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09-05-2012, 08:09 PM
While the Giants may not win all the games they play this year. I believe these are some of the things/reasons that can win each week. First and foremost we need to stay healthy. Then build upon that. Also the possible injuries that could affect either team.

Week 1 - Dallas Cowboys - First it will start up with the offensive line. Dallas can get pressure but if we can keep Eli relatively clean I believe coming off an emotional night and the way the Offense plays verse the Cowboys its a good chance to come away with the win.

The next biggest question will be how will the CBS we have on the field do against the Cowboys WRs? The one thing that we have, that we didnt have beginning of last year is a healthy complete defensive line when it comes to Tuck, OSI, JPP, and Kiwi. Should be fun to watch.

Week 2 - Tampa Bay - Biggest problem I see us facing here, is the uncertainty of the new coaching staff and team. We have had problems with these things in past years. Can the Giants come away with a win verse a team that is young, new, and inexperienced? Will their QB come out of the 2nd year slump he had last year? I think it is a good time to meet this team.

Week 3 - Carolina Panthers - While Cam had a great rookie campaign, I feel he will hit that 2nd year wall, now that people have film on him. While I still think he may become one of the great ones, I highly doubt its going to be a big jump for him this coming year. Again Smith can be a weapon so we will have to pay close eye to him as well as their running game. Luckily there are not many threats in the passing game which can make it a bit easier for our 2ndry.

Week 4 - Eagles - I believe at this point we will have hit the point where we can see how teams are coming to form. The Eagles usually start cold, but get on a role by around week 9-10. We will see how Prince and the other CBs have improved in their game, as the Eagles have two deep threats as we all know. But besides week 1, this really will be a bigger test as with Week 1 Austin has a hammy, and Witten may be limited.

Just like in week one, we need to keep Elis jersey as clean as possible. The eagles were actually ahead of the giants in sacks. But thats partly because the Giants defensive line wasnt fully healthy till the end of the year. But by week 4 hopefully we will have an idea how our offensive line will play. Hopefully they will be better than last year, which will be better than what Eli had to play behind last year.

Week 5 - Cleveland Browns - What can we say here? A lot of questions marks for the browns. Can it be a typical trap game for the Giants? Personally some of them will remember what happened the last time we played them and gave away a win to a subpar team. Great teams get over traps. Its time for the Giants to start doing so and make it easier for all involved.

Week 6 - SF 49ers - While the defense will probably be around the same as last season, hopefully the weather wont play a big factor as it did in the playoffs. Even when it did Eli played very well. It will come down to if Smith can play better than he did the last time he faced the Giants.

The other question is, can the line play better than it did the last two times they faced the SF defense? The play calling vs the 49ers in both games were not the best, hopefully that will be improved.

Week 7 - Washington Redskins - They will play conservative with RG in the QB spot, as Mike did with Plummer. Plus the Giants have not forgotten not just the one loss last year, but because of the two losses. If they hold grudges, and have a chip on their shoulder do you think they wont want to pay them back.

Week 8 - Dallas Cowboys - Same as above, with health being a main issue. Will update this further in the season.

Week 9 - Steelers - We have had good games vs them the last two times we did play them. They have a solid offense as well as defense. I think we can win obviously but will depend which defense plays best, and which QB plays best vs the opposing defense. We have seen Eli vs the 49ers in postseason as well as many other games. How can Ben handle it? Will update further as it gets closer.

Week 10 - Bengals - We shall see if the new QB and WR duo were one hit wonders by this time in the season, but besides them who else is there on offense? How about defense? I believe this could be another game that should be a win. But will update as the season progresses.

Week 11 - Bye Week

Week 12 - Packers - We play them at home. We saw what we needed to do to win. I believe we can do it again. Rodgers was rattled by our defense, and their wrs were partially rattled by the defense as well as their nerves. I think if we play similar as to how we did the last time we faced them, we see another QB get knocked off his game when push comes to shove. I will update as we get closer to the game.

Week 13 - Redskins - I don't think much will change for either team unless there are injuries involved. Maybe RG is playing a bit better by then, or maybe even worse. I will update as we get closer.

Week 14 - Saints - While they are missing some key components to their team, I still feel as they obviously can and will be dangerous. We need to disrupt no only Brees but his WRS in their routes to give us a better chance to win. Health in this game will play a bigger role on our defensive line as well as the experience and skill of our DBs. I will update as the game gets closer.

Week 15 - Atlanta Falcons - If Matt Ryan plays better and their coaching has improved, they can give us a shot. But I believe we have the frame work from last postseason to use to stop them again this season. Again I will update as the game gets closer.

Week 16 - Baltimore Ravens - The Ravens lost a couple key pieces, but I do not think Flacco is as good as he thinks he is, or as some believe he may be. His defense bailed him out more so than his QBing skill. He can make some plays no doubt, but its Ray Rice and his defense leading the way. We will know before this game if Flacco is doing as good as he thinks he really is. Again hard to say till we get closer.

Week 17 - Eagles - The time of the season the Eagles are the toughest. Obviously we can win if we dont get loose as we have in the past. But it will come down to health and who is available at that week that could play a bigger role, so once again I will update this matchup as we get closer.

We just have 21 minutes left before the season kicks off. lets start it off with a Bang. Lets go and defend our title Big Blue and Big Blue Nation.

09-05-2012, 08:10 PM
To much info to digest right now with the game about to start.

09-05-2012, 08:11 PM
I will be back after game to read it more thoroughly

09-05-2012, 08:25 PM
is this like ur post u made last year where u said we'd have a better shot at winning if our OL blocks. Or if our DL gets sacks? ill read it after the game but hope its not obvious stuff

09-05-2012, 08:39 PM
yea i'll be back as well!