  23. Ok... Am I the Only One Not Getting It?
  24. O line not impressive.
  25. signing of veteran Safety Ryan Mundy
  26. If Diehl is making ANYTHING more than the veteran minimum this season....
  27. Bon Voyage Kenny Phillips!
  28. Eli extension has to be looming on the horizion as a final play to resuscitate us
  29. Why not have Eli Reconstruct his contract
  30. Any chance Diehl goes back to LG?
  31. Anyone else not that upset with the FA so far?
  32. Welcome to Rebuilding Mode...
  33. Bottom line: Don't waste money on jerseys
  34. I don't understand something regarding free agency and these board--Please help.
  35. What's up with all the short-term contracts going around?
  36. Brandon Jacobs
  37. Bennett
  38. My Gut Feeling Tells Me......
  39. I would like us to target Victor Butler dallas olb
  40. Danny Woodhead?
  41. Victor Cruz to Rams? Rumor?
  42. Lmao Will Hill is hilarious
  43. A lot of fans are ready to write off Marvin Austin but this is the year he finally...
  44. I have a question, can a player agree to sign for below the veteran minimum?
  45. Too many people are overreacting.
  46. Cruz and a contract offer.
  47. Welcome to the same goal we've had every year since Eli has been under center
  48. Are the Giants the victims of a low cap era and 1 or 2 bad signing?
  49. I bet we retain Osi
  50. WR Louis Murphy visiting the Giants today (Friday)....
  51. The Browns
  52. Who should start at CB? Webster, Ross, Prince, Hosley, Thomas
  53. Dustin Keller
  54. Dustin Keller?
  55. Louis Murphy
  56. Anyone else getting sick of the revolving door roster?
  57. Players Giants have let go since Reese took over
  58. Aaron Ross interview...
  59. Where is all of our cap room tied up
  60. What position are we weakest at?
  61. I've learned to not freak out.
  62. Rivers Hoping For Healthy New Year With Giants
  63. Dennis Pitta
  64. In the end ............
  65. Question about Karlos Dansby and the Giants
  66. Happy birthday Michael Pope
  67. Dan Connor visiting...
  68. Any word on the details of Diehl's restructure?
  69. NFL Hot Stove, Day 4,
  70. Moved Thread..
  71. Sign Kevin Kolb for backup roll?
  72. I need reassurance
  73. Osi
  74. What if: Victor Cruz never made that 99 yard touchdown?
  75. Kevin Booth talking to giants and 3 other teams
  76. Dansby as our staring MLB = Antonio Pierce part 2
  77. I HOPE the Giants sign Dan Conor!
  78. Cut Deihl, Restructure....Here's AThought...
  79. Cross the Vikes of the list
  80. If you want to throw up watch this
  81. Jayron Hosley as Punt Retuner
  82. Kenny Phillips: Iíll learn to hate the Giants
  83. I thought KP, Steve Smith, Shockey, Plax, Osi, would all retire as Giants
  84. Think Cruz will sign over the weekend? YAY ANOTHER CRUZ THREAD!
  85. Am I the longest tenured poster?
  86. List of alll players Jerry Reese has lost and signed in free agency
  87. Best free agent signing in giants history?
  88. Elvis Dumervil Available
  89. T.Thomas 2010 vs. Prince 2012
  90. Dumervil or Dansby?
  91. Minn or Stl not expected to match offer sheet of VC
  92. Why aren't the Giants restructuring more people???
  93. giants sign louis murphy
  94. I'll be excited if we sign Dansby
  95. Giants sign LB Dan Connor, Bringing in TE Brandon Myers in
  96. Reese is Doing A Good Job So Far With Free Agency
  97. You should have to take a football knowledge test before being able to sign up here!
  98. I really hope we don't take a RB any earlier than round 6 this draft
  99. If we get Myers...
  100. One word...."toughness"
  101. JR Knows More Than We Do
  102. So far, JR gets a B-
  103. Osi and Cruz
  104. The deep threat is back! BOMBS AWAY!
  105. Bring back Steve Smith
  106. Best Off Season Pickup
  107. Myers signs...
  108. Jets, Panthers Among Teams Pursuing Giants' Kevin Boothe
  109. Giants reach terms with Brandon
  110. I'm Very Excited About Our Offense Right Now
  111. Here's our offseason moves thus far:
  112. With all these signings expect some big news soon about restructures/cuts real soon
  113. question for you guys.
  114. I'm really excited about Ryan Mundy and Dan Connor.
  115. Wish we could've signed Myers
  116. I see a lot of Louis Murphy hate on here
  117. As It Should be...Falling in place
  118. D Adds Toughness With LB Dan Connor
  119. Colts...Irsay hinting at signing WR
  120. Dolphins screwing up Cruz deal
  121. Tuck and JPP flipping sides?
  122. Want to see what Louis Murphy can do...
  123. I'm Starting To Feel A Lot Better About The team
  124. Myers had at least 1 20yrd catch in 8games...
  125. Under the radar: JR's now signed 19 FAs from other teams; Tops 13 in 2011!
  126. Are we done?
  127. Giants' Free Agency Report Card: "Kudos & Wet Willies" Review:
  128. Victor Cruz Rumors: Jim Irsay Stirring The Pot
  129. Can somebody please explain to me......?
  130. Giants Acquire Raiders' TE Myers, Two Others
  131. steelers and packers looking at Bradshaw
  132. look at this tweet exchange re Cruz
  133. I genuinely believe...
  134. looks good to me!
