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</div></div><u><font size="4">NY DAILY NEWS</font></u>

BILL PARCELLS VS. TOM COUGHLIN: WHEN IT COMES TOP THE BEST COACH IN GIANTS' HISTORY, START THE DEBATE (http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/football/giants/bill-parcells-tom-coughlin-best-coach-ny-giants-history-start-debate-article-1.1088905)

"Bill Parcells (http://www.nydailynews.com/topics/Bill+Parcells) is
considered the greatest coach in Giants history and is one of the favorites to
be selected for the Pro Football Hall of Fame class of 2013. If <a title="Tom Coughlin" href="http://www.nydailynews.com/topics/Tom+Coughlin">Tom
Coughlin</a> has not completely closed the gap on Parcells as the best Giants
coach of all time, he's at least a big part of the conversation now that he's
tied Parcells with his second Super Bowl championship.<div><div class="story-body p402_premium">

I believe the edge goes to Parcells because he’s the one who changed the
culture of the Giants and began this era of five Super Bowl appearances and four
titles beginning with the first Super Bowl in 1986. In the last 26 seasons, the
Giants have won more Super Bowls than any team (Pats and Cowboys have won three)
and only the Patriots have been in more Super Bowls with six.</p>

One more Super Bowl championship, or even appearance, and Coughlin jumps over
Parcells. Steve Owen won two NFL Championships for the Giants when he was their
coach from 1931-53, but he also lost six title games. He coached them nearly
three times longer than Parcells or Coughlin.</p>

Here’s some things to consider in the Parcells vs. Coughlin discussion:</p>

- They each won the Super Bowl in their fourth and eighth seasons with the
Giants. Parcells left after his eighth year. Coughlin, who will soon sign a
multi-year extension, has time to add to his legacy.</p>

- Parcells had to be stopped from talking to Atlanta after his first Super
Bowl and quit after his second. Once he was hired as Giants coach in 2004,
Coughlin has never wanted to leave.</p>

- Parcells’ Super Bowl championships teams were better during the regular
season. His 1986 team was 14-2 and in 1990 they were 13-3. Coughlin's Super Bowl
teams were 10-6 in 2007 and last season became the first 9-7 team to win the
Super Bowl. Parcells beat Hall of Famers John Elway and Jim Kelly in the Super
Bowl. Coughlin has twice defeated Tom Brady, a future Hall of Famer.</p>

- Coughlin, who was hired by Parcells in 1988 and worked for him for three
seasons, has won his two titles with less talent. Parcells had two Hall of Fame
players: Lawrence Taylor, the best defensive player in NFL history, and Harry
Carson, one of the top middle linebackers in history. Parcells also had Carl
Banks, better than any linebacker on Coughlin’s teams. Phil Simms would have
made the Hall of Fame if he hadn’t gotten hurt in 1990 and finished off the
Super Bowl season. Coughlin has two potential Hall of Famers: Eli Manning and
Michael Strahan, who is eligible for the first time after this season and will
be competing with Parcells for one of the five spots. He also has had elite
defensive players with Justin Tuck, Osi Umenyiora and Jason Pierre-Paul. Hakeem
Nicks and Victor Cruz are better than any receivers Parcells had on his Super
Bowl teams.
</p></div>- Parcells had the benefit of having Bill Belichick to run his defense.
Belichick will make the Hall of Fame for getting the Patriots to five Super
Bowls. Future head coaches Coughlin, Romeo Crennel, Al Groh and Charlie Weis
were also on Parcells’ staff. Coughlin’s staff has been solid — Kevin Gilbride
has done an excellent job with Manning for eight years and former defensive
coordinator Steve Spagnuolo had as a good a year in 2007 as Belichick ever had
as a Giants assistant. Spags went on to coach the Rams.<div><div class="story-body p402_premium">

