03-24-2012, 07:47 PM
HOGE: TEBOW, JETS ARE CLUELESS (http://www.fannation.com/truth_and_rumors/view/326073-hoge-tebow-jets-are-clueless?xid=cnnbin)

Hoge does not sound as if he is going out to buy a Tim Tebow Jets (/tags/show_tag/20) jersey anytime soon. "I don't
understand it all," the ESPN analyst and former Steelers (/tags/show_tag/23) running back said of the Jets (/tags/show_tag/20)' trade for Tebow. "He's so overrated. I've never seen
someone so overrated." Hoge has been critical of Tebow since he got to the NFL,
but he was just getting warmed up. He is puzzled as to what the Jets (/tags/show_tag/20) were thinking when they shipped
two draft picks to Denver this week for Tebow and a pick in return. Hoge said he
thinks the trade shows little vision by general manager Mike Tannenbaum. The Jets (/tags/show_tag/20) have said they plan on having a
package of plays for Tebow. Hoge said he could see the team creating a
run-oriented package for Tebow, but believes the league will catch up with it
quick. If Tebow gets inserted as the starting quarterback? "He never will be
able to throw consistently enough in this league ever to play 16 games,
consecutive years and win you anything," he said. "His elongated motion and his
accuracy are not even his greatest flaws. He has no clue what he's looking at.
That is the most disturbing thing about it at all. It's mind-boggling that a guy
could play two years and have no concept of route combinations and
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03-24-2012, 07:53 PM
Hodge is a loud mouth no talent bum!! I hate listening to him talk

03-24-2012, 07:54 PM
But he's not the only one with that opinion.