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07-29-2012, 09:27 PM
INTERCEPTION BY GIANTS' COREY WEBSTER HIGHLIGHT OF TODAY'S PRACTICE (http://www.nj.com/giants/index.ssf/2012/07/interception_by_giants_corey_w.html)

Excerpt: "I'm starting to learn what truly motivates the Giants (http://www.nj.com/giants)' defensive players in training camp this year. Stopping Victor Cruz and, more importantly, the "Cruuuuuuz" chants.

You can tell it's the daily challenge that gets them going. More on that below in today's practice report." Read more...

07-29-2012, 09:34 PM
Great play by webby but Cruz has got to do a better job of adjusting back to the ball quicker instead of waiting for the ball to fall into his lap. A great corner like webster that can locate & track the ball will pick that off everytime

07-29-2012, 09:39 PM
I'm loving that Bennet mention. Those kinda plays earn a QBs trust real fast. Glad it was Eli to Bennett. Thats one thing I dislike about guys practicing 1s2s3s...guys dont get the opportunity to gain trust with eli all that much. its hard to do gameday...its why nicks going down temporarily isnt bad really bc we got guys getting reps with eli.

07-29-2012, 09:53 PM
Oops apologies for my post. Wrong thread, thought the link was about the highlight video of todays practice on the giants website

07-29-2012, 10:09 PM
Bennett is gonna be great some people might not like him as a person but I do and he's got size and skill

Wilson - cant wait for him to show his talent to the league

Webster is by far my fav Giants player. Remember the doubters after getting burned then benched? Next year dude turns into one of the best corners in the league.

Randall is gonna need to step up because he's part of our future once Hixon moves on.

Rolle love the smack talk cause im a FL guy! Speak your mind dont bite your tounge screw the NY based fans. (I'll catch heat but dont care)

07-29-2012, 10:33 PM
Where is the video in the link? Cannot find it lol

07-29-2012, 11:55 PM
Peep the sig....

07-30-2012, 12:23 AM
Have not heard a whole lot on Wilson since that first day of practice

07-30-2012, 12:24 AM
Randall will have some bad practices. Today was one of them. Give him time to develope. He will be fine

Captain Chaos
07-30-2012, 05:13 AM
I like the way our secondary is shaping up. If they can cover then the front four will have a huge year, Sacks for all my friends!!!