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  1. Saw this when I stopped for coffee this morning.............
  2. why do fans ask michael eisen detailed questions at all?
  3. Murphy Intrigues Giants With Speed At WR
  4. Giants Perfect Landing Spot For DE John Abraham?
  5. Bowl Rings
  6. Victor Cruz ranked the #2 value pick of the 2010 Draft Class
  7. Giants summer practices - Fans attending?
  8. No. 14 - Tom Coughlin
  9. Chris Snee: Goal Is To Return For Training Camp
  10. Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz no shows.
  11. Giants sign Bosworth..
  12. Giants Waive TE Michael Palmer Off IR, Sign LSU TE Chase Clement
  13. Big Blue's Special Teams Has It All
  14. Do you like Fewel?
  15. Eli ranked #43 best player in the NFL, 2013 (NFL.com)
  16. Strahan vs Runyan
  17. Giants Waive S John Stevenson and TE Morgan Newton
  18. Giants Workout Fullbacks Mike Cox and Tony Fiametta
  19. Giants' Terrell Thomas Cleared To Return From 3rd ACL Surgery
  20. Jernigan Hurt And Other Notes
  21. Giants Promote Marc Ross To VP Of Player Evaluation
  22. ELi Manning, Louis Murphy Building Chemistry Early
  23. Practice Report: All Eyes On The Receivers
  24. Nassib ranked t. 23rd on Cowboys' board.
  25. WR Rueben Randle Making Impact At OTAs
  26. Andre Brown Ready To Showcase All
  27. Giants' Tight Ends Preparing For Larger Role In The Offense
  28. Thank You Steve Smith!
  29. JPP ranked 6th most indispensable defensive player
  30. Eli underrated again
  31. Pro Football Magazine Picks Giants To Finish Last In the Division
  32. Where could i find a player list?
  33. Giants' OTA Report: May 30, 2013
  34. Potential of offense this season
  35. NFC East Final Standings 2013
  36. Giants Mount Rushmore on PFT
  37. If you had to pick between Cruz or Nicks?
  38. Pugh is about to be on NFL32 on espn 2
  39. New York Giants, Victor Cruz “Hit Stalemate” in Contract Negotiations
  40. Vertical Passing Game On Display
  41. Victor Cruz/Hakeem Nicks subplot more irksome than impactful
  42. 53-man depth chart prediction (may 31)
  43. Dwight Freeney makes interesting point re: Giants?
  44. MIAs@OTAs
  45. Patriot Payback? Grrrrrr Ballard...
  46. Do we have enough talent to win?
  47. last 10 seconds-LMFAO!
  48. Justin Tuck
  49. Giants' Andre Brown Ready For Larger Role
  50. Giants Waive RB Jereny Wright (Louisville)
  51. Eli Manning Poised To Shoulder The Load For Giants Once Again
  52. Rueben Randle: "I'm A Lot More Confident In What I Do"
  53. David Diehl On Giants: "This Team Means More To Me Than Anthying Financially"
  54. warms your heart!
