View Full Version : Attention: Patriots fans

01-29-2008, 04:13 PM
Welcome to the boards. Glad you came over to visit</P>

This is just a small bit of info to those of you who have come here to talk smack. We have a forum called Rival Central that is meant for smack discussion. Many folks, Giants fans included, have seemingly forgotten about it or may have simply not noticed it. If you want to talk smack, please do not use theTalk About Giants Football forum to do so, as we try to keep this particular forum free of nonsense and personal attacks so that people can get information about our team without a hassle. </P>

Again, keep all smack discussion in Rival Central. This includes links to other forums where people are talking smack on their own forums. Keep that kind of thing out of here pleaseFailure to do so will result in an outright ban for repeat offenders. </P>

Thank you</P>