- Including playoff games, Parcells was 85-52-1 with the Giants; Coughlin is

It’s a tribute to Coughlin’s resiliency we can even put him anywhere near the
same level as Parcells. There has been no in-between with Coughlin’s teams:
They’ve either won the Super Bowl or been huge disappointments. He was nearly
fired after the 2006 season and was given just a one-year extension after he
basically had to re-interview for his job. He lightened up his approach with the
players, they finally had his back, and then beat the undefeated Patriots in the
Super Bowl, perhaps the second greatest Super Bowl upset in history following
the Jets over the Colts in Super Bowl III.</p>

Full disclosure: I thought the Giants should fire Coughlin after the ’06
season. He had lost the locker room, which is hard to overcome. And when the
Giants lost three straight last season to drop to 6-5 after a 6-2 start, I wrote
that if Coughlin didn’t make the playoffs, which would have continued a trend of
second-half collapses, I thought it was time for him to go. The Giants lost
another game, then won three of their last four, including the sweep of the
Cowboys, and went on another Super Bowl run.</p>

Parcells, too, was almost fired by the Giants. After he was 3-12-1 in his
first season, GM George Young flirted with the idea of hiring University of
Miami coach Howard Schnellenberger — they had worked together with the Colts.
Parcells lost both his parents that season and Young was not sure if the job was
too big for him.</p>

Parcells walked away after winning his second Super Bowl. Coughlin is
sticking around to go for his third. If he gets it, he will be the greatest
coach in Giants history.</p>


The Jets could be heading for another Summer of Revis. If the Jets indicated
to Darelle Revis when he signed his four-year $46 million deal to end his
summer-long holdout one week before the season opener in 2010, that the deal was
two-year band-aid and they would negotiate again in 2012 — that’s what Revis
believes — then they need to pay him. He has lived up to his end by being best
defensive player in the league. They pushed $32.5 million in the first two years
of his contract and he is making below market $13.5 million over the next two
years. Regardless of any promises, Revis is going to have a hard time gaining
public support if he holds out again. He’s not concerned about any backlash
because it got pretty bad two years ago. “I don’t know if you looked at my
Twitter,” he said. “I was getting death threats and everything. I’m getting
stuff now on Twitter.” As part of the contract, if he holds out, the Jets can
extend the deal three years at modest numbers. If Revis plays out the contract,
the Jets can’t franchise him in 2014. That means they would have to renegotiate
next year because there is no way they will let him become an unrestricted free
agent after the 2013 season. The gamble of waiting for Revis, of course, is the
fear of injury. But he is fearless when it comes to challenging the Jets. “I’m a
corporation, too,” he told me the other day. . . . The Giants are a classy
organization that takes care of its players. That’s why their hard line stance
on Osi Umenyiora was so puzzling until they finally nearly doubled his money
from $3.975 million to $7.5 million in 2012, the final year of his contract. He
has been a great player and a key to two Super Bowl championships, he has never
been an off-the-field headache, he plays hard and the extension he signed late
in the 2005 season, his third year in the league, had become completely
outdated. The three-man rotation of Tuck, Pierre-Paul and Umenyiora is not only
the strength of the team, it’s the best in the league. . . . Yahoo reported that
the Saints kept a ledger of weekly earnings for players in their bounty program
and one of them was for $1,000 for a “cart-off” in a 2009 game against the
Giants. There was no mention of the Giants player or the injury.</p>


Terrell Owens just got fired by the Allen Wranglers of the Indoor Football
League because they said he failed to fulfill his contract by missing a charity
event at a children’s hospital. T.O. was a great player who messed up good
things with the 49ers, Eagles and Cowboys and then became irrelevant with the
Bills and Bengals. Randy Moss is getting another chance with the 49ers — ironic
since that’s where Owens began his career — but when no NFL scouts showed up for
Owens’ workout last October, it was a pretty good indication his NFL career is
over. His career numbers may be good enough for the Hall of Fame, but if Owens
would have ever let himself be happy, he could have done so much more. Jerry
Jones liked Owens so much that he overruled Parcells when he signed him in 2006,
but Owens made himself miserable in 2008 because he thought Tony Romo was
throwing the ball to Jason Witten too much. Jones cut him after the
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<u><font size="4">THE NEW YORK TIMES</font></u>

