View Full Version : Hello Giant fans! Panther fan here, congradulations on your win.

09-16-2012, 07:31 PM
Didn't look good for you guys the first 3 and a half quarters in the game but you proved why you are the defending Super Bowl Champs. I'm excited for my teams first primetime game in two years (Damn you Jimmy Clausen, damn you to hell).

Here's to wishing you luck on your injured players (especially since Ahmad Bradshaw is on my fantasy team :( ) and thanks for sending those cheap Bucs back to reality. They barely win against us thanks to our O-line being completely hungover or being roofy'd the night before last weeks game and thought they were Super Bowl bound.

Anyways, should be an exciting conference game with one team one team coming away being in great position in their division and at least for you guys, win or lose, you will have some feeling on what to expect from the Redskins new offense that they stole from us :mad: