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04-30-2012, 03:00 PM
In 3 years, if you look back at the 2012 NFL draft, and Wilson and randle are studs, but there the only 2 players left from that draft on our roster, do you consider that years draft a bad one.
My answer:
I say if you get one stud player out of each draft (JPP), it's a good draft. If you get 2 it's a great draft. If you have the giants 2007 draft, it's a perfect draft. So I'm saying I would rather have 1 spectacular player (nicks,JPP), than a bunch of special teamers or cut players. I'm assuming out of 7 drafted players per team, the average remaining players from the draft after 4 years is only 3, maybe 4. If anyone has that stat, I would like to know what the average is.