<a href="http://www.nytimes.com/pages/sports/football/index.html">http://www.nytimes.com/pages/sports/football/index.html
<u><font size="4">GIANTS 101</font></u>

GIANTS' TOM COUGHLIN SAYS "NO" TO PLAXICO BURRESS (http://www.giants101.com/2012/06/03/new-york-giants-tom-coughlin-says-no-to-plaxico-burress/)

"As uncertainty continues to surround wide receiver <a class="st_tag internal_tag" title="Posts tagged with Hakeem Nicks" href="http://www.giants101.com/tag/hakeem-nicks/" rel="tag nofollow">Hakeem
Nicks</a> and his timetable for a return (http://www.giants101.com/2012/05/31/new-york-giants-hakeem-nicks-has-no-doubt-hell-be-back-by-week-one/), rumors had rapidly begun to swirl (http://www.giants101.com/2012/05/27/plaxico-burress-to-new-york-giants-speculation-that-just-wont-die/) about a potential return to the <a class="st_tag internal_tag" title="Posts tagged with New York Giants" href="http://www.giants101.com/tag/new-york-giants/" rel="tag nofollow">New York
Giants</a> for <a class="st_tag internal_tag" title="Posts tagged with Plaxico Burress" href="http://www.giants101.com/tag/plaxico-burress/" rel="tag nofollow">Plaxico
Burress</a>. However, head coach <a class="st_tag internal_tag" title="Posts tagged with Tom Coughlin" href="http://www.giants101.com/tag/tom-coughlin/" rel="tag nofollow">Tom
Coughlin</a>quickly shot those down (http://blog.northjersey.com/giants/2673/coughlin-we-say-no-to-plaxico/) earlier this week with a solid
resolve. <blockquote>

"No," Coughlin said as he shook his head when asked about the possibility of
Burress returning.</p></blockquote>

And with that, the latest round of Plaxico rumors came to an abrupt end. At
the same time, the Giants are short a wide receiver heading into the remaining
Organized Team Activities (OTA's), mandatory mini-camp and possibly even
training camp. So, what will they do to fill that gap?</p>

“Look for the next <a class="st_tag internal_tag" title="Posts tagged with Victor Cruz" href="http://www.giants101.com/tag/victor-cruz/" rel="tag nofollow">Victor
Cruz</a>, how’s that one,” Coughlin said.</p></blockquote>

Finding another Cruz is unlikely, but perhaps the team will finally see one
of their younger wide receiver reach their potential; namely <a class="st_tag internal_tag" title="Posts tagged with Jerrel Jernigan" href="http://www.giants101.com/tag/jerrel-jernigan/" rel="tag nofollow">Jerrel
Jernigan</a> or <a class="st_tag internal_tag" title="Posts tagged with Ramses Barden" href="http://www.giants101.com/tag/ramses-barden/" rel="tag nofollow">Ramses

Barden has already gone on record acknowledging that this is his final opportunity (http://www.giants101.com/2012/05/31/new-york-giants-ramses-barden-realizes-time-is-running-out/), and Jernigan has received some rave
reviews thus far this offseason. Both have tremendous potential and offer
completely different talents to the offense, so having either develop some sort
of consistency would go a long way for Eli Manning &amp; Co.</p>

At the end of the day (royalties to Antrel Rolle), there are a lot of
variables facing Big Blue at the wide receiver position, but none of them
include a <a class="st_tag internal_tag" title="Posts tagged with Plaxico Burress" href="http://www.giants101.com/tag/plaxico-burress/" rel="tag nofollow">Plaxico
Burress</a> return."</p>

GIANTS' PERRY FEWELL AND THE LOOKING GLASS (http://www.giants101.com/2012/06/03/new-york-giants-perry-fewell-and-the-looking-glass/)

"While many Giants fans are over-rejoicing in a restructured contract (http://www.giants101.com/2012/06/01/new-york-giants-osi-umenyiora-agree-on-restructured-contract/) for <a class="st_tag internal_tag" title="Posts tagged with Osi Umenyiora" href="http://www.giants101.com/tag/osi-umenyiora/" rel="tag nofollow">Osi
Umenyiora</a>, the fact that he was going to be a New York (http://www.giants101.com/tag/new-york/) Giant in 2012 remains the same. The difference:
He’s happier and will now show up to OTA’s and Mini Camp.

