View Full Version : WOW Back on the Board -- Thank You

08-20-2012, 03:05 PM
I am not sure what happened with the conversion/update of the board but i haven't been able to log into the message board in MONTHS!
Even prior to the update, i wasn't able to log in nor was i receiving the forgot/reset password link via email. Today, I decide to create an account and once again it stated my email was associated to another account. Did the reminder and OH MY GOD, it was received and I am back on the board.

Well I am glad to be back and even though i haven't logged in i have been keeping up with all the post from my fellow giants fan. I want to say thanks to all who contribute to the site as it has kept me informed during the off season. I'm looking forward to contributing myself and a successfully run at a repeat

PS>Someone from the board posted vids on youtube and I outlined my log in issue in the comments section a few weeks ago. Im not sure if that message was sent to a SYSADM or not, but if so, thank you.