View Full Version : congrats COWBOYS!!!

12-18-2011, 02:06 PM
You have EARNED THE NFC EAST. Failing to execute late in games, is WAAAAY more acceptable, than failing to show up for a game of this magnitude. (Throw in the Seattle and Philly games), and you have a problem that is symptomatic of something much greater than injuries. They werent too banged up to start 6-2. they weren't too banged up to be 35-35 with the Packers, and they weren't too banged up to rally from 12 down last week in Dallas. this is SHAMEFUL, and I don't even care if they come back andwin, it's still shameful. </P>

They keep saying penalties drive Tom Coughling crazy. Tom Coughlin's team not showing up at home EVER, or for games in December should be drving US crazy. </P>