02-23-2012, 04:10 PM
GIANTS HAVE OPPORTUNITY TO SAVE BIG AT RB (http://network.yardbarker.com/nfl/article_external/giants_have_opportunity_to_save_big_at_rb/10071817)

"The RB position is an interesting one for Big Blue in that (at least from our
outsider point of view) there is a lot of uncertainty and perhaps room for some
change. All can agree that Jacobs' cannot be kept at his current price and
perhaps even his version of a salary cut may not be good enough for the Giants.
Bradshaw should be safe and who knows, maybe 2012 is finally his monster season.
Even though Ware was more than serviceable this past year they should be looking
to save money anywhere they can.

While I LOVE Doug Martin from Boise (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n4yCMXMK-bY), I
can't really see the Giants using a first round pick on a back in today's NFL,
where the ball travels through the air not on the land.


2011 Stats: 16 games, 152 carries for 571 yards. 3.8 YPC. 7 TDs.</p>

2012 Cap Figure: $6,862,500 million</p>

<a href="/2011-articles/december/jacobs-quietly-running-effectively.html">While I
am a supporter of Jacobs</a> and think he ran very well for a good amount of
games this year(Jacobs was great for the Giants while Bradshaw was out this
year), the Giants can certainly find someone to replicate his production at a
much cheaper rate. Getting rid of Jacobs will save the Giants $4.9 million
dollars and make huge inroads in their quest to travel south of the $120 million
dollar cap. Jacobs is still a leader of this team, still can deliver when the
right type of run is called and sure can still deliver the blow pass

It did seem like Jacobs struggled on 3<sup>rd</sup> and 4<sup>th</sup> and
short this season though, so maybe a fresh pair of legs will do the Giants good
on that front. For a fraction of the cost and only at the cost of a late draft
pick, the Giants can seek out Jacobs replacement. If the Giants choose to
address the spot in the draft, someone like Alfred Morris from FAU (although
early, considered a fifth rounder), <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J7PIvsSRkEw">a little known tough as nails
back who is just a power back in the truest sense of the word</a>.He’s not
nearly as big as Jacobs but is more of a between the tackles power runner (they
are out there!).</p>

While it pains me to say that taking a flyer on a late round draft pick like
Morris to take over Jacobs’ duties is a step in the right direction for the
Giants as they look to regain some financial flexibility. Unless of course
Jacobs is willing to play next season at a salary much closer to $1,000,00.
We’ll know of Jacobs’ fate with Big Blue in about three weeks or so, when his
$500,000 roster bonus is set to hit.

Ahmad Bradshaw</p>

2011 Stats: 12 games, 171 carries, 659 yards. 3.9 YPC. 9 TDs.</p>

2012 Cap Figure: 3.25 million</p>

Bradshaw’s status is nearly a lock considering what he brings to the table
for us as the nice all-around back that he has become. But doesn’t it always
feel like Bradshaw is just on the cusp of being a truly great NFL back. Would
love to see him hit the hole a bit harder on certain plays (some plays encourage
a cut back if it is there, like the zone/stretch plays).</p>

Just nitpicking here, because Bradshaw has really developed into a great NFL
back when he is on the field. He is tough as nails—“A power back in a scat
back’s body,” as Justin Tuck said. Really has come along in the pass game too,
both blocking and catching. Would love to see him bang out a 50-60 catch season
in 2012

D.J. Ware</p>

2011 Stats: 46 carries, 163 yards. 3.5 YPC.</p>

2012 Cap Figure: 1,005,000</p>

Ware has been a solid player for the Giants even if he has become the image
associated with the No. 1 pet peeve of fans (Kevin Gilbride’s penchant for the

He’s got good hands and although he may have not been the best option for
those WR screens we saw him run down the stretch, he still produced decent
results on them. Probably won’t happen but I wouldn’t mind seeing Ware go too
(could save the Giants an extra $600k). I don’t see why this isn’t another spot
that we can fill and perhaps even upgrade through either the draft or in house.
A lot of people called for speedster Da’Rel Scott ($465k) to get some
opportunities last season. Maybe the Giants go the draft route here if they end
up keeping Jacobs? To me, it's simple any way that you slice it-- $1,005,000 is
a bit much to be paying a third RB when you are trying to get back on the right
side of the cap.

Despite having the worst running game in the NFL, the
Giants won a Super Bowl. In order to improve in this area,Giants GM Jerry
Reese has to make some tough decisions.With the Giants being over the salary
cap,areas to start slashing salaries would be the offensive line and running
back positions." </p>

02-23-2012, 04:19 PM
Ware being gone is a no brainer to me. He makes to much money for a 3rd RB on a team that is now built threw the air. Jacobs is tougher. He would have to take a huge paycut. if he agreed to that I would not mind seeing him in Giants blue again.

02-23-2012, 11:08 PM
If we improve the O-line and they could actually run-block, Jacobs' production will increase. He's best when he can run up the middle.

02-24-2012, 07:03 AM
Jacobs is done. If he were a tire, he's showing cord and has a bubble sticking out of the sidewall.

Bradshaw is down to the tread wear indicator and has a couple of holes patched up.

They have got to move on at the RB position.

I will grant the O-line makes things look worse than they are and should be addressed as the #1 priority.

02-24-2012, 08:14 AM
so the author of the article is waiting for Bradshaw to have a "breakout" season??? He should be waiting for Bradshaw to be one more surgery away from retirement. </P>

Bradshaw can longer be a fulltime back. He actually hasn't been anyway really. I love AB but his feet are shot. As a Giants RB he will need a other RB's to carry the load for sure. The other stuff he says is ok.</P>

02-24-2012, 08:19 AM
I like that Doug Martin guy as well I was looking at film on him and he remind me of Bradshaw because how hard he run and can get away from the defender.

02-24-2012, 08:44 AM
You never know. Ingram fell all the way to the Saints. As good as AP is, He couldn't bring the Horn Heads to the SB. Ingram couldn't get the Saints back in it. It will be interesting to see what teams want a RB early, when its the passing game that rules the NFL these days. ( Heck not even WRs. The Patsies did it with TEs )

02-24-2012, 08:53 AM
so the author of the article is waiting for Bradshaw to have a "breakout" season??? He should be waiting for Bradshaw to be one more surgery away from retirement. </P>

Bradshaw can longer be a fulltime back. He actually hasn't been anyway really. I love AB but his feet are shot. As a Giants RB he will need a other RB's to carry the load for sure. The other stuff he says is ok.</P>

I was thinking this as well.

Between AB, Ware, Scott and Brown we have running back by committee on the team right now (and I think all of those are on the team in some form in 2012).

I like a guy like LaMichael James in the 3rd round if the Giants decide to address the RB position on Day 1.


Otherwise look for a project RB at the end of the draft such as Bobby Rainey.


I think *any* RB of the future needs to have soft hands and catch well out of the backfield (something we sorely lack currently).

02-24-2012, 10:39 AM
I hate ware!! we better not depend on ware...omg