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MARKUS KUHN ANXIOUS TO COMPETE FOR A SPOT ON CROWDED GIANTS' DEPTH CHART (http://www.giants101.com/2012/05/09/markus-kuhn-anxious-to-compete-for-spot-on-crowded-new-york-giants-depth-chart/)

"<a class="st_tag internal_tag" title="Posts tagged with New York Giants" href="http://www.giants101.com/tag/new-york-giants/" rel="tag nofollow">New York
Giants</a> rookie defensive tackle <a class="st_tag internal_tag" title="Posts tagged with Markus Kuhn" href="http://www.giants101.com/tag/markus-kuhn/" rel="tag nofollow">Markus
Kuhn</a> has quite the challenge ahead of him. Selected late in the seventh
round, the NC State alum will compete for a spot on arguably the best defensive
line in football (http://www.giants101.com/tag/football/).
He will do so without the security afforded to early and mid-round picks that
are all but guaranteed a roster spot in their first year.

To complicate things for Kuhn, there may be no room at the metaphorical inn.
In the hours leading up to the draft, the Giants acquired a replacement for
Rocky Bernard when they signed veteran DT <a class="st_tag internal_tag" title="Posts tagged with Shaun Rogers" href="http://www.giants101.com/tag/shaun-rogers/" rel="tag nofollow">Shaun
Rogers</a>. Though both Kuhn and Rogers are listed at 6í4, the latter weighs in
at 350 lbs; a full 51 lbs heavier than the incoming rookie.</p>

With Chris Canty and Linval Joseph retaining their starting roles and Rogers
penciled in as the first reserve, <a class="st_tag internal_tag" title="Posts tagged with Marvin Austin" href="http://www.giants101.com/tag/marvin-austin/" rel="tag nofollow">Marvin
Austin</a> claims the fourth slot on the depth chart before Kuhn even enters the

The Giants thought that they were stealing another first round pick in 2011
when they drafted Austin in the second round. Once one of the most dominant DTs
in college football (http://www.giants101.com/tag/football/),
the former UNC star missed his final collegiate season due to suspension. After
his draft stock plummeted out of the opening round, his NFL (http://www.giants101.com/tag/nfl/) stock took a
hit when he needed to be placed on IR after only his second preseason game.</p>

Still, the Giants are hopeful that Austin can develop into a formidable DT
despite being away from the game for the better part of two full seasons.</p>

Though he understands the reality of the crowded depth chart, Kuhn isnít
phased. On Monday, he told (http://ncstate.rivals.com/content.asp?CID=1362215)<a href="http://ncstate.rivals.com/content.asp?CID=1362215" target="_blank">The
Wolfpacker</a>, "I don't really set myself too many long-term goals, I
always say if you work hard, good things are going to happen. As of right now,
the next goal is to get there, be good in rookie minicamp and work hard during
the strength and conditioning. Hopefully, I'll get a chance and make the 53-man

Kuhn also admitted that though he is officially listed as a DT on the depth
chart, his role with the Giants is still unclear. While this weekís rookie
mini-camp will likely shed some light on the teamís plans, Kuhnís experience at
DE will help him survive past final cuts.</p>

His best numbers came during his senior season. In 2011 he notched 50
tackles, including 4.5 sacks as a DT. His career began, however, as both a DE
and an OLB.</p>

The Giants tend to only carry four true DTs on the final roster, due to the
high rate at which they rotate their outside pass rushers to the interior. With
the loss of reliable reserve Dave Tollefson, New York (http://www.giants101.com/tag/new-york/) will be looking for capable pass rusher that can
bring pressure from both the inside and out.</p>

That person could very well be Kuhn. If he can impress as an end rusher, his
competition shifts from the bulkier <a class="st_tag internal_tag" title="Posts tagged with Dwayne Hendricks" href="http://www.giants101.com/tag/dwayne-hendricks/" rel="tag nofollow">Dwayne
Hendricks</a> to the undersized <a class="st_tag internal_tag" title="Posts tagged with Justin Trattou" href="http://www.giants101.com/tag/justin-trattou/" rel="tag nofollow">Justin

Both Trattou and Hendricks spent time on the active roster in 2011 but
Trattou currently enjoys a better chance of making 2012ís. Far too small to be
an interior rusher, Trattou is now the fourth DE on the depth chart. Hendricks
is far too large to play DE and even if he beats out Kuhn, it is unlikely there
will be a spot for a fifthDT without one of the top four suffering a
significant injury.</p>

Kuhnís best bet to avoid the practice squad or unemployment is to prove
himself as a utility D-Lineman that can immediately serve as a reliable reserve
wherever he is needed. If he can do that, heíll find himself in a fairly even
battle with an incumbent Trattou."</p>

05-09-2012, 06:42 PM
I like everything I read and hear about this guy.

05-11-2012, 01:06 PM
I like everything I read and hear about this guy.</P>

i love "motor" guys, this guy sounds like he has a "motor" and we'll coach him up from there</P>

05-11-2012, 01:09 PM
If he shows he can play DE he has a much better chance of sticking.

05-11-2012, 01:09 PM
I like everything I read and hear about this guy.

Me too, except he is already 26. Hopefully he can contribute right away

05-11-2012, 01:34 PM
Read on twitter that he is not participating in minicamp due to a non football related leg laceration suffered recently