View Full Version : Some things you need to realize about pick

04-27-2012, 01:04 AM
#1 if JR thinks Wilson is the pick at 32 who are we to argue?
#2 Ware and Scott are nice players, they ddo not have Wilsons ability
#3 Wilson will be given a shot, and there is a good chance he can get his share of touches especially if bradshaw is not 100%
#4 there are positions we need to address and RB was one of them. Whether in the 7th round or the 1st
#5 wilson is a lot like Tiki Barber, the best rb in team history. Wilson, like barber had fumbling issues. Barber got help from TC and saved his career. Last time i checked TC was still coaching the Giants.
#6 he is our first round pick and i expect 1st round production. We will see in due time. Looking forward to it