Now <a class="st_tag internal_tag" title="Posts tagged with Perry Fewell" href="http://www.giants101.com/tag/perry-fewell/" rel="tag nofollow">Perry
Fewell</a> can continue his plans without hearing whispering banters in the
background about his defensive end that has a well-known knack for not only
getting to the quarterback, but causing turnovers and/or recovering them. Fewell
can now have #72 on the field for drills and continue the game planning that has
earned the Giants defense “Nascar” and “Kraken” monikers in 2011.</p>

Will Fewell look back on the 2011 complex scheme-experiment and how it wasn’t
his best conception? Barring an influx of crazy injuries again, he will get back
two handfuls of players he didn’t have last year and he will have players that
are now more than familiar with what he has been asking from them. Assignments
won’t be as confusing and communication won’t need to be as detrimental. That
being said, after seeing what simplifying the scheme for his highly talented and
hungry defense did, how could Fewell even think about anything except building
upon the strengths that took the Giants into Indianapolis in February?</p>

QB Matt Ryan went into the 2011 Wild Card weekend with a quarterback rating
at #8 with 92.2. Aaron Rodgers was #1 with 122.5. Alex Smith was #9 with a 90.7
rating. Tom Brady was #3 with a rating of 105.6. For those of you keeping track:
Elite was #7 with a rating of 92.9. The point here: The New York (http://www.giants101.com/tag/new-york/) Football (http://www.giants101.com/tag/football/)
Giants defense went up against clearly the top four quarterbacks left on their
schedule and beat them. As far as top running backs, the Giants faced Michael
Turner -ranked third in the league, Frank Gore- ranked sixth. Since Green Bay
and New England both had RBs that ranked below 25 league-wide, it’s obvious they
relied on the pass more and precisely why the defensive line and an insane pass
rush is crucial.</p>

Either way, the objective of the defensive side of the ball: disrupt the
quarterback – whether it’s his timing, his pocket and pushing back his line of
scrimmage or actually sacking him, the goal is to get after that captain and
make his life miserable for as long as possible during his time of possession.
With Big Blue, speed clearly kills.</p>

“…We’ve got a really nice pass rush here. I could put four, maybe five
defensive ends on the field at one time…Hey, NASCAR…Hey guys, this is what we
would like to do. We’d like to create this package…” stated <a class="st_tag internal_tag" title="Posts tagged with Perry Fewell" href="http://www.giants101.com/tag/perry-fewell/" rel="tag nofollow">Perry
Fewell</a> prior to Super Bowl XLVI.</p></blockquote>

The package and new concept was more than embraced.</p>

“…We came up with NASCAR; we call it our speed package. Why do we call it
that? All of us compete about who’s the fastest and who gets to the quarterback
the fastest. So NASCAR’s just something that felt right…” admitted defensive
captain, Justin Tuck.</p></blockquote>

Fewell has become all too familiar with this and how to utilize (and now
really listen to) his key players and their strengths – especially after really
looking at why his early ideas failed. Looking into the mirror and admitting
change is the best approach is never easy, but when the end result is winning
(and winning in the vastest capacity), there’s comfort in knowing the right
decision was made.</p>NEW ORLEANS SAINTS EARNED REWARDS FOR INJURING GIANTS' PLAYERS IN 2009 (http://www.giants101.com/2012/06/02/new-orleans-saints-earned-rewards-for-injuring-new-york-giants-players-in-2009/)

