View Full Version : LIKE ALL OF YOU I AM VERY EXCITED ABOUT THE SEASON...and to be back on these boards.

09-03-2012, 12:27 PM
I haven't posted in years, and have just activated my account today. I must say I read most of the posts in this forum and really enjoy them.
Its great to interact with fellow Giants diehhards. I just purchased two tickets for Wednesdays game and am thrilled to be going.
This season will be tough just like all of them. Like all of you I am concerned about the offensive line, CBs and running game. This team
is extremely mentally tough and barring injuries will go far into the NFC playoffs. Repeating, dare I say- is so so difficult. The key this year
other than injuries is going to be winning more home games than last year and winning at least 4 games inside the division, no easy feat.
Ladies and gentleman keep on posting and I am glad to be back! GO GIANTS!!!

09-03-2012, 12:37 PM
welcom back