09-21-2012, 01:11 AM
how good did prince look tonight????? boley yes a linebacker but 3 picks???? HOSELY another pick? this hosely kid is something else man he is soo good for being so small, what an interception it looked so hard but he made it look so easy, and then got up and ran it down the field he was never touched he should of got that yardage, but this kid i will bet anybody he goes to the pro bowl one day, the kid is great, good coaching by putting hosely at the nickel and having him switch in and out with rolle, and putting hill in everybody produced yes , but produced in a great friggen game i am so surprised they surprised me tonight and played their best foootball in a while in fact the player of the game tonight is the coaching staff getting this team ready in 3 days??? that is so impressive, fewell i still hate you but if you do this again i will love you, i think we got him to stop vick cuz he has some secret that he has that i heard on the fan that he would never tell anyone and it def works against moobile quarterbacks he was def picked up the same year vick was the starter for philly , i really have a feeling that fewell was picked up cuz yes he coached buffalo ok but he has a secret to stop mobile qb's might be the reason we got him and now we have RGIII in the division thank god they got him and not luck cuz we have fewell and his "secret" keep it a secret bud. hosely will be in the pro bowl maybe even this year if he gets enough time what an athlete and prince great game bud, webster your old i think i want you to be the nickel PUT HOSELY IN WEBS SPOT HES SO OLD AND SLOW!! BUT DID PLAY WELL AND I STILLL LOVE HIM HAS BEEN MY FAV PLAYER UNTIL CRUZ CAME TO TOWN.

09-21-2012, 01:16 AM
Woah, slow it down and put the caffeine away. He looked good, but with everyone this was just one game. Last week they all looked bad until late in the game and the first game they looked awful for most of the game. Let's get some consistency and find out which Giants team is the real team before we start assigning players to Hawaii and actually seeing who is a good player.

09-21-2012, 01:21 AM
bro im saying hes going to go to hawaii cuz of his athleticism he and umm he played last week and was thrown at 2 times so i have no idea what ur talking about o and had 2 batted passes last week the kid is good?? what do these kids hhave to do to get your approval this isnt baseball homie their is only 16 games every game means something lmao?? what are you talking about you know nothing bro your prob one of the people that think bradshaw is better then brown to arent you?? lmaooo your alll dumb bradshaw doesnt suck but brown is better all around.