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  1. There are too many holes to turn things around in a year.
  2. 2 GB
  3. On the bright side
  4. Send a message
  5. Gilbride Strikes Again....SHOCKER!
  6. The 1981 Baltimore Colts gave up 533 Points we are on track for
  7. It is amazing how quickly the aura of loser can overcome a team
  8. Bad News, Good news
  9. How bad is once mighty NFC East
  10. One play sums up offensive & defensive differences/philosphies
  11. From a Business aspect, Kevin Gilbride is a GENIOUS!
  12. Move Across the Atlantic
  13. Fans need to draw a lesson from the Eagles
  14. The Terminator
  15. Is it just our time?
  16. What are the problems and the solutions?
  17. My uneducated live take of the game
  18. 2009 giants vs 2013 giants
  19. We will have to hit rock bottom before we get any better
  20. The NFC East Champion Record thread- call it
  21. No more BS...no more wiggle room for those who have been dodging the bullet
  22. Who did Josh Brown pay-off and why havent i seen the money yet.
  23. Opposing teams have figured out Beatty
  24. Joshua Brown???
  25. Hey when Eli passed the ball, was he throwing deep and all of the receivers were deep
  26. Over Simplified
  27. Open Letter's to the Giants - Post'em Here
  28. ATL starts the game in a no huddle offense and we cant do this why?
  29. One Quarter
  30. Sooo what are you going to do to pass time this season?
  31. My thoughts on the G boys
  32. Since Andre Brown broke his leg last year we are something like 3-10
  33. Comedy of errors please list them here
  34. I wonder if Hakeem Nicks is Still Jerry Reeses Top Free Agent Priority after Linval.
  35. Wilson was running good too bad Killdrive wanted to b pass happy
  36. Let me guess we wont go with youth
  37. avg 35 points against 0-4 first time since 87
  39. Coach tony dungy comment on "football night in America"
  40. I know i'm insane, but there is a silver linning of hope still for this season
  41. Can we win more than four games this season?
  42. Coughlin Better Not Dare!
  43. Cruz salsa haters..
  45. The Giants SUCK!
  46. Paysinger couldnt cover the TE, and Ross cant cover anyone!
  47. But I'm not dead yet !!!
  48. Our biggest issue going forward
  49. We NEVER EVER try a fake FG attempt on 4th & short?
  51. If we're gonna give up the season
  52. Silver Lining
  53. I Wonder If Brady Makes Excuses Like Eli Does
  54. Giants' Players, Coaches Don't Question Play Calls Despite 7 Points In Two Games
  55. TC ripping on Gilbride??
  56. Would Nick Saban be a good replacement if Coughlin stepped down?
  57. Game out of Hand
  59. Should we hire Cowher?
  60. Looking on the bright side, this team can be fixed pretty quickly.
  61. NFC East still up for grabs...
  62. There is two ways to look at this team
  63. It's not KG nor the players. The problem is Reese
  64. We are a strong October team, one 4 game win streak (at least 1 the past 3 or 4 yrs)
  65. 3 of 4 games vs division leaders/4 of 4 vs top defensive units...
