03-19-2012, 05:00 PM
WITH PEYTON MANNING IN, BRONCOS EXPLORING TRADE OF TIM TEBOW (http://www.nfl.com/news/story/09000d5d827b2227/article/with-peyton-manning-in-broncos-exploring-trade-of-tim-tebow)

"With PeytonManning <a id="yui_3_4_1_1_1332190457609_353" href="http://www.nfl.com/goto?id=09000d5d827b2043" target="_blank">set to join the
Broncos</a>, the team now will explore a trade of quarterback Tim Tebow (/players/timtebow/profile?id=TEB603856), a source said
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Manning</a> vs. Tim Tebow</td></tr>
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The Broncos already have looked into moving Tebow and currently are looking
for a trade partner.</p>

The Broncos are expected to be agreeable toward what teams are willing to
give in any potential Tebow trade, according to NFL Network's Michael Lombardi.
Denver used a first-round pick (25th overall) to take Tebow in the 2010 NFL

Tebow was a popular, if unorthodox, starter for the Broncos last season,
throwing 12 touchdown passes and six interceptions while leading the team to
seven wins in 11 starts, including six in a row at one point.</p>

Tebow led the Broncos to a 29-23 overtime victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers (/teams/pittsburghsteelers/profile?team=PIT) in an
AFC wild-card game before falling to the New England Patriots (/teams/newenglandpatriots/profile?team=NE) in the
divisional round.</p>

Some are skeptical of Tebow's ability to be a long-term starter, despite his
successful record with the Broncos. Tebow had a completion percentage of 46.5
last season and threw for 1,729 yards. NFL Network analyst Brian Billick <a id="yui_3_4_1_1_1332190457609_359" href="http://www.nfl.com/goto?id=09000d5d8278fce5" target="_blank">was among those
wondering about Tebow</a>, saying he would be reluctant to pick up the
quarterback if he were making football decisions with a team.</p>

Broncos veteran running <a id="yui_3_4_1_1_1332190457609_360" class="player-flyout" href="/players/willismcgahee/profile?id=MCG001995">Willis
McGahee</a> told NFL Network that there will be teams that want Tebow.</p>

"I don't think it's going to be an issue for him," McGahee said. "I don't
know what Tim Tebow is thinking. But Tebow is going to be fine, regardless of
the situation or wherever he goes. Tim is going to succeed wherever he

When Manning made his initial visit to the Broncos, <a id="yui_3_4_1_1_1332190457609_361" href="http://www.nfl.com/goto?id=09000d5d82784194" target="_blank">The Denver Post
reported</a> that Tebow was being "philosophical" about the prospects of Manning
taking his job and that he would wait until "after the smoke clears" to

The Jacksonville Jaguars (/teams/jacksonvillejaguars/profile?team=JAC) <a id="yui_3_4_1_1_1332190457609_363" href="http://www.nfl.com/goto?id=09000d5d827864f9" target="_blank">have been
mentioned</a> as a possible landing spot for Tebow, who rose to fame at the
University of Florida, where he won the Heisman Trophy and two BCS national
championships. Jaguars owner Shad Khan has mentioned that he would have been
interested in Tebow had he been in charge of the team when the quarterback
entered the league."</p>

03-19-2012, 06:03 PM
Winning the division and the wildcard playoff game is apparently not enough in Denver to trump a Peyton Manning signing. Poor Tebow's gonna have to play for the team that he's traded to.

03-19-2012, 06:04 PM
Very honestly waiting for some crazy on this board to suggest we trade for Tebow.

now that I said that though, maybe as a replacement for Jacobs?


03-19-2012, 06:07 PM
What a day in sports. The broncos get Peyton manning, and Tim tebow finally gets ****ed.