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07-24-2012, 11:23 PM
i have been adamant about this and i think We all are a little scarred by the horrendous officiating that we saw last year i think 5 games stand out both greenbay packers games / the Jets game / the 49er's NFCCG / and even in the super bowl; i might be missing some.

Surely this has been resonated throughout the whole league and we are not completely innocent of some bad calls, i.e ( the hynoski fair catch/ no fair catch call ) but honestly we have seen more injustice against us than for us.

I am not here to talk conspiracy, or that the refs hate us or are placing bets for us to loose, how do we fix this going forward. i think we all can come to an agreement and say had those two calls the "ballard no touchdown." or "the pseudo calvin johnson rule with jenkins in the end zone." we would of won that first greenbay game.

Yes we won the super bowl why cry over spoiled milk, cause if its not fixed it can spoil or chances dramatically next year.

so the refs plan to hold on next year which prompts the NFL to hire replacement Refs. so far the Veteran refs have refused to help train the new refs and i agree why would i or should i. but the NFL have took steps towards preparing these new refs to be more than ready, maybe not veteran ready but ready enough.

I feel that i saw enough ridiculousness last year to hope that these refs get fined or loss of games allotted for repetitive blatant bad officiating. i do not know how you would manage that; which leads me to this IMHO i think we should go ahead with these new refs and not give into these old refs that are not even doing their job correctly. as a fan watching on a HD-screen i should not be able to call something right and then hear analyst agree over these refs.

so my question to you guys is this Give into the refs or lets get a fresh start with the replacement officials

07-24-2012, 11:33 PM
Replacement or not, human error can't be accounted for. There will be bad calls, no matter who judges them, so I'd role with the guys who have the most recent experience, the old officiating crew.

07-24-2012, 11:45 PM
i completely agree human error is a big factor that cannot be accounted for and is always present replacement or not. so let me restructure my question a little bit, alot of posters felt that in that first packers game, the refs had it out for us that they made it virtually impossible to keep in the game but we did came close but no cigar. and in the super bowl alot of posters including myself sometimes not entirely, that some favoritism was shown, with the two pass interferences, the defenseless player hit on nicks, the phantom hold. what if there is some type of mild corruption not malicious but a sense of favoritism, with the current officiating. should we not take actions to correct that? if not in them being replaced but fined of some sort?

i think back to the saints / vikings NFCCG game i really and truly felt that game was highly favored for the saints officiating wise thats just my honest opinon.

thanks for responding.

07-25-2012, 12:10 AM
You're welcome, and I agree, there is some favoritism -- there has to be. Referees have to be objective, but it's tough to be 100% objective -- well actually, it's impossible.

I was one of the most anti-conspiracy fans out there last year, heated debates against the notion, but jeez there were some tough moments last year, the Jennings fumble being a play I'll never forget, because I've never actually been emotionally deflated from a game until that play. But that's the game we've signed up, and subscribed to. The Wilfork blunder..oh my god..what the ****?! I'm just glad it couldn't stop us, it really makes it all that much better.

I almost want to take the "what's there to lose"-mentality when it comes to the new replacement officials, but it can always be worse, and that's the bottom line. Ultimately though, I understand and am sympathetic towards those who do actually feel that there's nothing to lose, I'm just cautious by nature lol.

07-25-2012, 12:15 AM
every teams fans think the refs are against them, they are human and make mistakes remember they do not see it on the spot in slow-mo 1080p they see it in a blink of an eye. We had some bad calls sure but we also got some calls, we got away with some things also. Refs have a pretty hard job imo.

keep the old ones.

07-25-2012, 04:50 AM
I don't think replacement refs will make that much of a difference and may actually help something that has grown stagnant. It is almost like college sports where you have athletes working towards making it in the bigs, this is their opportunity to shine because it is posible that these replacements are auditioning for future employment.