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  1. BP & LT talking Giants Football
  2. Alright, rank these units best to worst..............
  3. As surprising as any win would be
  4. Fan to Tuck
  5. Take away deep passes and Giants cant do anything on offense
  6. I hold myself to high standards
  7. Fewel Blitz more
  8. Would the giants have won the Super Bowl in 90 with Simms?
  9. Channel 5 FOX dumping on Giants
  10. Our NY GIANTS Need this speech.
  11. A Little Change of Pace!
  12. Bradford this week?
  13. Fan loyalty
  14. I love my Giants to no end but...
  15. Cap Hit Bradshaw
  16. Predict the score
  17. Depressing.......
  18. Giants to Prioritize re-signing Linval Joseph
  19. Serious question. will the giants try ANYTHING different today on offense?
  20. No value if we lose by 1 point tomorrow -- MUST WIN
  21. Any chance for a win in KC?
  22. Starting Lineman
  23. How critical was Martellus Bennett to our running game?
  24. Giants online "find the p's"
  25. 65% of Giants 3rd down attempts are 9 or more yards.
  26. 2014 top 10 Cap Hit
  27. GIANTS send the rabid DOGS tomorrow in Arrowhead Stadium and finally get our 1st "W"
  28. Come on Jerry, Explain This
  29. Tired of hearing......
  30. Wilson potential leadership spark
  31. Who else is worried about Eli
  32. anyone else unable to sleep?
  33. PRIDE
  34. Giants' Links: Big Blue Offesnsive Line Seeking Redemption. How WIll They Fare?
  35. FOUR DOWNS: CB Terrell Thomas
  36. Week 4 Matchup To Watch: Giants' LBs Vs. Jamaal Charles
  37. Whenever He Leaves, Coach Coughlin Will Be Hard To Replace
  38. Eli: Giants Must "Change The Ending" Now
  39. W2W4: Giants @ Chiefs
  40. I read an entry recently that Ohara said they tried to teach Eli the screen
  41. If the players send a clear signal they have Quit on Tom can we reach out to Saban?
  42. This will be my first game I watch "live" this year!
  43. Giants inamorred with Wilson's speed forgot...
  44. Is Wilson the right answer for a team that lives off the play action pass?
  45. The perfect shirt for many Giants fans this year...
  46. So who's actually watching this game?
  47. Win or lose I'd like to see a 60 minute effort today and a close game
  49. Prediction: NY Giants vs Kansas City
  50. Official O-line for today
  51. Jimmy Johnson bringing out the fork on the Giants.....
  52. TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  53. What's on the menu?
  54. Why ?
  55. Chat Room
  56. Ok so who scores 1st GMEN or KC.....
  57. Where can I watch the game online?
  58. Why are we starting a real RB????? Why not a midget????
  59. Great Start - typical
  60. What were they doing all week?
  61. Demontre Moore the Greatest Punt Blocker in NY Giants history
  62. Same old killbride
  63. No radio broadcast?
  64. We went form the best DE's in the NFL to the WORST
  65. Which book is the best read about the NY Giants?
  67. we are terrible
  68. have we stopped a 3rd down the last 6 games? ?
  69. WE SCORED WTF??!!
  70. Worst since 1983?
  71. Merry Christmas
  72. That's what happens with an effective o-line
  73. giants need to keep jacobs in more
  74. The fact that Eli and Cruz connected on that TD
  75. Offense needs to have a loooong scoring drive to rest this defense already!
  76. Whenever David Wilson touches the ball
  77. JPP should sit
  78. Dead Team Walking
  79. 16 yard connection to Nicks
  80. Brandon Myers is a huge problem and reason for this years failure
  81. Did anyone else see Wilson dive to the ground rather than block
  82. all or nothing
  83. at least Eli is not forcing throws
  84. eli has to stop holding the ball
  85. Why do we only score after the other team scores?
  86. I wish the Giants would have gotten shut out again
  87. Don't Blame the Sacks on The Offensive Line
  88. come on, man
  89. We cant get 2yds so we go deep?
  90. Anyone want Tynes back now?
  91. This guy is worse than tynes
  92. Josh Brown, yet another great FA signing
  93. this kicker is going to be a big problem all year
  94. Once again Eli marches us down the field almost effortless when he's calling the play
  95. Hurry up offense
  96. 2 min drill miscues
  97. First half follies and musings.
  98. Kickalicious
  100. We get the ball to start 2nd half!!!!
  101. stupdi stupid stupid
  103. Yeah great, let's run a play that start 5 yards back on 3rd and 1
  104. Giants Are 1 for 8 on 3rd Downs So Far
  105. Where have you been Paysinger
  106. What is Eli doing??????
  107. I say we just give the ball to our defense.....
  108. WTF WAS THAT!!!!????
  109. Let's Blame That INT on the Phantom WR That Should've Been There
  110. There's a bass tournament on t.v. if anyone is interested
  111. Eli and the offense
  112. KC is playing 2 deep coverage and Kildrive is still calling deep pass plays
  113. int. eli at it again
  114. 2nd and 7 with two WR and they bring in Murphy, why? For a Bomb
  115. At what point does the defense quit
  116. This is the break we needed!!!!
  117. Who else calls the 2nd down run every time its called?
  118. I found the fourth p.
  119. Sight adjustment offense with yet another miscommunication... Bravo Killdrive
  120. It's not fair to the defense
  121. again 3rd and 9 dont we have
  122. Why ae Moore and Bradford not starting and playing
  123. If we lose today.
  124. Couch Coughlin
  125. We just can't get out of our own ****ing way!!!!
  126. Let's get positive
  128. Nice call on not going for it Tom
  129. Steve Dodge
  130. Nice call chicken Coughlin not going on 4th and 1 inch
  131. game over...0-4
  132. Good Bye Tommy.....Good Bye Tommy....Good Bye Tommy
  133. Reese has destroyed this football team
  134. After this loss I want us to go 0-16.
  135. Why are we no using no huddle
  136. offence is garbage
  137. I hope Beatty is injured
  138. Never felt so low as a GIANTS fan in my life!
  139. Will we see the no huddle in the 4th when we get the ball back?
  140. why was tom grilling Weatherford?
