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04-04-2012, 08:18 PM
NFC EAST DRAFT NEEDS (http://www.profootballweekly.com/2012/04/04/nfc-east-draft-needs)

Excerpt: "Fifth of an eight-part series

With the NFL draft coming up April 26-28, we examine each team's personnel
and identify its top three needs going into the draft, subject to any free-agent
signings it may make before then.
New York Giants

Overview: The team has been relatively quiet in free agency,
as expected, following its Super Bowl victory, filling only one considerable
need at tight end (signing Martellus Bennett) after Travis Beckum and Jake
Ballard suffered torn ACLs in Super Bowl XLVI. But even with little movement so
far and rings soon to be placed on their fingers, the Giants have some needs.
They were only 9-7 in the regular season and were outscored by opponents, barely
making the playoffs they dominated. Theyíre in good shape with picks, owning all
their original selections plus a compensatory pick at the end of the fourth

Need No. 1: Offensive tackle</p>

The Giants have allowed ORT Kareem McKenzie to test the market and donít
appear likely to re-sign him at this point. They have a potential in-house
solution in Dave Diehl, who has played every spot on the line other than center;
he can kick from left guard (where he started the season) or left tackle (where
he ended it) over to the right side, and the Giants probably would be fine. But
thatís assuming OLT Will Beattyís eye is fully healed ó he has been cleared to
start working again after having surgery to repair a detached retina in late
November ó and that his back problems donít act up. The third tackle is untested
2011 fourth-rounder James Brewer, and heís an unknown at this point. The team
needs another tackle on the roster and could take one high. They value this

Need No. 2: Defensive line</p>

Seems foolish, right? The team with maybe the best defensive line in football
might be seeking Ö a defensive lineman? Itís the way the Giants do business:
They draft talented players who fill tough-to-find positions. They could take a
rush end and have him be groomed to one day replace Osi Umenyiora, or they could
draft an inside player, which would give them a terrific young nucleus with
Chris Canty, Linval Joseph and Marvin Austin. Donít rule either out.</p>

Need No. 3: Wide receiver</p>

The loss of WR Mario Manningham opens up an opportunity for last yearís
third-rounder, Jerrel Jernigan, to step up. By the end of the season, Jernigan
started to slow flashes ó as a returner. He didnít catch a single pass, though,
so projecting him to make up for Manninghamís 523 yards (and, for that matter,
his playoff heroics) is a bit of a reach. Ramses Barden keeps hanging around, as
does Domenik Hixon, but neither can be counted on. The Giants need another
option, despite the fantastic starting duo of Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz."</p>

04-04-2012, 09:04 PM
Can't argue with this although, if I were the Giants, I'd remove Defensive Line and put in CB.

04-04-2012, 09:06 PM
Beatty has back problems?

04-04-2012, 09:59 PM
Barden will be the #3. Jernigan is too raw.

04-04-2012, 10:11 PM
Beatty has back problems?

I seem to recall some mention of it before his retina detached

Here's one link


04-06-2012, 02:30 AM
I don't really agree. I wouldn't say defensive line is a need. We might pick one, but that doesn't make it a real need at this point. The same goes for WR. We have people in place, but a pick could still be used on the position.

I know it's old, but LB anyone? I like the players we have, but they are also quite untested. You could argue for RB or CB as well.