  135. David Douglas
  136. Where was I????
  137. Out of all the FA we've picked up off the scrap heap...
  138. Big Blueís bracing for offer to WR Cruz
  139. Giants' Tisch Predicts Victor Cruz Will Get More Money Than Wes Welker
  140. I dont usually do this
  141. Haven't seen an update on our cap situation recently.........
  142. Any chance AB comes back?
  143. Best Giants Draft Class?
  144. Greatest Cinderella Stories In NFL History
  145. Phillips deal 1 year 1.85 million?!?!
  146. Who says Brandon Myers has problems blocking?!
  147. Louis Murphy can also block!
  148. It is all counter intuitive
  149. Bleacher report gives an A in FA so far
  150. Meyers contract tweet
  151. Matt Hasselbeck - QB
  152. Conversation with JR on Sirius with Kirwin
  153. Lmao look at Cruz... and his dog... this kid was made for New York
  154. One thing everyone keeps forgetting(including me) the top 51 contracts rule
  155. GM's Perspective of 1st round pick for Cruz
  156. Ramses Barden contemplating resigning... vet min depth? Sure. Battle it out in camp.
  157. Meyers land 4-year, $14million contract
  158. Reese was on Sirius/MTC earlier (No Cruz info) - per BBI
  159. For ****s and Giggles, let's predict Myers stats for this season:
  160. Giants awarded one compensatory pick.
  161. John Mara speaks on Cruz
  162. Would you take Myers over Bennett?
  163. Reese interview from tonight, won't talk about Cruz contracts
  164. #2 best play?
  165. Full Reese Quote on Louis Murphy: We havenít had a guy who can run like this guy."
  166. Giants record in the playoffs since 2007 is 8-1
  167. Thanks Boss !
  168. I still get nervous...
  169. Get rid of Nicks
  170. Rams Out Of Mix To Sign Cruz
  171. Coughlin speaks on Cruz...
  172. Giants' Depth Chart: Free Agency Impact
  173. Mara wants us to get tougher on the lines...
  174. Giants Draft Class Challenge - Vote Now!
  175. Is Phillips non re-signing a foreshadowing of Nicks situation?
  176. whaaa...?
  177. all this free agency talk...
  178. OK, Based ujpon Mara's statement for tougher players on our lines
  179. What about our Defensive Schemes?
  180. Backup QB Carr re-signs with Giants
  181. Why not Mosley at RG?
  182. Kenny Phillips Blew His Career
  183. Which defense is better?
  184. Stevie Brown signed second-round tender
  185. Kenny Phillips was a borderline top 5 safety, please let's not slight him now...
  186. Where Does NYG Stack Up In Power Rankings
  187. Stevie Brown signs free agent tender for 2+ million.
  188. more good news
  189. Antrel Rolle
  190. Keith Rivers
  191. Poll: Greatest Giant receiver from the beginning to today
  192. Giants' Victor Cruz Tells Jersey City Students Work Hard, Never Quit
  193. Linebacker: Red Headed Step Child
  194. Eli and Cruz!
  195. Tom Coughlin once tried to hire Chip Kelly
  196. runners can no longer lower their heads
  197. More Competition Commitee Stuff.....no more tuck (Brady) rule
  198. Congrats Eli
  199. encouraging news about nicks
  200. If all Nicks, Cruz, Meyers and Murphy stay healthy this year...
  201. Eli Manning Calls Victor Cruz's Uncertain Giants' Future "Nerve-Wracking"
  202. What position do you feel doesn't need improvement(besides QB).
  203. Brian Urlacher?
  204. Is this now a penalty?
  205. Dan Connor: Run Stopper
  207. How big of a factor is the NY market for cruz staying with the giants?
  208. Improvement so far
  209. It hasn't been a sexy off season... but
  210. Boothe needs to be locked up
  211. Where will Giants Open 2013 Season?
  212. I Thought They Said That The Tuck Rule Was A Goner?
  213. About a month away from the draft now.....
  214. Conditioning an issue for Jason Pierre-Paul
  215. What do you think was the greatest Giants play of all time?
  216. David Wilson Wants Victor Cruz To Get Contract that "Makes Sure" He Stays
  217. David Wilson Expects Competition But Ready To Be Starting Running Back
  218. Jerry Reese Attends Alec Ogletree's Pro Day
  219. Chris Snee Feels "Great" After Surgery
  220. Carr's Mobility Is A Giant Assett
  221. Wilson Has Minor Hand Surgery...
  222. good news getting better
  223. Top 15 plays of the Gmen's post season history
  224. Do we like Bob Papa?
  225. What's really going on with Diehl?
  226. Since Osi is gone and possibility of Ojomo starting for 2013 season
  227. Schedule
  228. Bring back Johnathan Goff??
  229. Respect to Diehl: "Diehl Willing to Restructure Contract to Help Sign Cruz"
  230. Ahmad Bradshaw on Michael Kay - Audio Link
  231. David Wilson audio, interviewed on Benigno and Roberts, WFAN Thursday
  232. Eli and Coach Coughlin: two audio interviews from Boomer and Cartoon recently
  233. interesting question re Brandon Albert
  234. Some of the other things DD talked about on NFL AM
  235. Thread DISPLAY has changed?
  236. Last Season
  237. adrien robinson only a blocking tight end??
  238. Are signing big contract free agents really worth it?
  239. Ticket invoice arrived
  240. Pretty quiet in here
  241. Players Whine About New Rule, But Will Move On
  242. 7+ million offered to Cruz
  243. A little disappointed with NFL Network regarding new rules...
  244. No to a player with a DUI but L.T. sniffed blanco... before games admittedly?
  245. If Hurricane Sandy never hit the NYC area...
  246. Needed The Most
  247. Hakeem Nicks 2012 Highlights
  248. Best Defense?
  249. The Running Game Must Be As Dynamic As The Passing Game
  250. Season Opener