View Full Version : Mitch Petrus first preseason game: play by play

08-13-2012, 08:50 PM
Mitch Petrus #62
RG on 2nd team
These are the plays I saw Petrus in. (I may not have noticed every play he was in and I didn't count special teams).

1. run- Petrus handles his man
2. pass- Petrus again handles his man. Bennett TD.
3. run- block into 2nd level. stalemate with LB.
4. pass- good sustained blocking. nice work.
5. 3rd & short run- moved his man back, then got shed.
6. 4th & inches- Petrus stuffed at line.
7. pass- gets pushed back & close to holding
8. run- pulling guard, Andre Brown outruns Mitch
9. pass- adequate block
10. pass- adequate block, Stanback TD
possession change
11. run- block into 2nd level, whiffs on LB
12. pass- adequate block
13. pass- poor block, pushed aside
second half
14. run- pulling guard, cannot get out there in time
15. pass- swim move makes Petrus whiff. sack.
16. screen- okay block
possession change
17. run- pulled much quicker & was able to throw a downfield block for Wilson.
18. run- stood up & didn't move his guy
19. pass- successful block