  55. Giants Have Confidence In Bear Pascoe
  56. These 10 HC Firings Are The Worst Of The Worst
  57. Giants Gambling On Aaron Curry
  58. Are you guys more optimistic about our defense?
  59. Reality TV for Cruz?
  60. Barden, Weatherford Join Media Boot Camp
  61. Hynocerous Is PFFs Secret Superstar
  62. Richard Seymour still available, isn't it Vet Min. time of FA?
  63. Giants' Victor Cruz Now Says He Will "Never, Ever" Do A Reality Show
  64. Eli's Best and Worst!
  65. WR Keith Carlos Signs With Giants
  66. There are a few things I hate more...
  67. Tom Coughlin Talks Family, "Contract" With Wife During YES Network's Center Stage
  68. OTA's are going on and all we hear is crickets?!
  69. JPP to have back surgery.
  70. Nicks says he told Coughlin he wouldn't be attending OTA's. Whaaaat?
  71. Jason Pierre Paul out with back surgry
  72. Hotels that the Giants stay at while on the road
  73. Defensive Players at it again
  74. What do the Giants do now? JPP related
  75. 2013 NFC East Strength of Schedule
  76. No Shows And Injuries Will Pay Dividends
  77. Respect for opponents
  78. "Yosi" Ready To Seize Opportunity
  79. CBS Sports: Lawrence Taylor Tops List Of Best Pass Rushers
  80. Bubble Wrap
  81. giants wr situation
  82. Rodney Hampton or Tiki Barber?
  83. JPP's PUP List Prospects
  84. YAY!! another Victor Cruz Thread
  85. David Wilson & Andre Brown looking to be 1,000 yard backs.
  86. Can Toomer be more wrong (again)?
  87. Doc Says JPP Should Be Good As New
  88. What's Up with Pugh
  89. Thursday OTA Open Thread - NY Giants
  90. interesting idea with gunners on ST
  91. Hi My Name is Moke
  92. I like Wilson but I also like Da'Rel Scott
  93. New Names In The Tabloids, Like Itching Powder For No Shows
  94. Terrell Thomas, Jacquian Williams Return To Practice
  95. Giants' Mathias Kiwanuka Happy To Be Back At DE Full Time
  96. Time to Play Hard Ball with Nicks and Cruz
  97. Tyler Sash' career as a NYG is likely over with the talented safeties on this roster
  98. Final 53?
  99. What do we have with Adrien Robinson?
  100. Giants' OTA Practice Report: June 6, 2013
  101. Quotes: Assistant Coaches On Team Progress
  102. MOSS & OWENS
  103. Name the Giant Poster
  104. How Did Ray Handley Miss This?
  105. Adrien Robinson Impressing Tight Ends Coach Mike Pope
  106. Phil Simms
  107. Giants Should Wear White Helmets w/ New White Pants
  108. Justin Tuck is NFL's most overrated player
  109. Passing along a question from Spock regarding the linebackers.
  110. Giants' Cooper Taylor: Hybrid Theory vs. Transition Player
  111. Giants' New LB Kyle Bosworth Hopes To Make Name For Himself
  112. Hopefully he will come to form this year
  113. Numerous Giants Entering "Show Me" Season
  114. Who Will be Giants Rookie of the Year?
  115. What is the real story with Nicks?
  116. Best Giants OFFENSE GAME
  117. Picture from the gig on Friday........Giants related.
  118. Will our offense start slow again?
  119. Super Bowl Victory eminent
  120. Giants' Coach Dave Merritt On Run Defense: "We Have To Get Better"
  121. Joe Montana Tweets Top 5 QBs
  122. If the giants were to blow out a division rival- who would you want it to be?
  123. Mini camp this week
  124. Linebackers: Where Giants' LBs Stand Heading Into Mini-Camp
  125. A New York Giants Song
  126. Justin Pugh
  127. Eli Manning Has Played In 11 Playoff Games, 9 Good Games & 2 Bad Games
  128. Eli Manning Texting With Nicks...
  129. Super Catch to Super Dad: David Tyree
  130. Joe Montana list his top 5 QBs, two Mannings on the list!
  131. Had to Post! :)
  132. 5 Things The Giants Want To Learn
  133. Hakeem Nicks has arrived.
  134. What's over/under for how long Hakeem practices?
  135. Starting Friday, Giants can lower Victor Cruz's RFA tender
  136. What happened to the Giants news sticky?
  137. Quote: QB Eli Manning On Nicks' Return
  138. Bear Pascoe Feels Prepared To Take Over As Starting FB
  139. Giants' Marvin Austin Had Knee Surgery After Last Season
  140. Giants' Jason Pierre-Paul Has Returned To NY, In Early Stages Of Recovery
  141. Practice Report: No. 88 Back On Field
  142. Coughlin Impressed By Rookies
  143. Mandatory Minicamp Practice Report. Day 1
  144. What was Eli's best game
  145. Who are you most looking forward to see in pre-season?
  146. Not Under Contract?
  147. Brandon Myers
  148. Mundy Hopes Experience Helps Him Land A Job With Giants
  149. Mark Herzlich On Fast Track To Become Giants' Starting MLB
  150. Giants' Update Status of Henry Hynoski, Jason Pierre-Paul And Other Injured Players
  151. Markus Kuhn Talks Rehab, Challenges
  152. Quotes: Players Meet The Media On Day 2
  153. Giants interested in Bolstering Teir Pass Blocking -- Vonto Leach
  154. Anyone Have Any Suggestions for Rule Changes?
  155. Mini Camp Fight.
  156. How do you see our LB corps shaking out?
  157. Thomas: "I'm Going To Shock A Lot Of People"
  158. Giants' David Carr On Ryan Nassib: "I'm Here To Help Him"
  159. Giants' Running Backs Making A Good Impression
  160. ESPN Practice Report
  161. lol....Saw this on Chuck Knoxx's FB page. That guy's pics and videos are awesome!!
