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09-17-2012, 12:40 PM
@TomRock_Newsday (https://twitter.com/TomRock_Newsday): Corey Webster says he has no doubt the Kenny Phillips hit started the comeback for the Giants.

Tom Rock ‏@TomRock_Newsday (https://twitter.com/TomRock_Newsday) (https://twitter.com/TomRock_Newsday)
Corey Webster also said he's not pushing the envelope on being physical with WRs with replacement refs so as not to develop bad habits.

Tom Rock ‏@TomRock_Newsday (https://twitter.com/TomRock_Newsday) Corey Webster wants Giants DBs to stay aggressive. "Everybody can be a great receiver when you let him run free at the line of scrimmage."

Jenny Vrentas ‏@JennyVrentas (https://twitter.com/JennyVrentas)
Webster said if it were his call, they'd always play receivers aggressively at line. Started doing more of that late in the game. #nyg (https://twitter.com/search/?q=%23nyg&src=hash)

Jenny Vrentas ‏@JennyVrentas (https://twitter.com/JennyVrentas)
Webster on the revolving door in secondary with injuries: "We hate to make excuses." #nyg (https://twitter.com/search/?q=%23nyg&src=hash)

Jenny Vrentas ‏@JennyVrentas (https://twitter.com/JennyVrentas)

Corey Webster: "We gave up too many big plays." Says DBs have to do a better job getting their hands on WRs. #nyg (https://twitter.com/search/?q=%23nyg&src=hash)

Jenny Vrentas ‏@JennyVrentas (https://twitter.com/JennyVrentas)
Coughlin on Prince: "Hopefully he’ll be a little stronger, maybe perhaps play with a minimal amount of pain. We’ll just have to see." #nyg (https://twitter.com/search/?q=%23nyg&src=hash)

Pass Rush:

Jenny Vrentas ‏@JennyVrentas (https://twitter.com/JennyVrentas) (https://twitter.com/JennyVrentas)
Coughlin on pass rush: "We did get some pressure. We did play hard. Again, a lot of what they did was very quick." #nyg (https://twitter.com/search/?q=%23nyg&src=hash)

Jenny Vrentas ‏@JennyVrentas (https://twitter.com/JennyVrentas) (https://twitter.com/JennyVrentas)
Coughlin (cont.): "Sometimes you are getting home more than others. But the playing hard and trying to get there was all a part of it." #nyg (https://twitter.com/search/?q=%23nyg&src=hash)

09-17-2012, 12:43 PM
coreys right, offenses have figured out quick short passes will null our pass rush and wear down our defense, however if we start jamming receivers a little more it would take away some quick throws

09-17-2012, 01:07 PM
The first big play Web gave up..i'm pretty sure it was more on Rolle than it was on Web. Personally, I am not worried about C Web at all.