  66. Victor Cruz second guesses Tom Coughlin as 0-4 NY Giants coming unglued
  67. for me: one glaring point about Eli, offense & defense
  68. The Real Test is In Front Of Us
  69. Solid possibility that we could be one game out of the division lead next Monday
  70. I was there in section 103 10th row
  71. Knock, knock joke
  72. Bottom line, if you team has a decent pass rush....
  73. Has either Owner or GM said anything about the product they are putting on the field.
  74. Giants still only two games out of first place
  75. Nicks confused by lack of production
  76. My Take (rant).... Regime change, is it time?
  77. Reese and Meadowland Cream Puffs are the problem
  78. In Reese we trust my butt, 'best player on the board' = 0-4
  79. Vacchiano: Giants' Offfense Is Out Of Synch And Off Target
  80. MESSAGE TO THE PLAYERS: Quotes of Inspiration
  81. Wide left
  82. So who's better Bellicheck or Coughlin?
  83. The Offensive Line, Wilson and We miss Bennett
  84. $5 footlong curse
  85. Next 4 games are winnable
  86. Wheels come off with punt return
  87. I'm beginning to wish I had Direct TV so I could follow other teams
  88. Did Eli have enough time on his interception this time?
  89. We never make any moves/trades= This crap
  90. Eli and Giants Offense Were 1 for 14 on 3rd Downs Yesterday
  91. I always thought paying a QB $20 million dollars per yr would lead to problems
  92. Why it's time for a change
  93. Just curious why Moore was the gunner on the punt return
  94. Eli's signature play is a hail mary football stuck on Tyree's helmet.
  95. Props To Prince
  96. The run game could work if we utilized Wilson more...TC did say the O depends on DW
  97. Why wont Tom Coughlin force the no-huddle
  98. Front Four awesome game
  99. 0-4 now.......will the Giants be 0-8 at bye week?
  100. Blah, blah. No difference between this board today and 2007 season board pre-week 3
  101. I Would Pay Anything to...
  103. Justin Tuck
  104. Jaws just made a point about something KG needs to change
  105. Someone Tell Tuck I Jumped Off the Giants Bandwagon on Sunday
  106. Justin Tuck backs Tom Coughlin
  107. Scott cut, Reynolds signed.
  108. look at it this way
  109. Will it get better?
  110. Is this a big deal?
  111. The definition of insanity
  112. Poll: What is More Painful?
  113. Kevin Gilbride insists Giants Offensive Problem just "Growing Pains"
  114. Depressing Offensive Stat
  115. I don't follow college football to much but someone please school me
  116. So this is how the other half lives
  117. Gilbride is tearing our fanbase to pieces :(
  118. Giants team reached new low...??
  119. Perfect Song for the Giants season
  120. disgusted by the coaching staff!!!!!!
  121. Just A Thought...
  122. My take (Calm)
  123. Send them back to Albany!
  124. Eli's Picks
  125. Problem is 100% O-Line
  126. I have 100% faith in Coughlin - what about you?
  127. Bill Cower Available For Next Year?
  128. What happened in Cincy last year?
  129. TEs vs KC
  130. Serious question: Do we still want to sign JPP to a monster contract?
  131. Does this sound familiar to anyone?
  132. I honestly think our D is missing a coordinator like Spags.
  133. Snee restructures contract again..
  134. Not sour grapes but McCluster's Punt Return? C'mon!
  135. Giants will win the NFC EAST
  136. Damontre Moore
  137. Bill Parcells Words of Wisdom
  138. My comment to Justin Tuck on punching someone in the mouth.
  139. Charlie Strong is the best coach available
  140. Looks like a misprint, but isn't: The official stat sheet shows the Giants 0-for-0 on
  141. What about trading ELI for a 1st to some team?
  142. How about Trading HCs even up with the Steelers
  143. Can we get into the playoffs with a 7-9 record?
  144. I don't care anymore
  145. Antrel Rolle: Giants can go 12-0
  146. I know there are a million issues with this team right now but how much do you think
  147. PFF Offensive Grades 4 games combined
  148. PFF Defensive Grades 4 games combined
  149. Brandon Myers
  150. TCs response to those who thought he was ripping on KG yesterday.
  151. Tom Coughlin Jokingly Challenges Victor Cruz To A Fight Over 4th-and-inches Comment
  152. Tom Coughlin Says He'll Speak With Josh Brown About Kicking Woes
  153. More Hurry-Up In Plans For Giants?
  154. Let's talk Kevin Gilbride and the "miscommunication" sight adjustment offense
  155. the most disappointing thing is this
  156. How annoying has Antrel Rolle's weekly promises become?
  157. Realign OL?
  158. 29 days until trade deadline.
  159. Good Jerry Reese picks
  160. Sean Payton
  161. Article: Assessing Jerry Reese's offseason
  162. hard to even watch MNF
  163. The Fresh Prince of New York ... How far he's come
  164. Much Ado about Benching
  165. Sproles on MNF
  166. Kevin Boss > Travis Beckum > Brandon Myers
  167. if you could ask jr/ tc 5 questions what would they be?
