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GIANTS' ROOKIES MAKE A VISIT AND PUT EVERYTHING IN PERSPECTIVE (http://www.nj.com/giants/index.ssf/2012/06/giants_rookies_make_a_visit_an.html)

"The 16 members of the Giants rookie class are just over a month into their
NFL careers and are laboring through the struggles of the transition to the
sport's highest level. But a trip to Monroe Township to visit the Make-A-Wish
Foundation of New Jersey's Samuel & Josephine Plumeri Wishing Place put it
all in perspective.

Fifteen of the 16 rookies tight end Adrien Robinson is still finishing
classes at Cincinnati in addition to Larry Donnell made the trip yesterday
afternoon following their organized team activities in the morning where 20
children who have suffered from life-threatening illnesses. </p>

"A lot of people go through practice and say it's hard, but these are the
kids that are fighting cancer, trying to overcome diseases and we have nothing
to compare to that so it just makes you really think, like we're not going
through anything," linebacker Jake Muasau said.

The Giants have a
longstanding relationship with the foundation and five children on hand had
wished granted by the team in the past. The players were introduced one-by-one,
heard stories from a couple of the children in attendance and had an
eat-and-greet with the children and families before they took a tour of the
location, known as the castle. </p>

The Samuel &amp; Josephine Plumeri Wishing Place, which serves as the
headquarters of the foundation's New Jersey chapter, was built behind
philanthropic donations and completed in December. </p>

"It's awesome to be here because a lot of times we just get into a routine
with lifting, practicing, meetings everyday, and it's just nice to get out, come
here, see these kids and it puts all the work we do in perspective," running
back Joe Martinek said. "It's amazing to see the smiles on the kids and all that
work we do, all that stress we put ourselves through, it actually means

Founded in 1983, the Make-A-Wish Foundation of New Jersey serves the entire
state and has granted over 7,000 wishes. It granted more than 400 in 2011. </p>

* * *</p>

On the other end of the rookies' youthful exuberance lies their coach Tom
Coughlin, who at age 66 <a href="http://www.nj.com/giants/index.ssf/2012/06/giants_give_tom_coughlin_two-y.html">signed
a two-year contract extension yesterday through the 2014 season worth $20

But while his age may indicate he's on his last legs, the rookies have sensed
that isn't the case with Coughlin in their brief time with him.</p>

"I wouldn't know," defensive back Janzen Jackson said. "He's 66, but he seems
like he's 26 to me, walking around out there excited and stuff."</p>

In just over a month, the rookies have come to understand what sets Coughlin
apart and helped him win two Super Bowls over the last five seasons.</p>

"He treats you like man," safety Jojo Nicolas said. "He expects you to
respond like a man and carry yourself in the proper manner. Everything is
team-oriented and it's focused on the main goal of winning and not being
selfish. It's always about the team."</p>

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I love Jojo's comment on how TC treats everyone on the team "like a man" from the stars down to the UDFAs.

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great read