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02-24-2012, 04:41 PM
with the fact that the nfl has evolved into a more QB/WR friendly passing league . teams are constantly looking for that 10 yr pro QB in the draft/FA and their also looking for their offensive threats in WRs/TEs.

with this situation we might see teams taking QB's sooner than their projected to be taken, we will also see teams taking CB's/ Safties Sooner as well.

with luck and griffin *****ing out of the combine to throw at their pro days look for weeden, tannehill, foles to step up and raise some eyebrows in the combine, this can potential make 5 QB needy teams take these 5 guys in the first round, for fear that they might not be there in the second.

47 WR's this year at the combine that's 24 more than last year. if thats not a major indicator that this is a passing league then i don't know what else is, teams don't want to pass up on the cruz/welkers of the nfl so while were all kind of saddened that MM might leave his replacement can show himself in the combine or teams might want to go for youth or fresher bodies ( MM's injuries) over the expensive FA's out there.

CB positions is deep this year and teams are going to need them to contend in this league, Cowboys come to mind, they can use their 3 rounds on CB/S cause they really need it. lmao
but with that said i see 6-7 CB's / 2-3 S possibly off the board in the first round.

So what does this mean? </P>

Well lets look at it, Redskins, Miami, Colts, Browns, possibly Seattle as well all pull for QB's.</P>

Broncos, Rams, Panthers, Jaguars,Bucs, Chargers, Bears, 9ersand possiblyVikings as well all Reach for WR's</P>

while Cowboys, bengals, Lions,Jets,Pats with one of their picksor Both in the First who knows with belicheckgo afters CB/S </P>

So you look at the situation is if plays outlike this we canhave a 2011 situation all over where a top 10 prospect dropsall the way to 19 Prince Amukamara. who knows Kuechlymight be within reach, or atop OLB/C/RB. i think itscommon knowledge now that TE most likely will drop to 32 rearly round 2. its a copy cat leauge and that goes both ways, you have to duplicate it as well as defend against it. teams are going to reach for these positions CB/S/WR/QB possibly dropping OL/RB/LB/TE. </P>

Who knows its the offseason something to kick rocks about while we wait for the draft.


02-24-2012, 09:00 PM
DE'S to rush the passer?

02-24-2012, 11:23 PM
i see two going off the board in round one, i think we're the only team that's places high interest on DE's. i mean not that their not valuable just other teams seems to think the pass can be beat by the coverage vs the pressure
thanks for responding, i guess posters are tired of commenting nowadays [:S]

02-25-2012, 12:54 AM
There is another side to this coin though. It isnt all about devaluation of certain positions.

The recent rule changes have made hybrid TEs far more valuable. Look at the TE draft prospects for 2012. There is no way that in past years Orson Charles would be rated near Fleener or Dwayne Allen. Yet, this year many have him above those guys. With the league recognizing that LBs can no longer maul those guys crossing the field in short routes(beyond 5 yards) Thay have to see value in the hybrid guys.

02-25-2012, 07:30 AM
Your point about Dallas is spot on. Unless Jerry thinks there is a stud somewhere else when it comes to their picks, I think they go CB/S 1,2,3. I think Dre Kirkpartick will be their first round guy almost as a certainty.