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Brandon jacobs
04-06-2012, 05:20 AM

what gives? are we going to get reamed too?

04-06-2012, 05:38 AM
the one huge difference, Fewell and Coughlin didn't or wouldn't kick a player cash to theoretically take him out of the game, which didn't happen anyways...the goal is ALWAYS to tackle the other guy, its football.
The saints organization isnt in trouble for trying to be physically imposing, they're in trouble for using cash as an incentive and for ignoring warnings from the league, for its ongoing practice, and for their cover up...kyle williams DID have 4 concussions, and the Giants, as every team, would know of...Coughlin would never have "bounties" which is what the issue is all about. players get hurt playing football, its a physical, contact sport. which is why u dont add the added incentive of cash, bc thats what pushes players to cross the line.

04-06-2012, 05:40 AM
when players do get injured, its the nature of the game bc grown men are running into each other full speed...injuries happen by themselves, adding bounties and cash incentive turns injuries from accident into malicious intent, and thats why New Orleans is taking it up the a

04-06-2012, 05:45 AM
Carlos Rogers also said the 49ers need to "take out" eli Manning. There's a difference to talk about getting a guy off the field and being rewarded for making it happen

04-06-2012, 07:16 AM
and a coach calling for specific injuries to specific players in a team meeting.

04-06-2012, 10:49 AM
There's a huge difference between players talking amongst themselves and a systemic culture that extends from the players throughout the organization to the front office, involving cash payouts.

04-06-2012, 11:01 AM
Imagine Tuck and JPP discussing a strategy to "get the QB."

Tuck: Jason, you make the inside move and I'll sweep around right behind you

JPP: OK, but I think I can beat my guy straight up

Tuck: Whoever gets there first, rocks his world

Imagine a coach discussing strategy to "get the QB"

Coach: Whoever gets a hit on the lower leg of player A gets $2,000.00

See a difference?

04-06-2012, 11:02 AM
Eli Manning admitted that Coughlin said in meetings how they defense needs to take like, Romo out of the game, but not to specifically pay someone to do it, it's the nature of sports.

Boxing is no different. When a boxer draws blood, he specifically targets that cut the next round, its normal.

Telling your players to hit someone hard is one thing, telling your players to knock his blankety blank head off and I'll pay you for it is entirely different.

04-06-2012, 11:11 AM
Targeting injuries is not illegal, coaches telling players to target injuries is not illegal! </P>

This Greg Williams audio is changing the perception/story and twisting the fact that the ONLY reason the Saints got in trouble is because they offered payments outside of player contracts, were told to stop doing it, didnt stop doing it, and then lied about it.</P>

Perry Fewell is allowed to say "Romo has a rib injury, hit in the ribs as often as possible."</P>

Tom Quinn is allowed to say "K Williams recently had a concussion, ring his bell to see if he holds onto the ball." YOU ARE ALLOWED TO HIT PUNT RETURNERS IN THE HEAD!!!</P>

.......Or maybe they should make a rule that says "If a player had a recent concussion you can't hit him in the head"?????</P>

04-06-2012, 11:18 AM
At every level of football I played, the coach always told us to hit them clean and make it hurt.
in 1986, the Giants defense took almost every single QB they faced out of the game.