"In the last 24 hours, it's been revealed that the New Orleans Saints not only
placed bounties on opposing players, but actually kept a ledger (http://api.viglink.com/api/click?format=go&amp;key=9b4efad421c8b103b2c94b796db973 b0&amp;loc=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.giants101.com%2F2012%2F06% 2F02%2Fnew-orleans-saints-earned-rewards-for-injuring-new-york-giants-players-in-2009%2F&amp;subId=3e646801796e45114472dfafa5862724&amp;v=1 &amp;libid=1338668898592&amp;out=http%3A%2F%2Fsports.yahoo .com%2Fnews%2Fnfl--sources--new-orleans-saints-kept-a--ledger--detailing-weekly-earnings-in-bounty-scandal.html&amp;ref=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.giants101.com%2F &amp;title=New%20Orleans%20Saints%20Earned%20Rewards%2 0for%20Injuring%20New%20York%20Giants%20Players%20 in%202009%20%7C%20Giants%20101%20%7C%20Sports%20Me dia%20101&amp;txt=kept%20a%20ledger&amp;jsonp=vglnk_jsonp_ 13386690276251) detailing the players
they injured and the payouts that were made as a result. It's the latest in a
long line of revelations as it relates to BountyGate.

"The players clearly knew what was going each week with the payments," a
source told Yahoo! Sports.</p></blockquote>

The ledger carefully detailed all payouts, "cart-offs", "whacks" and
deductions for "mental errors." Included in said ledger was a $1,000 payout for
a "cart-off" on October 18th, 2009 in a game against the <a class="st_tag internal_tag" title="Posts tagged with New York Giants" href="http://www.giants101.com/tag/new-york-giants/" rel="tag nofollow">New York

Although the injured players name was not immediately made available, a live
blog of the game, courtesy of the New York Times (http://fifthdown.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/10/18/live-analysis-giants-saints/), revealed that offensive
lineman <a class="st_tag internal_tag" title="Posts tagged with Kareem McKenzie" href="http://www.giants101.com/tag/kareem-mckenzie/" rel="tag nofollow">Kareem
McKenzie</a> had been carted off after sustaining a groin injury. This occurred
during a pile up for a loose ball, and coincides with many reports of dirty
tactics courtesy of the Saints during fights for fumbles.</p>

Another interesting note in the NYT live blog was the hit that led to the

"On his next play, Manning was sacked hard by Roman Harper and fumbled.
Manning’s head snapped back when he was hit from behind."</p></blockquote>

The hit on Manning was deemed legal and Harper was not fined, but it's
already been made public that <a class="st_tag internal_tag" title="Posts tagged with Gregg Williams" href="http://www.giants101.com/tag/gregg-williams/" rel="tag nofollow">Gregg
Williams</a> and the New Orleans Saints frequently targeted quarterbacks (http://api.viglink.com/api/click?format=go&amp;key=9b4efad421c8b103b2c94b796db973 b0&amp;loc=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.giants101.com%2F2012%2F06% 2F02%2Fnew-orleans-saints-earned-rewards-for-injuring-new-york-giants-players-in-2009%2F&amp;subId=3e646801796e45114472dfafa5862724&amp;v=1 &amp;libid=1338668898592&amp;out=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.nesn.com %2F2012%2F03%2Faaron-rodgers-brett-favre-cam-newton-kurt-warner-targeted-as-part-of-saints-bounty-program.html&amp;ref=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.giants101.com%2F &amp;title=New%20Orleans%20Saints%20Earned%20Rewards%2 0for%20Injuring%20New%20York%20Giants%20Players%20 in%202009%20%7C%20Giants%20101%20%7C%20Sports%20Me dia%20101&amp;txt=frequently%20targeted%20quarterbacks &amp;jsonp=vglnk_jsonp_13386690773592). In
hindsight, it makes you question every play and whether or not the intention was
there to injury Manning.</p>

Meanwhile, McKenzie would go on to miss the following game against the
Arizona Cardinals as a result of the groin injury sustained at the hands of the

<u><font size="4">BIG BLUE VIEW</font></u><span id="entry_flag_counts_2011/12/23/2655531/friday-five-with-pat-traina-jets-giants-edition" class="flag-counts"><span class="light"></span> </span><span id="entry_flag_links_2011/12/23/2655531/friday-five-with-pat-traina-jets-giants-edition"></span>

BIG BLUE VIEW MAILBAG: ABOUT THE OFFENSIVE LINE (http://www.bigblueview.com/2012/6/3/3059359/big-blue-view-mailbag)

"I have not done a 'Big Blue View Mailbag' in a while, but I received an
interesting question from a reader this weekend, so today brings a Sunday
morning mailbag for your reading pleasure.

