View Full Version : No one can possibly defend this flaming pile of crap

12-18-2011, 03:12 PM
This team doesnt deserve me wasting my day watching and investing my emotional energy and possibly health into them.

Idc what the outcome is, whether we win (pfft....miracle) or we get
blown out (likely), today's performance is nothing short of painfully

Can't believe this team of no-good overpaid scrubs had control of the
division, w/ the tiebreak and is letting it all slip away AT HOME, once
again and has put themselves into position to have the Jets out of all
teams, end their season.

JPP you're friggin awesome. Eli, great season overall, you played great...(despite your despicable game today)

Everybody else....kick rocks...

BTW I hope I never have to see that Ninja Turtle of a D-Coordinator ever again...