  162. Rookie jersey?
  163. Leverage in the Cruz contract situation
  164. Rivals Snee and Jenkins Glad To Be Teammates
  165. Giants Speak With Agent For Vonta Leach
  166. Giants' David Wilson: I'm Not Worried About Stats; I'm Worried About Winning
  167. Stevie Brown
  168. Gilbride gives Reuben Randle glowing praise
  169. Cruz "tactical error" in contract talks...link
  170. Giants' Perry Fewell Says Defense Has Improved "Togetherness..."
  171. Giants Face Open Competition For Kicker, Punt & Kick Return Jobs In Training Camp
  172. Amukamara Aims To Be Best Corner In NFL
  173. 10 Takeaways From Giants' Mini Camp
  174. I bet most of you forgot
  175. Over/Under
  176. CRUZ SIGNED!!!
  177. Flaws/things Eli can do to improve
  178. Giants Board or Commercials
  179. did kevin gilbride pressure cruz to sign
  180. Austin?
  181. The New York Giants Receiving TD Leader In 2013
  182. Pick your scenerio as an opposing team
  183. Andre Brown will emerge as the starting RB........Wilson has a lot to learn
  184. For the Giants to win this yearts SB two things have to happen
  185. Can someone clue me in to this MLB we signed "Diesel?"
  186. Giants' CB Focused On Recovery But Also The Future
  187. Giants Want Prince To Be "More Of A Professional," Become Defensive Leader
  188. excited about big hank
  189. The Giants should hire Steven Seagal as a defensive coach
  190. If a movie about Eli was to be made, which actor should get the role?
  191. With Or Wiothout Contract, Justin Pugh Will Attend Giants' Training Camp
  192. Perry Fewell Confident In Adrian Tracy
  193. MetLife Stadium End-Zone Design or Old Giants Stadium End-Zone Design
  195. Are Message Board Members warming up to this years draft picks?
  196. Enjoy Victor Cruz's Last Season With Giants
  197. Valentine's Views: Let's Talk Wide Receivers
  198. Do you want David Carr on the roster?
  199. I can't wait to see Linval Joseph dominate the leagues best OL again this season
  200. 2014 - we really don't have too many big names to re-sign(I know it's still 2013)
  201. Happy Fathers day post your kid / kids in giants gear!!!
  202. Best and worst news you've heard from camp.
  203. Putin a Giant?
  204. Jets vs. Giants
  205. Which AFC team is most likely to face the Giants in this Season's SB at MetLife?
  206. Kevin Gilbride: "It will be very difficult to unseat David Diehl"
  207. Nice info on the Giants
  208. Mark Herzlich: MLB Job "Mine To Secure"
  209. Giants' Roster Breakdown: Kris Adams
  210. Tuck's Father's Day gift...
  211. Giants' Roster Breakdown: Prince Amukamara
  212. The New York Giants Should Be Able To Put Up A Lot Of Points On Offense In 2013
  213. Anyone think Orakpo would fit well for the giants next year?
  214. Giants' Roster Breakdown: Marvin Austin
  215. Who is a better slot WR: Welker or Cruz (NFL.com)
  216. Giants' Kevin Gilbride On ELi Manning: He's Always Looking To Get Better
  217. Interesting article from Paul Scwartz on Cruz' situation.
  218. Giants' Roster Breakdown: David Baas
  219. Blog Bits: WR Rueben Randle
  220. Vonta Leach Will Decide On New Home In Next Two Weeks: Giants In The Mix
  221. Giants Roster Breakdown: Ramses Barden
  222. Coach Pope discusses TE's
  223. Does ANYONE actually believe Cruz will risk injury for 2 years without signing a
  224. Four WR set
  225. Giants' Roster Breakdown: Will Beatty
  226. Who Will Lead the Defense in Tackles in 2013?
  227. Giants' Steve Weatherford Rips Ex Jets' Assistant Mike Westhoff
  228. strange confidence in Eli going into the season
  229. Its been a long time guys
  230. Has the 2013 training camp scedule been released?
  231. Giants' Nicks Vague, Noncommital About His Desire To Remain A Giant Long Term
  232. Giants' Roster Breakdown: Kevin Boothe
  233. Giants' Roster Breakdown: Kyle Bosworth
  234. Blog Bits: Cornerbacks Coach Peter Giunta
  235. Justin Pugh
  236. Hakeem Nicks apologized to TC.
  237. Former Giants' Punter Dave Jennngs Dies At 61
  238. Giants' Roster Breakdown: James Brewer
  239. Ernie's scouting report on Eli
  240. Bear Pascoe our converted Fullback
  241. Giants' Receiver Hakeem Nicks Skipped Workouts Over Injury Concerns
  242. VIDEO: Ryan Nassib Talks Giants, SU, NFL Draft
  243. Thoughts on our TE situation?
  244. Warren Sapp takes shot at Michael Strahan.
  245. RB'S????
  246. Coach-Talk: Hermann On Linebackers
  247. Desmond Bishop talking about the Giants
  248. Giants' Roster Breakdown: Andre Brown
  249. Giants' Roster Breakdown: Josh Brown
  250. leach news?