07-10-2012, 01:14 PM
<font size="4"><font size="3">ONLINE NFLPA SHOP OPENS, PROVIDES APPAREL FOR EVERY PLAYER, REVENUE STREAMS (http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/blog/eye-on-football/19552323/online-nflpa-shop-opens-provides-apparel-for-every-nfl-player-revenue-streams)

"</font></font>The NFLPA will announce on Wednesday the opening of an online store -- the
NFLPA Shop -- featuring on-demand, licensed apparel for every single NFL player,
CBSSports.com has learned exclusively.

The online store (<a href="http://shop.nflpa.com">to be located at
Shop.NFLPA.com</a>) will provide three distinct benefits to individual NFL
players: every single player (not just the most marketable ones) will have
ready-to-sell items in the store, NFL players will receive up to 70 percent of
the net proceeds for products sold, and players will be able to sell autographed
memorabilia via consignment and auction, with the proceeds going directly to
players or player-designated charities.</p>

NFLPA Shop will also feature my personal favorite sports gear item: the
jersey t-shirt. (Mrs. Brinson won't let me go to the grocery store in an actual
jersey, oddly enough.)</p>

"The unique thing about the whole shop is that now you can go online and
order merchandise from a player that you really love. It can be an offensive
lineman, a defensive lineman, it doesn't really matter," 49ers tight end Vernon
Davis told CBSSports.com (listen to his full interview in the podcast below).
"You can get their merchandise with their name on it, their number, it's going
to be fantastic."</p>

In terms of providing individual players revenue, the NFLPA Shop is an
interesting exercise in marketing an individual's brand: each NFL player will
have a customizable page with that player's products showcased. That means for
fans of that player -- regardless of position, popularity, etc -- there's a
one-stop shopping point for merchandise.</p>

And while no one thinks that the majority of NFL players are hurting for
money, the NFLPA Shop provides an additional revenue stream for individual
players. Licensing fees and operating costs will obviously come off the top, but
a player's ability to market himself via Twitter, Facebook or whatever other
means can now equate to 70 percent of the net proceeds.</p>

"[The shop] gives an opportunity for every NFL player that's not a marquee
name on a team," NFLPA spokesman George Atallah said. "For that person not just
to be marketed but for that person to generate some additional royalty

For elite players, making money on their name is nothing new. But for the
average player who doesn't have a pile of endorsements or already-personalized
gear online, this means a chance to increase brand management and put some coin
in their pocket as well.</p>

"It's just amazing to see something like this is being invented," Davis said.
"I think my teammates will really appreciate this because now their families can
go online and order merchandise with their number on it and they don't have to
worry about going to outsiders and getting something made when they can just go
right online to the shop and get the merchandise."</p>

Additionally, try Googling "Autographed [Player Name] Football" (or "Jersey")
and see what pops up. It's probably going to be an independent seller of sports
memorabilia, Amazon or eBay. It's not going to be that player actually getting
rewarded for their autograph or, more importantly, that player selling his
autographed memorabilia to benefit a pre-selected charity.</p>

It'll also be interesting to see how much of a bite the union's shop can take
out of the NFL's shop: both offer men's, women's and children's Nike jerseys
(along with other Swoosh gear) in addition to unique memorabilia and myriad

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07-10-2012, 01:16 PM
I'd like to know how much the NFLPA makes off of this. Let's see if this becomes real competition for the NFL Shop. Something makes me uncomfortable about the players' union making a profit off of their membership aside from union dues.