View Full Version : Giants 2012 UDFAs

04-30-2012, 09:11 AM
Louisiana Tech DE Matt Broha; Arizona WR David Douglas; McNeese State S Janzen Jackson; Rutgers FB Joe Martinek; Georgia State LB Jake Muasau; Miami S Jojo Nicolas; Miami DL Adewale Ojomo; UMass WR Julian Talley; Merrimack QB James Suozzo</P>

I refuse to 2nd guess JR, but I just note thatthe followingis interestiong to me:</P>

1) No TEs, so just the one in the draft overall</P>

2) No OL, signed on in FA, two in the common draft, so I guess he figures we're set</P>

3) 1 LB. I would have thought we'd get a few more bodies there, but I guess at this point the pickings are just to slim</P>

Meanwhile, it seems to me that we're pretty stocked at WR and QB</P>