  141. I honestly hate Brandon Myers and this offensive line
  142. It's time for the giants to forget about this season and look to the future
  143. Fire gilbride
  144. Good god...
  145. Coughlin should get fired on that FG penalty alone
  147. And JPP is likely out for the season
  148. This west coast offense is like getting killed by 1000 knives
  149. Can the FO even allow this product to continue? in a SB home game yr?
  150. This is ALL the offense's fault
  151. Soooooo lets say.....
  152. Alex Smith Plays within His Physical Limitations
  153. Officially declaring the New York Giants 2013 season over.
  154. Time for Chuck Knoxx to make a video to get us hyped for a #1 pick!
  155. Now we gotta watch the cowgirls take this division....
  156. For all of you guys who want to "blame" the offense for this...
  157. Somebody stop the bleeding...
  158. Suck For Clowney?.....
  160. Paper Bags at MetLife?
  161. Our go to play
  162. I Was Going to Comment ...
  163. Complete Garbage
  164. At Least We Get to See the Good Manning Light Up the Eagles
  165. my prediction of 33-6 KC is close
  166. With the 1st pick for the NY GIANTS is QB Tahj Boyd from Clemson
  167. What time will Mara be issuing an apology to fans?
  168. For only the 3rd time in 88 years
  169. I feel bad for our defense
  170. bought a new giants shirt
  171. For the 1st pick of the 2014 NFL draft, the NY Giants select Johnny Manziel
  172. I never want to see Scott in again
  173. Defending Eli Here....
  174. United Airlines 6, New York Giants 5
  176. 4-12
  177. I bet the Steelers are gunning for 1st pick now too.
  178. '08 Lions
  179. Super Bowl clock
  180. Wow this team has become a laughing stock
  181. Food for thought..
  182. well at this point,hope for 1st overall pick?
  183. What an absolute debacle
  184. Nicks? Uh..
  185. Does Anyone Have a Breakdown of Eli's Passes by Yard Range?
  186. Honestly...
  187. The forever an optimist in me...
  188. Coughlin: "Our playcalling is like throwing darts at a board."
  189. How does Killdrive keep his job?
  190. Dear Santa...
  191. So far Jags and Bucs competing for 1st pick
  192. Still Happy With Our Coaching Staff????
  193. For everyone who wants to blame someone.........
  194. It's common sense to draft a stud QB in the draft over any position
  195. Why is Scott getting carries ovr Wilson? WAKE UP AND GIVE WILSON THE BALL
  196. GTFO Gilbride and take that idiot Quinn with you!!!!
  197. Please stop all the Defense played good crap
  198. We've held a lead for about 10 minutes this year
  199. Spencer Paysingee
  200. With the first pick in the draft the giants select.........
  201. So do we rebuild this team through Trades and FA or through the Draft?
  202. A first overall pick won't change anything
  203. We got lucky, and barely escaped another shut out
  204. problem with the team
  205. With the 1st Pick of the 2014 Draft, the NY Giants pick Louis Nix III of ND
  206. Beatey is terrible,, he should not be protecting Eli's blind side
  207. One silver lining....
  208. We will have to hit rock bottom before we can get better
  209. How about this IRONY
  210. The Positives
  211. Reese better remember this
  212. Our impending 2014 free agents
  213. This loss is ENTIRELY on play-calling.
  214. Remember
  215. Spare us fire Reese and retire Coughlin-Meadowland Cream Puffs
  216. 1 for 14 on 3rd down.
  217. Last yr vs Atl Bal and Cin
  218. my first giants draft for 2014
  219. Reese made some miscues but he's a very good GM... we can do MUCH worse
  220. Well....if we can't fix the O-Line..why not play a QB who can scramble?
  221. The 4th and 1 call:
  222. It's beginning to look a lot like the 1970's = Oh My say it ain't so!!!!!
  223. I blame Coughlin more then Reese 2 years in row out of training camp they wernt ready
  224. Such a good wife have....
  225. Ugly Season Stats So Far
  226. Coughlin shouldn't get a pass for today
  227. I hope the Giants lockeroom isn't as bad as these boards are!!!!!!!
  228. seems crazy but eli manning trade?
  229. Execution is directly tied to coaching, lack of execution doesnt absolve KG!
  230. Unbelievable!! The Ray Hanley Curse, is upon our beloved Giants.
  231. Hello Nick, can I call you Nick? My name is John Mara and I have a problem
  232. The first time I see Eli holding back in an interview.
  233. Our OLine is no fun to watch. The running game is non-existent.
  234. Eli has 77 turnovers since 2010
  236. Eli: "We had one good play to Victor and a pretty good drive right before halftime"
  237. Shocker! best drive of game came when KG was taken out of equation
  238. Silver lining thread: who played well?
  239. Mark Herzlich transformation.
  240. I know it wouldn't help at all...
  241. Great day for football.
  242. How did David Wilson look today?
  243. If I don't watch next week.
  244. Who thinks Peyton's success affects Eli's performance?
  245. Lawrence Tynes apology thread
  246. If ever there was a team that need to be torn to its foundation and rebuilt
  248. Giants aka Meadowland Cream Puffs are most pathetic
  249. Ralph vacc Tweet: Eli on playmakers
  250. As bad as we did against Denver