Nat writes:</p>

The restructuring of Osi's contract and the lifting of Brown's suspension
were both great news. But, as management seems to be aware, the Offensive Line
remains a serious area of concern. I don't see how the Giants (http://www.sbnation.com/nfl/teams/new-york-giants) can gamble
with the prospect of Eli not getting adequate protection. Do you think that
Reese will address this problem before the season opener and what are the
realistic options? </p>
<p class="extend-divide"><a name="storyjump"></a>http://cdn1.sbnation.com/images/blog/star-divide.v5e9d7f1.jpg</p>

Nat, the answer to that is that I think the Giants have already done
everything they are going to do in terms of adding -- and subtracting --
<ul> They let aging right tackle <a class="sbn-auto-link" href="http://www.sbnation.com/nfl/players/2236/kareem-mckenzie">Kareem
McKenzie</a> go, and it looks like McKenzie will end up retiring as no one has
yet picked him up. They added Sean Locklear (http://www.sbnation.com/nfl/players/2318/sean-locklear),
an eight-year veteran to provide depth at both offensive tackle spots. They drafted two offensive linemen, albeit not in the early rounds. But,
fourth-round pick <a class="sbn-auto-link" href="http://www.sbnation.com/nfl/players/155065/brandon-mosley">Brandon
Mosley</a> is looked at as a David Diehl (http://www.sbnation.com/nfl/players/2214/david-diehl) type
who could eventually end up pretty much anywhere except left tackle. Matt McCants (http://www.sbnation.com/nfl/players/155130/matt-mccants),
a sixth-round pick, is another versatile player who could find a role along the
line one day.[/list]

<font size="2">There really isn't anything else substantial that the Giants can
do in terms of personnel for the 2012 season. Look at the </font><a href="http://walterfootball.com/freeagents.php" target="_blank">free-agent
list</a><font size="2"> and there really aren't many names worthy of attention at
this point. Sure, some players might become available later this summer, but the
Giants don't have much cap room anyway. So, most likely with the Giants
offensive line what you see is what you are going to get.</font></p>

What does that mean, exactly? Here is how the Giants will line up, with some
of my thoughts on each player.</p>

Left Tackle -- Will Beatty. If you are worried about Beatty, I'm not
really sure you should be. He isn't <a class="sbn-auto-link" href="http://www.sbnation.com/nfl/players/1416/jonathan-ogden">Jonathan
Ogden</a> or Anthony Munoz, but he can do the job.</p>

Left Guard -- Kevin Boothe (http://www.sbnation.com/nfl/players/3290/kevin-boothe).
He did a good job last season and he deserves to open training camp as the
starting left guard. Would I be the only one stunned if Mitch Petrus (http://www.sbnation.com/nfl/players/108493/mitch-petrus)
takes that job away from him? Either way, I feel OK about it.</p>

Center -- David Baas (http://www.sbnation.com/nfl/players/2069/david-baas). The
Giants told us how good this guy was last season when they signed him as a free
agent. Injuries and the lack of an offseason program made it difficult for him
to show it, though. He needs to be better this season, and provided he is
healthy he probably will be.</p>

Right Guard -- Chris Snee (http://www.sbnation.com/nfl/players/2256/chris-snee). Did
not play up to his standards last season, and we found out after the season that
he had been playing through an elbow issue. He had minor surgery to fix that
during the offseason. Snee may never again be the dominant player of four years
ago, but if he is healthy I would expect better play from him this season.</p>

Right Tackle -- David Diehl. Rip Diehl all you want, but he has
started for the Giants at every position on the line except center. He has two
Super Bowl rings, and part of the reason for them is his willingness to move
around and play wherever the Giants ask. He doesn't have to be all-world on the
right side, he just needs to be be adequate. At this point in his career right
tackle might actually be the position he is best-suited for. </p>

Reserves -- Petrus, Locklear, James Brewer (http://www.sbnation.com/nfl/players/130992/james-brewer),
Mosley and McCants seem like your likely backups."</p>http://www.bigblueview.com/section/news