  168. Killdrive lovers
  169. Rolle still has confidence lol
  170. How do you help a struggling o line and QB ?
  171. I got news for you, we aren't the only team with a bad O-line
  172. Tyler Sash tweets during KC game - "What goes around comes around"
  173. How About We Hire Peyton Manning As Our OC Next season?
  174. These are the reasons why we are losing
  175. I dont understand
  176. Say, isn't Will Hill coming back this week?
  177. We have the NFL East right where we want them
  178. Pats need a D-Lineman we need a Tackle
  179. Giants' Links: Has Tom Coughlin Gone Soft?
  180. Giants' Insider: Tom Aims For Outside Lines
  181. Giants' Jenkins' Knee Still Ailing
  182. Giants Need To Focus On 1 - 0
  183. Big Blue Morning: Examining Eli Manning
  184. Manning's Teflon Days Running Out
  185. The SB Clock is still there and keeping time
  186. Next Man Up No Longer An Issue
  187. Reasons To Celebrate: Prince Amukamara
  188. I just heard this on Mike and Mike
  189. With all the problems the Giants have and the way management is hanling it
  190. So what needs to be done in this upcoming off season?
  191. If the Giants do beat the Eagles, would that prove anything?
  192. One thing that we can do now that the team sucks...
  193. I understand your pain
  194. not sure if this has been talked about
  195. Even if this team goes 2-14.......
  196. Gilbride Should Be Scheduled for Clinic
  197. Good news
  198. Will Hill Is Coming Back This Week!
  199. no sense of urgency from our offense
  200. This just about sums up the season so far
  201. Snee torn labrum and bone spurs
  202. We are 3 games back because we lost to Dallas game 1
  203. Are you kidding me!
  204. Heard a theory from some talking head recently on why the Giants have declined
  205. The Chargers have a bad o-line
  206. Wilson"s Coming Out Party Is This Weekend!
  207. Grades out as one of the WORST interior lineman in the league?!!? Makes me want to
  208. Is anyone worried that Eli has hit rock bottom ?
  209. To clear up something in regards to SB 07
  210. Victor Cruz playing great after contract
  211. Why hasn't Jacobs been used more?
  212. Woah. 7 of our last 8 losses, the D allowed more than 30 points...
  213. Unacceptable to let KG continue to call plays
  214. Might as well go on record: Are you PRO Gilbride or ANTI Gilbride?
  215. Giants' Safety Antrel Rolle Says Tom Coughlin Is Not The Problem
  216. Jerry Reese absolutely destroyed the Superbowl contender he inherited
  217. Jacobs knows the offense but
  218. GREAT Jerry Reese piece for those who bash him repeatedly
  219. Cruz is the best receiver in the league, currently.
  220. Tom Quinn
  221. We need Moore to be that fast twitch, explosive player bc we don't have one on D
  222. Predict Score of the Eagles Game
  223. So I was watching the postgame show after the KC game...
  224. Lack of Creativity in the offense: When was the last time the Giants ran a "new" play
  225. Kevin Gilbride simply collecting a pay check
  226. Anyone have PFF?
  227. Are some of you serious? Beatty had a bad game, all players do. Dude is a beast.
  228. Experts look for answers to early struggles
  229. Linebacker help?
  230. Does Winning & super bowl(s), consistant success ultiamtle cripple your salary cap?
  231. Omaha, Omaha
  232. First live game!!
  233. Snee could be facing surgery
  234. Giants bring in worst center in league while...
  235. Giants should trade for MJD
  236. Love for Damontre Moore
  237. Giants organization finally sends a message to players by...
  238. Perhaps a bit of good karma?
  239. Da'Rel Scott Is Released, More Shakeups Could Be Coming
  240. Giants Miust Jump On Eagles Early
  241. Giants' Offense: The Great Kevin Gilbride Debate
  242. Giants Vs. Chiefs: Snap Counts, PFF Grades
  243. Giants' News, 10/2: The End For Chris Snee?
  244. Myers' blocking doesn't seem to be helping
  245. Stapleton On The Giants' Beat: Losing Takes Toll
  246. QB Watch: Giants' Eli Manning
  247. Joe Thomas
  248. What's worse?
  249. We should acquire Bryant McKinnie since the Ravens just ...
  250. How did Pugh look vs the Chiefs?