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12-16-2007, 05:20 PM
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<font size="4">Don't know if this has been discussed yet....

<font size="4">"Folks,</font></p>

<font size="4">There have been a lot of people attempting to turn the boards into
their own personal ticket outlet lately. This is just a reminder that
trying to selltickets on these boards is not permitted. If you have
tickets to sell, please use the Ticket Exchange. Ebay and Stubhub are
also good places for that kind of thing, but don't bring it here.</font></p>

<font size="4">Thank you "</font></p><font size="4">


<font size="4">Encouraging the sale of ticket through ticket vendors and auction sites? Is that really something the organization supports?</font></p><font size="4">
</font><font size="4">That is what plagues the Giants and why they have no home field advantage... because anywhere from 20--40% of fans end up being from the opposing team.

Is this the official stance of the organization? Get rid of your tix on ebay and earn large profits rather than try to get the tickets to other loyal Giants fans.. who at the last minute can't go to the game, and are not familiar with ticket exchange... its better to sell the ticket to an opposing teams fan rather than see if a message board commorade would like to go to a game?


12-16-2007, 06:38 PM
Hasn't been discussed because it's not open to discussion. Hence, the thread was locked when it was created. This is not a Ticketmaster outlet, and I merely offered up suggestions to those who were interested in selling their tickets in other places because it's not going to happen on these forums. Thats what the Ticket Exchange is for, and believe it or not, it's not that difficult for an opposing fan to get on the waiting listsolely tobe able to buy those tickets through the Exchange. It's unfortunate, but it happens allacross the NFL.</P>

Its not like this is a new rule around here</P>