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GIANTS' MARTELLUS BENNETT BALLOONS UP TO 291 POUNDS (http://network.yardbarker.com/nfl/article_external/giants_martellus_bennett_balloons_up_to_291/10928993)

"Tight end Martellus Bennett was a 2<sup>nd</sup> round pick
of the Dallas Cowboys in 2008 and while he established himself as one of the
better blocking tight ends in the league, he never managed to break out as a
pass catcher, catching just 85 passes in 4 seasons. Bennett certainly has the
upside to become a better pass catcher, running a 4.68 40 at The Combine and
catching 45 passes in his final season at Texas A&amp;M in 2007.<div class="entry-container fix"><div class="entry fix">

Needing tight end help after losing both Travis Beckum and Jake Ballard to
torn ACLs in the Super Bowl, the Giants signed Martellus Bennett this offseason
and it seemed like a natural fit. It gave Bennett a chance to finally be an
every down tight end and the Giants require all their tight ends be great
blockers. Eli Manning has gotten good receiving production out of blocking tight
ends in the past with guys like Kevin Boss and Travis Beckum so there was
definite upside with the Bennett signing.</p>

However, the Giants may find themselves disappointed. Naturally in the
265-270 range, Bennett weighed in at 291 at OTAs for the Giants and tight end
coach Kevin Pope acknowledged this was “too big for his legs to carry.” Bennett
is currently sitting out with hamstring problems. He has done nothing to shake
the notion that he doesn’t have the work ethic to live up to his potential.</p>

If Bennett can’t get into shape, the Giants’ other options at tight end are
pretty slim. They include 4<sup>th</sup> round rookie Adrien Robinson, a raw
pass catcher who managed just 12 catches last year at Cincinnati, a bunch of
inexperienced no names, as well as the potential that Beckum and Ballard can
make it back at some point this season."
<font size="3">http://www.yardbarker.com/nfl/teams/new_york_giants/56</font> (http://www.yardbarker.com/nfl/teams/new_york_giants/56)
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VICK TAKES EXCEPTION TO CRITICISM OF PLAYING STYLE (http://www.theredzone.org/BlogDescription/tabid/61/EntryId/26667/Vick-takes-exception-to-criticism-of-playing-style/Default.aspx)

VILMA'S LAWYER CHALLENGES LEDGER ISSUE (http://theredzone.org/BlogDescription/tabid/61/EntryId/26680/Vilma-s-lawyer-challenges-ledger-issue/Default.aspx)

JETS' ROOKIE RECEIVER BREAKS FOOT (http://theredzone.org/BlogDescription/tabid/61/EntryId/26663/Jets-rookie-receiver-breaks-foot/Default.aspx)

REVIS ADMITS SANCHEZ-TEBOW SITUATION "COULD CAUSE A PROBLEM" (http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2012/06/02/revis-admits-sanchez-tebow-situation-could-cause-a-problem/related/)

"</font></font>Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis (http://www.rotoworld.com/player/nfl/4155/darrelle-revis) may cause problems (http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2012/05/31/darrelle-revis-doesnt-know-if-hell-hold-out-from-training-camp/) for the team by taking a
stand over his two-year-old deal. Revis realizes that he may not be the only
source of possible consternation in 2012. The presence of Mark Sanchez (http://www.rotoworld.com/player/nfl/5192/mark-sanchez) and Tim Tebow (http://www.rotoworld.com/player/nfl/5096/tim-tebow) on the roster may create issues,

“It could cause a problem (http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/football/jets/darrelle-revis-voice-support-mark-sanchez-tim-tebow-jets-qb-mix-article-1.1087973#ixzz1weyW0EaT),” Revis recently
told Gary Myers of the New York Daily News. “We’re not going to sit
here and say it can’t. I think our focus is just being positive about the
situation and making sure these guys actually get along, which they do, and work
together. That’s the only thing you can do. We win games, everybody is getting
a pat on the back. We lose games, that’s where it might cause controversy. All
in all, we’re just excited.”</p>

If it becomes a problem, Revis should place some of the blame on himself, for
sending mixed signals to the locker room. Last month, Revis raved about Tim
Tebow’s leadership abilities.</p>

“He’s a born leader, he really is (http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2012/05/16/revis-raves-about-tebow/),” Revis
said. “Very few athletes have the gift he has. He tries to lead by example all
the time. He tries to be positive, which is awesome, and that [has resulted] in
his success on the field. . . . Some people have it, some guys don’t. It’s the
passion within, wanting to be a leader, wanting to win. You see it all the time,
eating lunch, walking down the hallway. You see it.”</p>

As Revis sees it, however, Sanchez should keep his job.</p>

“That’s what we know as a team,” Revis said. “Mark is the leader of the
offense and the starting quarterback. . . . He’s improved a lot and he’s going
to keep on improving. Mark works very hard. This guy is here all the time.
Usually here with me. He does what he does. Don’t write him off.”</p>

It’s not a direct conflict in the cornerback’s comments, but it definitely
creates an atmosphere of uncertainty that could quickly become a firestorm
if/when Sanchez struggles to start the regular season.</p>

Even though there may not be a “problem” just yet, Revis admits a quarterback
controversy indeed exists, despite the team’s repeated proclamations that
Sanchez is the starter.</p>

“It already started,” Revis said. “This is something we are going to have to
deal with probably for a couple of years. We’ll see how it pans out.”</p>

Perhaps realizing the potential impact of his words, Revis eventually tried
to joke his way out of the minefield, claiming that neither guy should be

“I’m the best quarterback,” Revis declared. “I’ve been talking to coach
[Tony] Sparano and he’s talking about giving me a couple of plays. He’s going
to let me throw a couple of balls. I’m the best quarterback on this team.”</p>

The sad part is that some may actually agree with Revis."</p><font size="4"><font size="3">


06-03-2012, 11:24 AM
Why did Parcelles call it quits after winning the sb? It's always something I've never heard a reason for

06-03-2012, 11:46 AM
Why did Parcelles call it quits after winning the sb? It's always something I've never heard a reason for

He wanted to be the GM/Head Coach and, IMO, left in tantrum mode, recommending Ray Handley as his repalcement which set us back at least 10 seasons.

06-03-2012, 01:26 PM
thanks Roanoke!</P>


06-03-2012, 02:46 PM
thanks Roanoke!</p>



06-03-2012, 04:06 PM
thanks rf

06-03-2012, 05:57 PM
Like to see the Giants better than adequate at RT.

06-03-2012, 05:58 PM
thanks rf


06-03-2012, 05:58 PM
Like to see the Giants better than adequate at RT.

Adequate means he can get the job done

06-03-2012, 06:24 PM
Thanks RF as always, great compilation!</P>

IMO TO's numbers are not good enough to make the HOF.</P>

He was born with the talent to cruise there but didn't put it to it's greatest and best use. Kind of like Darryl Strawberry in that regard.</P>

06-04-2012, 09:31 AM
Thanks RF as always, great compilation!</p>

IMO TO's numbers are not good enough to make the HOF.</p>

He was born with the talent to cruise there but didn't put it to it's greatest and best use. Kind of like Darryl Strawberry in that regard.</p>


06-04-2012, 10:53 AM
Thanks again Mr RF! :-)</P>

The gamble of waiting for Revis, of course, is the fear of injury. But he is fearless when it comes to challenging the Jets. “I’m a corporation, too,” he told me the other day. . . . The Giants are a classy organization that takes care of its players. That’s why their hard line stance on Osi Umenyiora was so puzzling until they finally nearly doubled his money from $3.975 million to $7.5 million in 2012, the final year of his contract. He has been a great player and a key to two Super Bowl championships, <U><FONT size=4>he has never been an off-the-field headache</FONT></U>, he plays hard and the extension he signed late in the 2005 season, his third year in the league, had become completely outdated. The three-man rotation of Tuck, Pierre-Paul and Umenyiora is not only the strength of the team, it’s the best in the league. . . .</P>

Saw this and had a nice chuckle.</P>